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Pic related. Tether reaching the breaking point?

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Name one difference between this and the fed.

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fed has an army

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>Name one difference between this and the fed.

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it's just 800m

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Considering the fed is a private corp.

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I'm short tether and long BNB, I can't lose.
Break, tether, break.

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notice you see the btc pump first, tether print second

the biggest conspiracy is that tether is actually legit

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genius plan anon
short a stablecoin, not like it will ever be more than a dollar, it literally cannot go up
however there is a slim chance of it going to 0
i don't know who will hand you the paycheck if that happens but yeah

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How can they do that?

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>implying Tether is not the CCP

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800million ada pump lets go

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It's all coming down soon, isn't it?

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They just printed a bit over 50% of Tesla buy in. I'm betting that Apple is buying in and Tether is handling the trade.

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>institutions are market buying crypto using a worthless digital token with ~3% backing run by ex-mafiosos in an unregulated tax haven
You're delusional. Institutions buy OTC. Only Tether market buys, and that's because they buy it for $0.00, they couldn't care less if they were buying for $10k or $100k so long as somebody else bagholds their shitcoin.

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yo momma's so fat, that everytime she goes to the bank it triggers whale alert

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I am a brainlet.
Explain why don't they just mint 100 quadrillion and be done with it?

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Yes. The whole crypto market. Tether has to keep printing at higher and higher amounts to keep pumping the market higher and higher. Otherwise, its over.

Same with most ponsi and pyramid schemes. You need more and more to keep it going. Failure is certain.

BTC is real, but Tether has f’d the whole thing up. The smart money is dumping their BTC for cash on banked exchanges like Coinbase or Bitstamp. The smarter money is then wiring their cash out of even the banked exchanges.

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usdt is voluntary to participate in

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>short a stablecoin, not like it will ever be more than a dollar, it literally cannot go up
Retard, tether goes up all the time whenever crypto is crashing due to temporary high demand to exit markets aka liquidity crunch

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tether has a higher reserve ratio

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way too early for that

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Why do you think that big exchanges are in trouble too?

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$800 million prints. This is late stage.

And this is only the part we can see.

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When BTC starts dropping people will sell, or try to move BTC off the unbanked exchanges to banked exchanges, and then try to get their cash out. It will take hours to move BTC and longer to sell it, as the network is overwhelmed. As the price keeps dropping in the interim. The Tether based exchanges will implode (Tether is not $), and there will be a cash run on the banked exchanges ... can the banked exchanges survive a cash run? Maybe. Maybe not.

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You guys realize those *are* actual dollars, right? They're just routing around China's capital controls.

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>Tether has to keep printing
>smart money is dumping their BTC
Will you niggers ever learn how tether works? At this point I'm pretty sure your only goal is to prevent newfags from making it, so they can become as bitter and filled with regret as yourselves.

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Coinbase literally handled Teslas bitcoin purchase


You have absolutely no evidence that that 800 million was NOT printed due to some major player buying in.

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is this good or bad?

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$800 million is peanuts compared to how much the big institutions are buying in with.

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Yes? This is an OTC trade organized by coinbase. Coinbase did not buy 1.5b of BTC from the orderbooks because the price would momentarily go to the millions.
USDT is not coinbase. Brian Armstrong says Tether and Binance are a scam and a ponzi. I have no idea why you disagree with me and then post something which confirms my point.

>you have no evidence that somebody DIDN'T give Bitfinex/Tether $800m on a saturday night at 3am
Tether owns Deltex bank. Tether say they have $36b of collateral. The ENTIRE foreign banking system of the Bahamas, where deltex is based and where there are dozens of other banks, is $6b. That's pretty good evidence to me.

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tether is so based, these fucks went and created themselves an infinite money printer

I bet they print tether for themselves to buy more btc, then use profits from the trades to "back" more tether

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I do reckon there’s 1 massive scam left in crypto, hope that tether is it

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This is why my loans are in usdt, if it crashes I'll pay them off for cheap and I get to keep all the crypto I bought with it.

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Made a ton on crypto, bro. Just pointing out the end game, which is obvious to anyone with half a brain. Get out while you can or be a baggie.

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one is controlled by a certain tribe

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You are not seeing the big picture ... unironically, the tribe is Tether too. That’s what sucks so badly, because BTC is not.

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ok i'm retarded, what do i buy?

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tether, this shit will 10x eom

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You know what's actually hilarious? Most of the btc / fiat volume comes from btc usdt pair, meaning people trust bitfinex more than the fucking fed. That's how bad things are, now you can consider stop making a new thread using the same shitty twatter account and the same fud. Sit back and enjoy.

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This upcoming week will see the Return of the FUD ..India Ban, 'possible' Coinbase regulation, etc etc and we'll start dropping again. People don't learn from the past....it can only go up!

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We're going straight to 60k right....
Those Tether fuckers always tweet at the right time, just when the trend reversal they're pumping it straight making it looks very bullish and TA indicator signaling very strong buys

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>be Tether
>mint USDT, pegged to USD
>Swap it for equivalent USD value of BTC
>Doubled the original value

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>You are not seeing the big picture ... unironically, the tribe is Tether too. That’s what sucks so badly, because BTC is not.
Yeah dude im sure BTC isnt. The kikes are known for loving to hand out money n sheet. How retarded are you?

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Are you aware that a derisking event the likes of which we've never seen before happened just two weeks ago? What makes you think it's all been already priced in?

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this right here is the final blackpill
us small fishes can't take out money at will because we get taxed 30%+ on gains
bigger players don't give a fuck, they're set up in places they pay 0% and they're making billions off the ponzi
the dump will be catastrophic to a point even 2018 will feel tame. stablecoins will likely all fail, even dai as it is now partly collateralized with tether and usdc, and usdc itself is partly collateralized with
it is a literal house of cards. there is not enough fiat in exchanges to cash out even a minimal portion of the userbase EVEN after we dropped 90% from current prices
even if you're brave enough to short, there is no guarantee the shorts will be paid when it all goes down
the true extent of 6 figures hell will be revealed before 2021 ends. not enough money to make it, won't ever be enough to make it, and most anons in 6 figs will be 5 figs or even 4 figs by 2022

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>source: hopium
meanwhile those in the know have posted the rundown months ago
finex loans tether to asian funds at a 5-10% discount
asian funds buy btc with tether, sell later, repay loan

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a few bottles of beer to enjoy this fine sunday afternoon while watching tv and worry not about stupid shit like this

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Ok tranny. I guess gold and silver are not real either, because the Rothies built a house of paper shit on top of it. BTC has been totally pozzed by Tether and we know how that happened.

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We're just getting started, nigger.

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>Urr durr Fed
>Urbb durrb fud

Imagine trusting a small group of criminals printing 800M of “yeah it is just like fed money except it isn’t” fake dollars in the wee hours of a non banking day.

>Gibsmedat pump urr durbb

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As I said, you have 0 evidence that that tether was not used to make a transaction for a big player. Just because you're angry at Bitfinex does not make your fantasies true.

No, you have absolutely 0 evidence.

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