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Can anyone tell me what happened with Dogecoin lately? (specifically Feb 12, 2021) Everyone on the subreddit just seems to be sucking Elon's musky cock and telling everyone else that they're pussies, and this was the only other place I could go to.

Listen, I don't care if I get laughed off the site, I just wanna know what happened lately.

pic unrelated, just needed a pic

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mothafuckin elon musk said
Doge Coin Peoples Coin!!!!! COinOf People!
and all his cocksucking fans bought DOGECOIN on Robinhood without the private keys
and then ELon MUsk Bought a fuckton of Bitcoin and told the top Dogecoin holders to sell because its bad they own alot of a 2014 meme coin (????)
ELon Musk is a faggot basically

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Thank you very much!, I will use this information to my advantage.

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Sure Sure

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elon musk tweets : doge up
elon musk doesn't tweet something doge relevant for a few days : doge down


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I think Elon is a key part of whatever is happening with this shitcoin behind the scenes. There’s talk of software updates, miners feeling more incentivized because DOGE transaction fees are soaring, CZ and Robinhood having major stakes in DOGE, etc. Don’t buy it though and if you’re still holding, dump your bags. Infinite supply with no hard cap. And it’s a literal meme coin with no usecase aside from dragging the entire reputation of the crypto market down. Washed up Jews and crypto Jews like Mia Khalifa have been paid to shill it but that’s where the endorsements stop. Sell now.

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I've had a sneaking suspicion of this type of shit, glad there's someone else out there who thinks the same.

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