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Shill me a shitcoin that will 10x

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listing coming soon

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What’s the address

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im looking for one atm, i need a 10x bad

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Compendia wBIND ($BIND)

Not a shitcoin but will 10x

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What’s the address

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>2M Mcap
>0.007 price
>liquidity mining is massive, if you don't know that where have you been for the last year
>pretty much all of it is you manually participating in pools and getting fucked by impermanent loss
>bonfi is the first smart liquidity solution that maximizes risk-reward and there's actually no competition AND it saves you from gas fees
>it can work with current tokens/exchanges and grow to become humongous, in the actual billions
>token lets you use the platform (AI powered Bonvest Data, Prediction engines, bonfi native DEFI projects; and take part in governance.
>Imagine having an AI managing your risk reward and finding the best shitcoin liquidity mining pools
>no inflation for the first two years, cap of 6% after, community-determined
>team liquidity locked, releases 12.5% every 3 months
>regular updates, team interacts on telegram
>clean looking council page and website, these guys seem to know what they’re doing
>Platform launches very soon, Q1, we’re still super early

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Buy on pancake swap 5% slippage


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DFT. Anystake coming within two weeks, currently 6.5m market cap. Anystake lets you stake a variety of otherwise unstakable erc-20 coins using DFT, guaranteeing upward price pressure. Deflationary tokenomics, 500,000k max supply.

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Hard mode: coinbase only

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We dine in VLADHALLA

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u lazy


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Anon, just take one minute of your time and check out Zenfuse, they are releasing their live platform next week, and a heavy marketing campaign will follow by top tier youtubers, and twitter influencers.

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did you see this trash on /biz/
who allowed them to shill this shitcoin?
I’ve already participated in bot ocean presale and wait for release
better use bots for trading with great algo
than believe in luck or smart investment

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Didn't even budge in the recent bsc dip, thank me later

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Just bought for 500€, don't dump on me please

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