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I got the early bullshit and 4 dollar hell, but we are in a ridiculous bull market right now.
There are market makers dead set on keeping Link under $35.50, it is going to fail, but holy shit they must have a mountain of Link on loan right now. This is like Binance+AAVE shortsellers combined levels of fuckery. At these volume levels 10s of millions of tokens.

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no bro its just a useless premined pooptoken and you're gonna have to deal with it

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Man that is so weird how all the largest defi projects depend on it across any chain including BSC. They all must just be really stupid using this worthless token and ecosystem opening the entire cryptosphere to actionable data to be used on chain for reliable contract execution.

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>Man that is so weird how all the largest defi projects depend on it
uh huh yep yep yep yeah the defi projects mmm interesting

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They probably have to dump a million per day just to pay the node operators eth fees. No one ever talks about that.

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Checked hh, but that is not even how OTC trading desks work. They would dump into liquidity in increments not fix a price to repeatedly sell into. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks now. Some entity or group of them is protecting a position.

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>pic rel is almost same price as link in a couple of days
sorry your token is premined and not needed

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deluded retard no one is suppressing your shitcoin

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Cope more stinkie. Bitcoin would have to hit 100k for Link to break even $40

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Cope more.

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Every day staking isnt launched is one day closer to a competitor destroying link. Why donyou think they want tonhire so bad? They know without implementing features, its GG. And at 35b liquidated market cap, overpriced as fuck

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Just wait

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thread is infested with discord trannies, I can smell their gaping fetid holes dripping with rancid pusmilk and pozcum. never selling, faggots.

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no one is shorting LINK on Aave, the apr is rock bottom still, everyone is longing

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At this point I'm actually scared of missing the whole bullrun. I spent years patiently accumulating this shit and months for it to pop off and now it looks like a fucking dud. I will unironically kms if this shit doesn't go to 150 before the crash happens

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All you telegram trannies are just telling me to cope and that Link is shit. Well if that was the case then people would not simply be selling at an exact price on repeat. It would just dump into the ground.
I am not a schizo, this shit is not natural trading.

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it's literally Sergey and the team dumping to accumulate more btc for the bullrun. that's what you get for buying a premine. your counterparty is always the team.

during the next bear it may gain in sats. this is definitely a bear market token.

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If you honestly have doubts about it hitting $150 just fucking sell you faggot.

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You borrow/loan Link on AAVE, some people do this to then turn around and loan stablecoins, some do this to long.
Most borrowers short Link on leverage, it is a massive pool of tokens to grab and dump into less liquidity with your 50x positions you can turn a better profit than with buying pressure.
When you take someone else's Link tokens you are by definition hoping it goes down in price so you can pay them less converted money back.

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u r liek baby, nunigger. If ur smart enough to have link, ur smart enough to see the other end of the tunnel.

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Just fucking kill yourself you delusional stink fuck. Link is shit: you will never make it, bullrun is soon over and this will be the last one

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Fuck you doubleniggers. This is my shot to be a millionaire and instead I watch every other coin blow up while link shits the bed, of course I'm fucking frustrated.

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It's the batmunching ching chong taking every little gain from LINK and throwing it straight into BNB
How much more fucking obvious could the filthy chink make it

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Cope more, CZ is based

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Ni hao Chang Yuen Dong Sha Bi

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Is this actually the reason. Holy fuck.
First he steals eth from vitalik and then he funnels profits from link to pump his centralized gookcoin. Gooks really are the pest for the west, like a fucking plague

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you sound like a woman on her period. eat chocolate and stfu

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