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hahah not gunnnna lie lets invcest somje money lets goooo hmu with yoyur lates oajees camsn pajeet scams

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Now that's what I call assbörgers

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she's got the flattest ass ive ever seen

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gosh I wish I was that American

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>The top half coming clean off


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yes she you mentally ill freak. dilate and cope.

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this meme was never funny

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Why would she do that, what a waste of a perfectly good burger

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damn I was hoping she was gonna fart on it

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boys im fuckon hammered give me a good coin to inevsten in fuckrs

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i just wanna get to catherby

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hmuj with dat GP bro

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That is a man

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now i want a big mac...

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Whats his name?

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What's the point of this tiktok? What is the message she's sending?

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Why does she do that? Does sitting on a burger suddenly makes this a "lol so random" funny video, instead of the soft porn it actually is? I bet she's even deluded enough to believe she has comedic talent and jiggling her almost naked ass in front of strangers is not the sole reason for the attention she's receiving.

Also BRY.

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kek vastly underrated comment

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Black mans here. How long you been here for hunny? A day? Sit down and grt comfy

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nobody cares about your skincolor

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I'd suck her dad's dick to get a taste of the recipe. Jesus Christ. Yoga pants should be illegal.

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Lto network

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She knows her ass is what gets people to view this video, but she doesn't want make it directly about her ass so she includes other useless activities.

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