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Replace Aerotyne with PLTR

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Stocks, eh?

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Rise up fellow hobbitbros, for this week we print!

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Moment of silence please for all of the dead, broke texans encased in ice

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GTE niggers

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is this bullish?

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what is the ticker for aerotyne? sounds bullish as fuck

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SOXL pre-split bros rise up

every 7 shares you buy now is 100 for covered calls in 2 weeks

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Wait, China looks like THAT?

>Best Chinese investments:

>My favorite Chinese ETF’s:

Divest from America. Invest in China. Taiwan is a province of the People’s republic of China, so TSM is a Chinese company. Remember to say “thank you daddy Xi!” to secure your gains. Amerilards tongue my anus.

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Buy CRK before it gets too high.


>Rates in Texas jumped from $50 to $9,000 per Megawatt in some instances as demand soared during the energy crisis, according to WFAA.

>Dallas resident Ty Williams’ bill spiked from $600 last month to almost $17,000 so far this month, he told news station.

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>This could also be the 2%, 3%, 4% or 5% risk rule. The 1% risk rule means you don’t risk more than 1% of your capital on a single trade (it's recommended to avoid the risk of ruin, so you can be wrong several times in a row). There are two ways traders can apply the 1% (or whichever percentage they choose) rule. The first is to only use 1% of capital to buy a single asset (Equal Dollar Method). The second is to use as much capital is needed for a trade, but apply a stop loss to the position so no more than 1% of the account is lost if the trade goes the wrong way (Equal Risk Method).
this is retarded

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Then immediately tanks because of the lawsuits due to price gouging

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Looking for entry points next week:
Buying at end of week:
AMRS puts

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>company builds custom products for each client which costs an absurd amount of money and is not sustainable
>bleeding money, books are full of accounting handwaving
>the stocks plummet whenever the CEO opens his mouth
>wrong side of history
"b-b-b-but the CEO is a gay mutt just like me! and he's autistic just like me! I simply must invest!" - PLTRannies, right before they join the 41%

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As long as they are not accepting payment for order flow to make up for having "no fees."

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People are gigantic pussies.

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Wtf is this. Have people not heard of the Kelly criterion or what?

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risk of ruin is 0% because line only go up

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I have 19 shares. If CRMD does it's thing this week and I sell I can probably pick up 12-15 more before the split.

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Human sacrifice pleases the line. Imagine all the frozen calif*rnian refugees. Hnggggggg

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Buy the Shaq SPAC niggers, don't get left behind. SHAWspac 2.0 incoming very shortly as well, with three ex Disney execs in tow

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>He isn't balls deep in aerotyne
>I-it's a scam

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hol is good, you might be interested in sftw too

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I'm gonna sell covered calls on my SOXL and use the premium to.. buy more SOXL. Then I'm going to sell calls on that SOXL. Like a glorious silicon fueled feedback loop. Eventually I'll have more in calls than the total supply of shares. An SOXL singularity

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it's from risk management in the sticky
i mean even boomer shit moves up and down more than 1%, it's not a big deal

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Shouldn't we look more at Delta than IV though? I.E the closer delta is to 1 (0.9 or above) you basically get a dollar per dollar increase in value for much lower leverage.

Random numbers:

Stock is $100

Buy a far ITM LEAPS call strike $60 for $40 each (4k for 100 shares instead of 10k) and if the dealta is say 0.94 you get almost 94c for every dollar the share price increases until expiration. This is with a bullish view and also with the plan to sell the option in profit way before it nears expiry and bleeds Extrinsic value.

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fuck you and give me the ticker you fucking piece of shit

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>Imagine all the frozen calif*rnian refugees

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SOXL always boutta do sum

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how does her shirt get under her boobs? are they socks on the chest area?

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wheres the downvote button on this subreddit?

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Trying to understand how orders get executed:

Let's say there's a huge sell wall for something at 1.5. When the price hits 1.5 and triggers the selling, does it fill orders on first come first serve basis? If so, let's say the first couple of whales in the sell orders make the price drop down to 1.4, then does that mean the rest of the people who put in order for 1.5 will actually be sold at 1.4?

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you might be interested in Digital Town then

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>Why sure, I am of the tribe Mr. Goldstein, now hand over the venture capital please, Matzelmov!
>We will compensate your generous investment with one share for each Jew that my foolish German ancestors killed in the Holocaust
>Carpet looks directly at the camera

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fuck you im busy skiing

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This post brought to you by a redditor who bought at 35 using student loans

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there is a company called rocketdyne AJRD

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Will the HODL meme from BTC and GME make millennials and zoomers better investors than previous generations? There are people that experience significant mental distress from a -10% day but after blowing up my account a few times with options and memes I can stomach a 50%+ draw down on shares no problem.

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>so far this month
So go broke or freeze to death.

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*notices ur bulge, from space, at 30cm resolution, 15 times per day, in multiple spectrums*

please explain how "spy satellite as a service" with 15 overflights per day won't be a multi-billion dollar revenue source – you literally cannot get bigger in big data

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oh fuck I might have to switch to interactive brokers (im a leaf) and start being theta gang now

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Did anon post the DD yet?

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fuck it i'm buying, that's close enough and my gut RARELY fails me

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She's a robot janitor don't ask questions.

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I feel dumb after buying into hoth sino and brqs, I felt they were extremely strong and were up a lot until they dipped Thursday and Friday, can I expect to have them go back up next week or am I a baggie on these guys, also, what do you guys think of corsair before 3/22

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>The 1% risk rule means you don’t risk more than 1% of your capital on a single trade
>this is retarded
Imagine only being in 1%. Literally wasting your life

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>Go broke or freeze to death in sweater weather
Can Texico just an hero already?

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14 shares reporting in
can't wait to sell covered calls and soak up that sweet premium since SOXL volatility is so high

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Nope. If your broker gets paid for order flow, then when they put in your order, it might get put lower on the list to be filled vs. a hedge fund or large capital customers, even if you technically put your order in first.

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I learned a lot about investing from riding GME from September to $420.69, and then laughing at bagholders on the way down

A couple points to know about AJRD
>LMT is trying to buy them, RTX is suing to prevent the merger
>they make the RS-25 engines for SLS, the RL-10 engine for SLS and Atlas, and a bunch of various smaller liquid and solid rocket motors
>they're about 10 years behind SpaceX because they've gotten complacent selling NASA engines that literally cost more than their weight in gold

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Latest hes said is he will post DD on Monday after hours but theres tonnes on reddit already.

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If you have a resting limit order for 1.5 you will either get 1.5 or you will not sell. It will not sell for 1.4 under any circumstances

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is this why my some of my orders don't fill even though they're at/above the ask?

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Hello, how come nobody is talking about Tortoise2 even though Tortoise1 was one of the most shilled smg stocks last year? Did all those anons cash out at 40 and retire from smg?

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>1% risk
>100 companies in your portfolio
>obviously won't be able to keep up with the news and earnings for 100 companies
>might as well just buy QQQ
How is this lower risk than 3-5 companies where you actually follow news, contracts, earnings calls, etc?

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Better investors in a bull market yeah
Suicide watch if we ever flip to bear market again

>> No.29259609

I've fucking 90-100% gone in on shit four times this month and have made 90k. Fuck 1%

>> No.29259643

I was joking but AJRD actually looks good. I'm priced out though, wish I got it before that jump.

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it's super retarded, these people treat stocks like it's roulette

im roughly 50:50 into GSI.V and SU right now, what's the point of diversifying when I can just focus my capital on my most confident picks

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I held some bitcoin from 19k to 3k to 10k to 3k again and now at 50k. I also hold lots of SOXL and I have no fear. Literally zero risk aversion. I will hold for 10 years and either 100x my way to 9 figures or I will end up with zero. Either way I basically dgaf

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Is NET a sell or hold? I feel like cutting some underperforming shit weighing down my portfolio. I sold AAPL on Friday and NET is next on the chopping block. Ever since their earnings call the stock sunk and it hasn't recovered.

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mods just deleted my thread.............
someone posted that normies dont realize that if we do not make it on this bullrun, will will eat the bugs , then BOOP deleted
im scared bros, i am not going to make it.

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just write a good virus for android and put it in a game
or just open vpn service lol
who gives a shit about my bald spot

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Don't question it

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It's a rule meant for people who've already made it but are too stupid to realize it, usually Boomers. Like that Reddit guy who lost 500k on GME and designated it as a "small" investment and then proceeded to beg people on gofundme to literally gift him 500k. Fuck that guy! i hope he has an expensive mortgage and loses his house.

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>Texans burning their furniture to stay alive in the 20s

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If you're looking at real time data when placing your orders, then probably.

>> No.29259820

I'm reaching this point, where I'd rather just invest everything on a hope and a prayer than live like I do now. I'm sick of work, I'm sick of being afraid of being homeless, and I'm sick of constantly worrying about my job. I just don't have anywhere near your money lol.

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even if we make it we are eating bugs, bullrun is just to keep us complacent and feeling like we are accomplishing something

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>How is this lower risk than 3-5 companies where you actually follow news, contracts, earnings calls, etc?
Checked. That's Buffet-sama's point when he says diversification is for noobs. Admittedly leveraged ETFs have changed the game. If it wasn't for those I'd be in TSM, NVDA, maybe TSLA calls and call it a day

>> No.29259864

Being from the south (not texas) myself. Yeah fuck cold weather it fucking sucks.

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How big is too big?

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I have 50k shares, brother

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isn't this because you're basically sitting on +1000% by now? of course you're not going to sweat having some unrealized losses on some cash

meanwhile I have a buddy who's been red through the entire 2020 because he's let his first mistake put him into the mentality that he has to take more risks to make up the losses and so on and so on
the final kicker is he bought GME in triple-digits at the start of 2021 to finally make up all his losses

haven't talked to him in awhile, im sure it must hurt a lot for him considering I mentioned GME to him since it was $6 already. dunno why the fuck he decided to FOMO on the fucking squeeze

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I think wealth inequality for the younger generations plays a part to; they know if they lose all their investment they never had a future anyway so they'd be in the same situation as when they started.

>> No.29259992

I ... i dont want to eat the bugs, or most likely my kids will be eating the bugs

>> No.29259994

3x headsize

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Did i get scammed buying Bayhorse?
The shilling is so fake and inorganic, reminds me of Aquabounty. But i fell for it (again)

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Brits, rate my American chad fish and chips plate. The fish and fries are separated because I ordered them separate because it’s cheaper that way. And those are garlic fries, simple as.

>> No.29260052

It will make you stronger.

>> No.29260066

if you have the risk tolerance for leveraged ETFs, you may as well just buy calls on the ETFs themselves

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what are the most common ways to increase leverage on a trade? sorry if its a stupid question, i just need to know where to look to study this more.

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Penny stock shill, where are you
It's Saturday night and my hands are trembling, I need reassurance you haven't dumped your bags on us

>> No.29260148

sigh, after months of perfectly flat line I'll get a dump, that's just great

>> No.29260173

I'd rather have 120+ scorching heat instead. I run all day in that shit.

>> No.29260198

Is there a reason why I shouldn't buy CFII?

>> No.29260200

Shit sucks. They should all just huddle together to survive.

>> No.29260226


use a calculator to ballpark what strike you should use, whether it's in-the-money or out-of-the-money (OTM)
Don't assume you always have to buy OTM calls and hope the price goes up before it expires. Use a calculator. Read up quickly on the greek letters (if nothing else, just understand the important ones, delta and theta)

>> No.29260241

AQB will be perfectly fine long term, jusr don't sell. Bayhorse is literally shilled by one single pmg reject

>> No.29260255

It looks OK but brit fish and chips would just be one big piece. Also break one piece open for max food porn please

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>(embed) (embed) (embed)
Reminder there's anons who actually think like this
It's amazing how quickly (good) Chinese stocks have gone up. The discount they use to trade at is practically gone now

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People have screamed that the comex will default for decades and its still there. Would you really buy something that's shilled like this?

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Chinkshills why don't you advertise lkco?
Pls buy my bags.

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burry is going on a tear about inflation, this is bullish for gold miners right?

>> No.29260396

if you really want to get in on silver then buy some bullion and keep it in your closet.

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Continuing this discussion

Someone help me figure out what the fuck is going on

>have 300 shares of UUUU
>sell 3 covered calls on it with a $5 strike and 02/09 exp
>have 4 bought calls of UUUU with a $4 strike and 07/16 expiration
>Last Friday, figure I am going to get assigned
>Other covered calls I sold have already had the shares moved from my account
Meanwhile with UUUU, today I notice
>Still have 300 sharea of UUUU
>Missing 3 of my bought calls
Look at my history and reddithood is acting like I closed the contracts, when I purposefully let my covered calls expire because I didnt care if it got assigned. I DIDNT EVEN BUY THEM AS A 2 LEGGED PURCHASE, THEY WERE OPENED AT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TIMES.

What the fuck am I using this shit broker for?

What's a broker that is
A: Isn't retarded
B: Has minimal/no fees
C: Has a good mobile app (live price updates, basic bitch charts, portfolio tracking)
I tried looking at Schwab and they're boomer mode. Fidelity is being an asshole about getting an account opened because apparently an old employer opened an account for me using my fucking social security number and now I have to wade through all kinds of tech support shit to get access to a brokerage account.

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Yeah I've had a good run but I didn't just start when I bought the SOXL, I've been trading for a while. I trade crypto, meme stocks, and futures and the main thing your buddy has to learn is the market doesn't care about your profits or your losses or your "break even", etc. and you shouldn't either. No matter what your account says you have to judge the chart and the situation of your trade on a moment by moment basis. What was the thesis going into the trade? Is it still valid? If not then get the fuck out. Doesn't matter if you're in profit or not. Conversely if your thesis stands (like with my SOXL) and you've already 10x'd that doesn't matter. It's not time to get out. Ride that shit until the thesis is dead and not a moment before.
>if you have the risk tolerance for leveraged ETFs, you may as well just buy calls on the ETFs themselves
I sell calls on my leveraged ETFs and use the premium to buy calls on more leveraged ETFs then sell calls on that and use the proceeds to buy FNGU. So I'm all in on derivatives then sell derivatives on those, take the premium and buy more derivatives then sell derivatives, take those proceeds and buy more derivatives. That's basically how I feel about the whole thing

>> No.29260439

SOXL split bros, is it worth it to get in if I can only afford 3 shares because of poorfag status?
Or can I really only take advantage of the split by selling options

>> No.29260447

Where are all the CCIV Chads at? Bloomberg terminal saying merger with lucid happening likely on Tuesday.

>> No.29260464

>Fed says they want to let inflation run hot
>Everybody is surprised when inflation runs hot

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EU bros what UCITS ETFs do you invest in?

For me its VUSA (UCITS version of VOO)

>> No.29260516

It will certainly make selling puts cheaper, if that's what you mean

>> No.29260591

If you can't comfortably buy at least 7 shares (so you'll have 105 after the split) so you can start selling covered calls I wouldn't bother. The whole point of getting in on SOXL during a split is to have the ability to sell covered calls which is great money due to the volatility.

If you don't care about selling options and just want to get in on SOXL at some point then it's whatever.

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Am I missing something here? When it is -30 outside you maybe need to wear a sweater inside, assuming you have no heater at all.

And Texas has -10C, which funnily enough is also -10F. How the fuck do you even feel cold at that temperature? Wtf are these people doing?

>> No.29260629

it only helps in blocks of 100 really. besides the price will be 15 times lower for a while afterwards. so you can still buy after. you just have to buy more of them at their new price.

>> No.29260637

so you guys are dumping BFARF at open on monday right.

>> No.29260652

I ate it already it was from like 30mins ago. I’m range banned

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>Selling BARF

>> No.29260718

I think it's probably better to wait a bit to sell options after SOXL split. Getting assigned on your first spin isn't pleasant.

>> No.29260736

>And Texas has -10C, which funnily enough is also -10F
It's actually 14F = -10C, since Google sperged out, but the point still stands.

>> No.29260769
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Why would I?

>> No.29260770

PLTR is a good stock for people that just downloaded the Robinhood app and now they think they are expert stock traders. Most Robinhood people only buy affordable cheap stocks like this because they can't afford the big boy stocks like amazon, tesla, apple, etc. Robinhood is a great platform for uneducated people who never graduated college. Having a few shares on robinhood app gives them great satisfaction and makes them feel very important in life. They brag about it at family gatherings and think everybody is impressed.

>> No.29260797

I bought LKCO ;_; Not heavy bags though.
Tell me it'll do good, anon.

>> No.29260810

Their infrastructure's just not built for it. Plus oil drills and nuclear facilities weren't winter-proofed because the state wanted to avoid regulations from Big Government and now everything's frozen over.

>> No.29260832

Not dumping bfarf until at least $50, which is easily doable

>> No.29260833

CNDX at a minimum

>> No.29260907
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I'm surprised it went up on Friday, I don't know how long it'll last.

>> No.29260986

don't forget MNKD, Thursday.

>> No.29261015

It feels like BTC is about to crash

>> No.29261020

Option price plummets if IV goes down.

>> No.29261036

Is it stupid to go 2x+ leveraged for my entire portfolio, if I know I have family money and support behind me if I go bust?

With such a safety net, I should be MORE aggressively personally to make it faster right? Why TF should I wage for 40 years when I could either make it in 5 years, or wage for the next 35 years with a family safety net helping me if I go bust?

So basically I'm saying why should I not be 50% SOXL 50% FNGU

>> No.29261061

>You will eat ze bug bar for protein
>you will like it

are you forreal

>> No.29261089

I mean yeah, I can understand that. But this is not a problem of life and death usually, but one of slight inconveniences. Trains may not work, airports may shut down, but apart from hospitals that did not get a good generator I don't see the big issue. Happens everywhere.

>> No.29261160

Volume is too low. Your order is also competing with other orders.

>> No.29261167
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55 Shares here. Trying to accumulate 100 by split-day for a clean 1500 shares

>> No.29261200

i wonder if people thought the world was ending during ww2

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CLFtranny makes me kek so hard sometimes with his tier of shilling

>> No.29261294

If BTC keeps pumping I'll literally go all in MARA and RIOT with 6k on monday

>> No.29261298

USAC / ET plays regarding Texas being flash frozen to absolute zero? All the natural gas pipes are supposedly frozen. Are they fucked?

>> No.29261301

>So basically I'm saying why should I not be 50% SOXL 50% FNGU
If you don't need the money any time soon and can stomach the drawdowns then I don't see any reason why not. It depends on whether you can watch your account lose 50%+ in the space of a few weeks and have the fortitude not to sell at the worst possible time. It'll come back and you'll end up very wealthy but remember last March SOXL went from $330 to $50 in about 4 weeks. Something like this will certainly happen again

>> No.29261341

What's a good Lidar related stock to check out that's not so obvious like MVIS?

>> No.29261352

I bought LKCO at 0.7, sold at 0.6
it mooned 2 days later

>> No.29261405

wtf I love CLF tranny now

>> No.29261407
File: 172 KB, 1000x1000, B309B73B-0A8B-4BC1-B1CB-AA296F543DF0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello all. Happy Caturday. That is all

>> No.29261408

You're not betting against bitcoin, are you anon?

>> No.29261417
File: 148 KB, 1188x1840, 3F90C685-31DB-4B68-BAC2-62781F12B0D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No FRX (BODY) posts, I guess everyone here likes being poor.

>> No.29261475
File: 943 KB, 2631x2000, x10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm too busy telling retards not to panic sell their SOS shares. No shilling for you
>dumping your crypto miners before the stimulus
She was doxxed and died. RIP CLF tranny

>> No.29261479

>Is it stupid to go 2x+ leveraged for my entire portfolio
just dont loan money, you can get 2x+ leverage without margin just by buying calls. Buy calls that expire in 2022/2023 if you're risk averse

>> No.29261496

same, I'm long pltr, but was expecting to bottom at low 20's this friday to scoop some more, but then cathie mommie single handedly rallied it on her own. I'm thinking reddit might crash it again, or maybe that jew mutt will open his mouth again.

>> No.29261499

isn't HIV not really a problem nowadays? As long as one gets proper treatment and it doesn't grow into aids it should be fine

>> No.29261502

Texasfag here. Save your champagne. The Californians all took shelter with the New Yorkers.

>> No.29261516

This is why you don’t invest with your feels

>> No.29261521

i dunno. isn't that shit gonna correct again pretty hard? might be a long hold to get back up to 55k or whatever it's at now.

>> No.29261550

The thought of selling covered calls on SOXL makes my penis hard.

>> No.29261584

What is everyone’s asset allocation of their net worth?

I’m like 1% crypto, 99% ETFs (65% 3x leveraged stocks, 35% 3x leveraged bonds)

>> No.29261589

Earnings call was orchestrated to dump it so some whale could load up at excatly 25$. Now that they are in, line is allowed to go up again.

>> No.29261635


>> No.29261653

Sounds good until it soars past your strike price and never comes back down. Happened to me on TQQQ and UPRO many times.

>> No.29261668

reddit doesn't have the capital to move a large cap even 1%

>> No.29261720


>> No.29261737

Yes, it will correct soon, like it did already when it hit 40k a few weeks ago. Then it will shoot up again.
We aren't going to see a crash like 2017 again. The institutional money is too great to allow it.

>> No.29261745

this is GME cultist levels of delusion
the company is (still) overvalued and unprofitable. just accept it.

>> No.29261748

Luckily for Gaynon the cure for HIV is injecting money into your veins.

>> No.29261757
File: 119 KB, 792x691, 1613763755868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Virgin /smg/ word
1st minute talking about work and landwhale
2, talking about what if i made it virgin fantasy
3, talking about ark, ark, and tqqq for investing
4. talks about johns superior product
5,talks about rads john's cawk
6,talks about his virgin intro he left out
7, talks about making another virgin song
8, says he hates the weekend but already said he loves friday because of the weekend
9, does a virgin impression that I couldn't make out
10, talks about his virgin neet habbits of eating...you know
11,Talks about being lazy and cooking
12. What are you going to do?
13. Talks about tai food and shitting
14, Talks about taking 2 shits a day at work
(I bet he doesn't use wetwipes) itchy
15.Sits in the toilet for his trades
16. Talks about his familys colon issues
17. Whisper talking about his shitty ass
18. Whispering about shitting 4 times a day
19. Talks about using laws in your favor( about shitting)
Wtf is this faggot talking about?
20. "Soak those restroom privledges up"
21. "Everyone needs a wrecked anus like mine"

22. Finally talks about stocks at 12:10
23. Bought NNDM and got wrecked but got MARA, dumped SOS, bought virgin ETFs because hes horrible.
24. Apologizes for being white
TLDR; virgin talking about his wrecked asshole

>> No.29261783

I'm about 70% leveraged ETFs, 15% bitcoin, and 15% index futures.
>3x leveraged bonds
I have a small position in TMF calls but this shit is getting ugly. Word on the street is the bond run is over since interest rates have nowhere to go. The backtested success of the 60/40 portfolio might be over

>> No.29261784

sounds like a dip to buy. Im up 100% on my TQQQ currently by buying during last spring. buy the dip

i dont have many calls, i mostly own 1x or 3x ETFs, to give me a mix around 2x or so, i dunno id have to do the math on that

>> No.29261787

>until it soars past your strike price
What dis mean

>> No.29261919
File: 92 KB, 1200x800, 1200x800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I watched the earnings call and I thought it was pretty kino.

I mean I don't think he should give a shit about the share price, he just said he's focused long term. It's a nerd company some lord of the rings references are expected.

agree with >>29261745 tho, maybe long term profitable... maybe

>> No.29261981
File: 381 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20210221-005453_Bloomberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29261996

The call option you sold is in the money. You no longer make money from the share price going up. Your shares get called away.

>> No.29261997

>unhappy to have left a trade in profit


>> No.29262004

Comparing GME to PLTR is moronic. PLTR is only overvalued relative to real world value, not its competitors. To dump PLTR properly, there'd have to be some major fuckup or the tech bubble bursting and I don't see either happening before summer at least. Easy 2x from 25$.

>> No.29262020

U can give someone aids in cali intentionally and not get prison time nowadays.

>> No.29262047

Yeah I’m thinking of cashing out most of my Chinese positions soon since my 1 year is almost up, then waiting for a dip. No way to predict when one will come though. Maybe once another CEO disappears.

>> No.29262068

>Sounds good until it soars past your strike price and never comes back down. Happened to me on TQQQ and UPRO many times.
I sell calls way out of the money on SOXL and am always ready to roll if it gets within $50 of my strike price. You're using TQQQ and UPRO but note that a lot of anons are looking at SOXL since while the long term appreciation of SOXL and TQQQ are very similar, SOXL is much more volatile so all things being equal calls have about a 50% premium over TQQQ. This means you can push your strikes further OTM and get the same premium. I understand that this in theory should be arbitraged out but in my experience it just isn't. I tried covered calls on TQQQ for a while and couldn't make shit with strikes that I was comfortable with but with SOXL I easily make 5 figures monthly with little danger of assignment

>> No.29262081

It's Saturday. No point in worrying about it when it's still over 55k and the only reason miners calmed down was because a lot sold before the weekend.

>> No.29262088

Would I dumb to hold GTE through earnings having a $1 average? It'll most likely pump next week before that and I'm planning on selling and then buying the dip after.

Thoughts? Unless people don't really think it's going to dip for some reason.

>> No.29262115
File: 101 KB, 600x600, 1613778787601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why isnt anyone buying GUSH?

>> No.29262136
File: 72 KB, 1024x475, 949B5D18-F1C4-4557-B83C-4EAC92DE73D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t trust stocks that are under $5.

>> No.29262144
File: 39 KB, 420x447, 1583813847747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic for reference

>> No.29262168
File: 76 KB, 960x960, 1516161108389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would you throw $500 at on Monday for quick returns? Wondering if I should just keep buying more SOXL or if there's something better for a short play

>> No.29262187

Yes, now that everyone is vaccinated, they'll all buy expensive impractical cars and jet engines for themselves this summer.

>> No.29262210

I bought GUSH in October bro

>> No.29262216
File: 143 KB, 777x728, 1613584520397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NOK niggas, where we at?

>> No.29262229

Solve this reddit , or post you old solves after retards cant figure it out i like to see the nice ones

>> No.29262234

Already dumped 30k in hvbtf Wednesday. Up 22%

>> No.29262261

Is this a free infinite money hack?

>> No.29262268

>>29258876 >>29258929 >>29258932 >>29259360 >>29259555 >>29259609 >>29259646
Sorry guys, this is for people with ACTUAL portfolios, not 100k in your gambling budget

>> No.29262300

It corrects whenever it hits a rounded number like 60k and crashes like 6k or so before it makes its next leg up.

>> No.29262301
File: 31 KB, 471x356, Untitled (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29262308

Buy the rumour Sell the news

>> No.29262380
File: 1.62 MB, 1080x1350, 1613851530423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So that document that's been floating around was FUD?


Unrelated question: What's the thesis for SSY besides "it smashed earnings?"

>> No.29262410

bro wtf you own 100 stocks?
must be exhausting reading 100+ quarterly and yearly reports

>> No.29262491

>Is this a free infinite money hack?
not gonna lie it's comfy as fuck. It amazes me everyday that the powers that be allow triple leveraged ETFs. I expect them to Shut It Down at any time. Hopefully they won't force me to sell when they do
>Sorry guys, this is for people with ACTUAL portfolios, not 100k in your gambling budget
I'm only 7 figures now but catch me in a couple of years
>She was doxxed and died. RIP CLF tranny

>> No.29262507

>Even anime must wear masks now


>> No.29262519

Wait, what's stopping me from buying an entire small business in Serbia or whatever with my thirty grand?

>> No.29262529

what strike price for your calls?

>> No.29262556

Buying options, OTC
>Conservative portfolio
GME, SOXL, TQQQ, selling options
>Basically a boomer

>> No.29262609
File: 481 KB, 1170x1692, 43057E66-7DE2-4983-8E64-0F9E86707BF2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My TMF has been getting massacred but in the long run I think long term treasuries will be gravy. The world is going to continue to flood with cheap money chasing investments. Yields will go negative in the next recession.

>> No.29262612


>> No.29262712

It means you’re too dumb to be selling options.

>> No.29262714

is the premium per share or for the whole contract?

>> No.29262733

common sense, hopefully

>> No.29262743


down but not out ;-{)

>> No.29262790

Profiting on trades doesn’t matter if you’re losing to buy and hold. Unless your trading activity beats the S&P or QQQ return significantly you’re wasting your time.

>> No.29262851

Technically option premium is priced per share but you can only work with multiples of 100 so the numbers in the pic are for a 100 share contract, e.g., on the 960 call I received $940 and put up 100 shares of collateral

>> No.29262856

I think this chart is upside down, lines are supposed to go from bottom left to upper right corner.

>> No.29262881


>> No.29262888

I should hold soxl ahead of the split, right

I'm 60% invested in it right now

>> No.29262919

principle-wise? 75% stocks 25% crypto
post-principle profits are more like 50% crypto, 25% individual stocks, 25% various options

>> No.29262944

Ah yeah, that's what I thought. $9.40 seemed a bit low for locking up 100 shares lol

>> No.29262969

how far OTM do you sell weeklies?

I've been using 15% on TQQQ, but that only generates about $100-150 on 1 CC which is about $10k worth of TQQQ recently....

What can I expect considering SOXL volatility ?

>> No.29262970

there's huge downside risk if the market crashes

>> No.29262972
File: 645 KB, 500x281, v67.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So that document that's been floating around was FUD?
Obviously. Did you really believe DD from someone who doesn't even know how to turn off spellcheck highlights? I hate repeatedly posting this but
>SOS announced today that it has entered into a securities purchase agreement with certain accredited investors to purchase $86,000,000 worth of its American Depositary Shares ("ADS") and warrants in a registered direct offering priced at-the-market under the NYSE rules.
People with actual money are buying in, I trust them more than some retarded ledditor.
Respect the dead :^(

>> No.29263021

There's no difference in buying before or after, it's a derivative so you don't get post-split pumps like a normal stock

Only reason to buy now is because you think it's going to go up before the split happens

>> No.29263022

Yeah I hate myself to getting into crypto sooo late. I got burned bad in 2018 and swore it off instead of averaging down for a couple years. What a colossal fuckup. But at least I’ve bought stocks and shit the whole time and not wasted my money completely.

>> No.29263023
File: 5 KB, 166x304, burr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn't realize that the nokia boys actively pin their stock price to ~$4 a share. to avoid bear shenanigans.

>> No.29263053

If you're selling CC and not beating S&P you are ngmi

>> No.29263073

How low does GME have to go before a re-entry isn't seen as reddit? I'm thinking 25

>> No.29263095
File: 588 KB, 1280x720, OH NO RYCEY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a statement around 1700 ET about the incident concerning a Boeing 777-200 operated by United Airlines. The FAA says it's "aware of reports of debris in the vicinity of the airplane's flight path. Please contact local officials and the airline for further information about the passengers. The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate."

Is this bullish?

>> No.29263131

Why do you want to go back into GME?

>> No.29263132

cheapies on the way

>> No.29263136

we gonna make it maxr bros

>> No.29263138

There's no rumors right now though. If anything I'm thinking getting in now is sort of early as it'll probably hit $2 a share this summer.

I don't know though.

>> No.29263174

Wrong company dipshit

>> No.29263215

>how far OTM do you sell weeklies?
SOXL only has monthlies right now and I sell 30%+ OTM. I watch the chart and when we at a high point I sell my options then when we pull back I buy them back. I usually sell for 1-2k and buy them back for 1-2 hundred. For every 100k in your account expect to receive about 2k so 2% a month. Doesn't sound like much but that's 24% a year. And if you immediately reinvest it for more shares that 24% can turn into 40 or 50 percent a year of returns not counting the appreciation of your SOXL. I could probably make more and you might not find those numbers impressive but I really really don't want to sell my SOXL and I feel like a failure when I have to roll so it's a comfort zone thing. With TQQQ, I found I was struggling to make half that much with everything else being equal.

>> No.29263251

Bullish fir Boeing and RYCEY, further proof that their products are so amazing they still function even when falling apart, only human error could ever bring down a plane created by Boeing and SPICY!

>> No.29263265

jannies r gay

>> No.29263267

>There's no rumors right now
there doesn't have to be. Everybody is anticipating the earnings report. Look at the Options interest. I'm betting itll steadily rise between now and ER day and then 3 days of dipping and crabbing. If you don't agree with me then invest iin line with your opinion

>> No.29263269
File: 17 KB, 675x288, boeing 777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OH NO NO NO! Do RYCEYbois even know what their company makes?

>> No.29263331

>tfw only 10k portfolio
Doesn't sound like I have enough capital to make this worth it

>> No.29263376
File: 3.28 MB, 635x640, 1586794103586.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


sleeper OTC drone stock with low share float that will go from 5 to about 30 in next month or so about to be listed on NASDAQ

>> No.29263380

You're actually a fucking idiot jesus christ you make me want to get out of RR.

>> No.29263386

I really want to sleep with an Asian woman.

>> No.29263396

I am addicted to porn and masturbation. It's become so bad I've been missing work so I can sub and buy more content off OnlyFans. I've even been avoiding my girlfriend because my addiction to porn is so severe. It's actually now affecting my personal life and my girlfriend is growing suspicious as to what I am doing and why I am not hanging out with her as much anymore. I masturbate around 12 - 19 times a day, sometimes more. I feel shameful after every session but I cannot stop masturbating and consuming porn. Just last month I spent about 600 dollars worth of OnlyFans content and I had to eat ramen noodles for several weeks until my next paycheck and I barely scrapped by for rent. I seriously need some advice on controlling my urges.

>> No.29263471

The spread on SOXL options is way narrower than I’d have expected. Interesting. The wide spread on UPRO has been screwing with me.

>> No.29263474

Based MJ Burry redpilling the public on niggers.

>> No.29263489

no you don't theyre garbage

>> No.29263528

NOK gettin bought out?
or eternal crab

>> No.29263541


>> No.29263547

Those fan cowls are poorly stored at boeing. They leave them outside in the ran and they get moldy and rot. This doesn't surprise me.

>> No.29263550

Read the bible

>> No.29263554

>each client
Isn't one of the main clients the gubmint?

>> No.29263590

Pop quiz: why do niggers hate immigrants from impoverished countries?

>> No.29263598

switch to drugs, it'd probably be cheaper

>> No.29263653
File: 27 KB, 700x420, 1118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they dilute it to eternal crab status on purpose. I guess. im too stupid to understand why they do that.

>> No.29263668

Aight my nigga, I've got 25k burning a hole in my pocket. Which of these three should I drop it all into; INTC, SOXL, or TSMC?

>> No.29263681

How to profit from giving free advice to an
Anon on fap addiction.

>> No.29263689
File: 13 KB, 523x203, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has nothing to do with Nokia but let me tell the story about the CHF because I am bored as fuck.

I remember when the Swiss Frank was defacto fixed at 1.20€. Traders could enter at 1.19 and ride up with the Swiss central bank buying euros and dollars to weaken the Franc back to 1.25.
It was free money. The Swiss were always going to weaken their currency to escape the extreme pressure to get more value on the Franc. You could go all in, after all you had a bank just needing to print Franc and buy dollars with. Easy, right?

Then one day the Swiss central bank decided to no longer keep at it. People woke up to this CHF-Euro chart, being bankrupted.

>> No.29263714


>> No.29263734
File: 14 KB, 235x233, A940BBF0-2934-43FD-8EB5-299488180DB6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have fucked white, black, and even a pajeet and a muslim chick, but never an asian or latina, the ones I want the most.

>> No.29263742


>> No.29263770

Already have 15k shares.

>> No.29263797

Soxl tsmc or asml

>> No.29263812

they stink too

>> No.29263830
File: 996 KB, 1045x2048, miku makes the call that crashes the market phone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually RR is really not the sole manufacturer for engines. Many other companies like MTU produce the core components, RR often just puts it all together and is allowed to slap their name on it.
RR gets all the fame, but also all the blame.
t. Had this discussion with an aero engineer

Still don't buy RR lmao

>> No.29263843
File: 390 KB, 1587x1117, uhhmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Paying... for porn?

>> No.29263859

TSM or SOXL, not INTC.

>> No.29263866

I'll sleep with anyone at this point since I'm desperate. Even a boy

>> No.29263870

it highlights their own failings

>> No.29263893

Niggers are generally hateful and violent to everyone. They hate because they hate.

>> No.29263910
File: 1.15 MB, 1366x768, makise stocks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, you do not
Best was Slav. Muslim girls are wife material though.

>> No.29263916

I Jerk it once a day and my dick gets chuffed. 19 times? My dickskin would peel off.

>> No.29263938

Disney+ has been released last year and it already has 95+ mil subscribers
Hulu which is also owned by Disney has a total of 56+ mil subscribers.
Combined that 134 mil vs Netflix's 203 mil.
Considering that DIS has more IPs, better original productions and the monthly fee is also cheaper. it's fair to say that eventually it will overtake Netflix as the main streaming service, no?

>> No.29263951

How does it get this bad. Sometimes I think that jerking off once a day is too much for me. Sometimes I just get a boner and I need to jerk too make it go away

>> No.29263970

You mean a ... man, right?

>> No.29263977

Ah yes I remember that day. A very anti-semitic day indeed.

>> No.29263979


>> No.29264010

>He still hasn't went all in on $SSY


>> No.29264011

Its a SHIT stock
its been a SHIT stock
hope springs eternal.

>> No.29264024

a cute young boy that is legal aka the only type of men I'd bang

>> No.29264042

bayhorse is a /pmg/ stock and pan man aporoved, and, yes, the fundamentals are good.

>> No.29264052

There are Catholic priests in this thread RIGHT NOW

>> No.29264057
File: 268 KB, 1280x1920, 1613451952392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't believe how many people use their student loans to do things other than pay tuition. It's time to kick the kikes out of the universities and overhaul the student loan system. I saw a post somewhere (probably here) about some faggot with a gofuckme for his boyfriend that went all into the Gamestock™ and lost.
People major in african tranny poetry for $30,000 grand a year and gamble on stocks while going out to eat three nights a week and some spic whore politician wants me to pay for it?

>> No.29264095
File: 341 KB, 1364x2048, ho think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm surprised there are any other companies besides SOXL. Why are they even needed?

>> No.29264134

>some spic whore politician wants me to pay for it?
yep, and you are going to , seethe

>> No.29264160
File: 90 KB, 651x608, nino miku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Bogs try to hide what is happening behind the scenes and change thumbnails around.

>> No.29264164
File: 6 KB, 224x225, download (18).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just accumulate a bunch of it and do strangles options on it. since it never wants to move very much and if it starts moving close those positions and think of something else.

>> No.29264182

Are TSM leaps free money?

>> No.29264188

There's a streaming service bubble coming. Imagine being subscribed to 3+ different streams, just to access content? Then on to of that consooomers have their OF subs. Pretty soon it'll be like the cliché $100/month boomer cable bill, all while thinking they "outsmarted" the system by consoooming their content online

>> No.29264193

Many of those subscribers are free trials. It’s not just # of subs it’s how much cash can you milk from each sub plus keeping expenses down. But yeah Disney is a fucking monster. Should not bet against Disney. Netflix is first mover but their content sucks.

>> No.29264196

Mainly to supply raw materials for SOXL's factories.

>> No.29264207
File: 233 KB, 1219x904, pbw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone explain why PBW was so highly valued 13 years ago, died, and is now back? I wanted a meme energy ETF.

>> No.29264217

Yes I do. I want to marry Vina Sky.

>> No.29264241

is SOXL the btc of smg

>> No.29264255

I used my student loans to buy Bitcoin at the 2018 peak. I like to think I’m less stupid nowadays but who knows.

>> No.29264258

why do you call us niggers anon? I thought we were agmi

>> No.29264263


>> No.29264274

shilling bayhorse is the meme kek, that's the point. if you're not from /pmg/ you won't get it.

>> No.29264285

>The spread on SOXL options is way narrower than I’d have expected. Interesting. The wide spread on UPRO has been screwing with me.
Yeah it's pretty nice. Look at SPXL. I haven't but the spread might be narrower and SPXL is basically the same as UPRO
>>tfw only 10k portfolio
>Doesn't sound like I have enough capital to make this worth it
Yeah you'd only be making a couple of hundred a month with my strategy but you take that couple hundred and buy more SOXL shares. When you accumulate another 100 you can sell an extra call each month that you can use to buy even more shares. Also note SOXL growth is huge so that 10k won't be 10k for long. I'd say 10k is well worth it

>> No.29264290

I hope by overhaul you mean just erasing the student load program as a whole. The bureaucracy at my shitty State University is huge.

>> No.29264301

Why don’t you just have your gf sit on your face on something? That’s definitely better than porn.

>> No.29264344

sold off most of my meme stocks

>> No.29264354

I haven’t messed with SOXL much but I have a decent short position in SOXS. It’s free money but I have to keep a big cash buffer on hand in case it spikes.

>> No.29264357

OPRX does nothing but print money. Haven't seen anyone else talk about this stock.

>> No.29264376
File: 7 KB, 250x206, 1600874318575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>12 - 19 times a day
Unironically seek out God

>> No.29264433

>Boeing 777-200
Any know if that is a Raytheon engine?

>> No.29264435

Aw fuck yeah. I picked UPRO because of lower fees but I would more than make up for that with the better options liquidity for rolling my covered calls in SPXL. Good looking out.

>> No.29264456
File: 715 KB, 858x1304, 57862617_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw just realized I can open broker account with EU address to not fall under PDT rules
Love having presence in multiple countries. Fuck bongistan.

>> No.29264489

Looked it up.
>Pratt & Whitney PW4000 turbofan engine
Raytheon confirmed!

>> No.29264585

>In December, a Japan Air Lines 777-200 with the same type of Pratt & Whitney engines suffered a similar significant failure, which involved the loss of a panel and fan blade damage. That aircraft was also able to land safely.

Raytheon is fucked.

>> No.29264598

Thank you covered call chad. I had 7 SOXL shares now (poorfag) and I will use this strategy post split

>> No.29264613

Is anyone else aware of the schizo level of coping going on on the GME cope thread? 135k squeeze on Monday? Am I the only seeing this shit go live? Mental illness is rampant

>> No.29264625
File: 652 KB, 1125x691, 0DEB7AAA-4A40-40F0-825F-CF9E559B3A50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahh is that a $DPW loading zone I see?

>> No.29264662

>BA pajeet software planes with RTX exploding engines
[laughs in NOC and KTOS]
this is why I don't touch DFEN

>> No.29264698

Real yields are already negative across the curve.

>> No.29264712
File: 181 KB, 1079x904, Screenshot_20210216-010452_My Stocks Portfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I poke them sometimes, and when they call me a shill I post my GME transaction chart

>> No.29264724

I’ve been selling naked GME calls all month. Free money just set a stop buy so you don’t get raped.

>> No.29264755

Told you it was RR you fucking idiots

>> No.29264769

Indeed. Nominal yields will be negative in the near future in the US. Probably UK will do it first.

>> No.29264799

what if it's a cup and handle

>selling naked GME calls
Holy shit some people do not learn lessons I guess

>> No.29264826

\normally i'd look for an RTX dip to buy but these guys are getting fucking hammered, what say you /smg/?

>> No.29264849

Nah I stay away from the GME thread, its just a reddit tourist containment thread since they got laughed out of of /smg/

>> No.29264869


>> No.29264871

I have buys set up to close the position if GME crosses 100. I’ll be out before I’m net negative on the trades.

>> No.29264910


I've never seen anything like this in my life. They are convinced that it will happen. They're posting 1000 words DD from Reddit and doubling down on buying more. Some intense sunken cost fallacy. Anything you say you get called a "melvin shill". Wtf is going on

>> No.29264930

Fuck defense stocks. It’s like buying chink stocks. They’re fully dependent on the whim of the government and even worse they are glued to the airlines which are cancer even when there’s no pandemic.

>> No.29264947

Worth buying the dip just for the dividends. Their stock will recover once air travel resumes like pre-covid.

>> No.29264961

unironically cult mentality desu

>> No.29264974

its their horse in the race I guess. but yea indulging schizo fantasies is bad for your long term mental health.

>> No.29264976

I just farted and jesus christ it smells horrid, most rancid fart ever let loose from my asshole.

>> No.29264983

This is what every pump and dump aftermath looks like. Sounds just like the Kodak stocktwits a week after the dump. Just at a larger scale. They’re in the coping phase of grief.

>> No.29264991

I only like defense companies with heavy space exposure that aren't Boeing. RTX doesn't fit that. Standard Missiles are cool though and will be the tool of the Second Pacific War if it happens in the near future.

That's probably safe

They're the same type of mental illness and Qultism, it's basically /pol/ spillover from January.

>> No.29264993
File: 1.43 MB, 540x304, 1588935374718.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29264997

The long end is going to force the Fed to step in and buy. The short end is already pegged. Strange times.

>> No.29265011
File: 34 KB, 680x582, D4uBDbYX4AAo-wR1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still got some GME with money I can afford to lose because if I'm wrong and it does squeeze, that's free money. That said, the GME threads are full of crazies who hang onto DFV's every fuckin word. It was funny seeing how mad they got when Maxine Waters kept cutting off people asking about naked short selling.

>> No.29265091

Also, be careful not to overshoot to the downside on your GME predictions. Anyone who was in /smg/ pre-squeeze knew GME should be a ~$40 company, with possible upside from Cohen. That was always the thesis. Thinking it will go back to $5 or whatever is silly, making the same simple and mistaken arguments bears used in September.

>> No.29265176


>> No.29265193
File: 144 KB, 720x482, meme curve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My god it looks EXACTLY like the bubble meme chart

>> No.29265238


It's like a intense rabbit hole where theyre living in an alternate reality where the upcoming 2 more weeks trust the plan gme squeeze is going to take down the whole stock market. I hadn't gone in one of those threads since the ATH. Checked in yesterday and was called a melvin shill x20. Like literally, a melvin employee that is shilling against GME. All i did was tell people to sell their bags put it somewhere else to make up their loss.

This market has made people lose their minds for real. I mean, if you hold gme, you hold gme. But to parade and encourage others to double down? Yikes

>> No.29265244
File: 51 KB, 1200x600, 2020-rolls-royce-ghost-mmp-1-1585172707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If RYCEY doesn't make cars why is this so heckin valid?

>> No.29265265

I've been waiting for despair but the qoomers won't sell

>> No.29265326

I sold calls at 800, then 700, then 500; then 200, now 150.

>> No.29265328

>rolls in the title
>not cars

what is wrong with you?

>> No.29265349

the funniest thing is that GME bagholders everywhere have apparently lost sight of the concept of human decency, or barring that, even just people ridiculing others because they're making retarded decisions. you don't want them to shill others GME? you must be a melvin (((plant))).

>> No.29265385


>> No.29265402

kek im gonna post
watch this its coming

>> No.29265422

I'm sure many of them lost a lot of money and that's basically what happens.
They need that copium in high levels.

>> No.29265444

you should really consider using a scanner for covered return. ToS has one already:
Max covered return = call mark + out of the money amount / stock price * 365 / calendar days to expiration.

There are good choices out there to maximize returns

>> No.29265479

It's insanity

I hope anyone that had losses on GME regain them one way or another. What's astonishing to me is their doubling down on the squeeze thing. I dont hold any, and I would be pissed if I was at a loss to. But the comparison to the Q thing is looking more and more like the real thing. Its crazy out here in this market

>> No.29265484

Averaging down isn't the worst thing you could do if you're a GME baggie. A 2x from here over the next year or two isn't difficult if Cohen is successful. You won't see $300 again, but you could probably get into the green averaging down.

>> No.29265545

Big opportunity cost of wasting time and money on GME while missing out on way better plays

>> No.29265594

Sex and love addicts anonymous

>> No.29265624

I'm considering buying back in at these prices, but I think space memes and TSM are better bets right now and my cash is tied up

>> No.29265651

Brace yourself. Theyre still calling me a shill 1 day later. Jfc lmao

>> No.29265716

Checked. I'll look into it. Thanks

>> No.29265724
File: 1.02 MB, 1386x746, rtx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have zero longterm confidence in them, they're hitting the diversity koolaid too hard
It's okay for some consumer products like Nike, but when you're working with cutting edge, complex and sensitive tech its an awful sign

>> No.29265760

those pics are all the same person, right?

>> No.29265785

kek. It's uncanny isn't it

>> No.29265821

RTX is too big. After the latest merger especially. No corporation that huge can accomplish anything. They’re running on inertia.

>> No.29265926
File: 35 KB, 780x438, pepefroggie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

amazing how the reddit crew there used to think like "haha muh qanon followers retard" now whos the qanon schizo you idiot?

>> No.29266015

nevermind, the tos screener is bullshit because it doesn't include ETFs sorry

>> No.29266096

Something about dying a hero living enough to become the villain etc etc make sense now.

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