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Vesper Chads how are we doing today

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Has dumped from 40. Likely a shitcoin pnd

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>most stable looking chart
> Likely a shitcoin pnd

most autistic fud today other than that toilet poster schizo

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Never been more bullish on a crypto project htg

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bitcoin dominance is slowly dropping too. The real alt coin season is right around the corner. Gonna see some crazy numbers

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earning about 20 vesper per day staking. let's hear some price prediction bois, am i going to finally make it this cycle?

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20 a day? where are you staking bro

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geyser uni-v2 pool with x3 multiplier from geyser token

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How many gysr needed for the multiplier? Do I need them while staking or only when unstaking?

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Nice I was thinking about providing liquidity for those tokens too. I'll probably try it out after monday

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only when unstaking. 10 geyser tokens gets 2x rewards, 100 geyser tokens gets 3x, 1000 gets 4x, etc etc

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I bought at 40 dollars. Should I sell and try to swing back in at 30 or wait?

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Swingies get the rope

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Comfy AF. $100 EOM

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I think it is too late for swinging now

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oh boy he's awake.

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$42.44 dallaroos boys. See you at $100

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The stable price has been a blessing for yield farming, once it starts mooning I'll withdraw but I hope it stays under the radar for a while

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What are we thinking EOY?

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good luck seems we are breaking out again.

generally from what other have said collectively is that vesper is a YFI competitor and shows promise of similar or better growth. Basically conservative 1k-2k and 3k-5K high end/moon price

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God, I needed that hopium anon. Thanks

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I got super early in this at 28$ and sold it all during the dump a couple days ago I genuinely wanna kms now since I'm down a shitload of money since. Good luck vesper bros I hope you make it since I for sure aren't.

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look anons, this is how you turn out if you try swinging

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Dumb af anon. You can still get in tho. This is programmed for $500 minimum

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Buy back in at the next dip? We can all make it, anon.

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We got jeff garzik and his billionaire business partner running vesper whose end game is to have every single billion dollar hedge fund come to them first before venturing out into the cryptoverse. This is a very solid investment that has already caught up to YFI's locked liquidity in two days. Two Fuckin Days. wgmi

Just buy and hold Anon there's still time. Anything under $100 is a good buy in this

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YFII not YFI yet

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Imagine wasting your money on this shit meme coin

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I'm torn.
I'm in the vVsd pool and I'm thinking of staking $500 of eth/VSP to the pool but eth.... Eth fucking takes the steam from everything. THE FEES MAN! THE FEES!!

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Based ironic bullish schizo poster.

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Imagine wasting all your free time posting literal shit in every Vesper thread

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I put some LP tokens in the UNI gysr pool but fuck it started gaining right after so the rewards better be good

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three whole days of sitting infront of the pc posting shit in the toilet pics on every single vesper thread. Thanks for the bullish bumps you schizo

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can you shortly explain about GYSR, whats the best way to stake there?

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It's about 3x away from yfi in terms of fully diluted valuation, can it really moon?

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Why can't people just fucking hold to 100

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After you decide to use uniswap or sushi swap for lp pair, go to the link I sent you and click which pair u did. Afterwards you can use the amount of GYSR to multiply your amount.

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Remember that stupid shit coin named Bao? 1.5 trillion coins in circulation yet it still did a 25x.

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Vesper has no value proposition. It's a fucking scam. Just look at their previous projects, Metronome and SpaceChain. They were total failures from the beginning. Shortly after the start, they pulled out their bags every single time and it dumped. If you don't believe me, go look up the LinkedIn profiles of the management team, they're still advertising Bloq Inc, the company behind the Metronome scam. And with Vesper (VSP) it's the same shit again, same developers from India and South America, same leadership management. It's a ponzi scheme, set up by strategic investors from Chicago. They're the only ones who are making money here. They're smarter than you.

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Yessss PUMMMMP eeeeeetttttt

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I made terrific gains on that coin. Just didn't get the top

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36k VSP holder here who's been staking. So I pulled all my LP from Sushi and Uni and did the math. The difference in ETH and VSP I got out compared to what went in was equivalent to selling 2468.48 VSP for $42.29. In the meantime, I made 5050.77 VSP from the GYSR staking and spent 10200 GYSR tokens to get it, and probably like $5000 in gas fees at most.

Since VSP is at approximately $42 right now (was less when I pulled), the IL can be ignored. So by subtracting the GYSR spent and gas fees, I made just short of $200k in just a couple of days. Pretty insane if you ask me.

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How the fuck does this shit work I've got 200 VSP

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why did you pull out already

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I will get whale status.. I will.

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Oh, and by the way, due to me pulling out, the APY on the GYSR has shot up like crazy. Just keep in mind that whales have a MASSIVE advantage in the GYSR game. I thought the amount of GYSR you had to spend to get out would be proportional to the reward, but apparently it's the same. This means that whales can just keep restaking at a high frequency and gain on it, while small fry need to wait a long time for the reward to accumulate before it's worth it, all the while whales will eat up your rewards.

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Take your meds already

Same, pulled a nice 6x and got out right when some whale dropped 3 million in at 0.00030.

nice I remember you from the last thread

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lol I thought I was whale status with my 6k but then this chad comes in and has 5x my stack just like that

another question, why are you not putting your VSP into the vVSP vault

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Might get in again, but I was a bit worried about the IL. Figured I'd use the opportunity of this price rise to pull out and do the math to see how profitable this is. I'm also a bit worried about the headache this is going to cause me when it's time to deal with this year's taxes.

Because the GYSR staking had ridiculous returns. I might just do that now though, we'll see.

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Did you pull out right now?

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>headache this is going to cause me when it's time to deal with this year's taxes.
I agree, it is going to be such a pain in the ass I think I will simply put any gained VSP as a buy with a cost basis of 0, or if I lose to IL I will put it as a sell with proceeds of zero. I'm thinking about moving to the Netherlands just to avoid having to file these transactions at all, since it is getting so fucking complicated with the new farming stuff

>Because the GYSR staking had ridiculous returns. I might just do that now though, we'll see.
should be good returns I guess since the pool has so little vVSP in it still

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It's been about an hour now since I pulled out.

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Daily reminder that Vesper is inferior to IDLE, which is lower market cap and offers better yield farming APY due to better design

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Can you help out a brother? I've only 6.35 SLP in the GYSR, and my revenue is 1.5 per day, that's fucking nothing


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nigga fuck off with that gay shit. Vesper is only 4 days old.

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>Daily reminder that Vesper is inferior to IDLE, which is lower market cap and offers better yield farming APY due to better design
a literal who team with no connections and a shitty lagging website
yeah no thanks, you can stay IDLE and watch as us vesperchads go to the moon

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Do you have any GYSR tokens for the multiplier. Also, with liquidity pools to get Amy decent gains min $10k of each pair to put a big debt in gains. Cotter me if I'm wrong whales here.

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not to mention that whoever enters first two weeks, entered early, after that inflation rate drops significally

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No, sorry, by principle I don't give out to people who ask for money on this site. I only hand out to people who don't ask for any (implicitly or explicitly), seem to need it, and seem genuine.

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We dumping to 30 again or hitting 50 today?

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Do you know how the yield farming game works? People go to where the yields are best. Idle has better yields. Vesper offers nothing special. The only reason TVL went up so high is because the billionaire founder deposited his own money to make it look like organic demand

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Yes, I have bought 700 GYSR tokens, way too much. I did not know, that I would need only around 90 to achieve mach 3x.

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Also, I'm a small fry with 650 VSP. I staked it on the vesper app but haven't received any rewards yet.

What's my best bet? To hold and wait or sell now and re-enter a different crypto? I bought at 40, unfortunately.

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What returns are you expecting? Its mcap is already 1/3 of YFI fully diluted, maybe the potential is priced in. Are you just in It for a sure 3x then

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why the fuck would you sell 4 days old project?

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do you fuckers understand that buyback didnt even occur yet and what's gonna happen once fees money into buyback starts flowing in?

how much is 0,6% from 320 million TVL?

>> No.29300446

Can someone explain to a brainlet how much fully diluted or not market cap matters

>> No.29300451

I'm a newbie to this so don't know a ton about it. The 650 VSP accounts for my entire savings so even hitting 30 dollars if a big loss for me.

All the talk about whales dumping their staked VSP rewards makes me think the price will plummet?

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I don't have a specific target or expectation. I just buy stuff I think will go up and take profits whenever intuition tells me to.

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Also I don't have enough ETH left to sell the GYSR stack, or to even unstake. I'm deadlocked due to the high gas prices. My wage slave paycheck will arrive in two weeks, hopefully before the pool ends. I have no fucking idea what is going to happen if the pool gets stale and you're still stuck inside, with the rewards unstaked. I guess you're going to loose them?

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dude just forget about it for 2 months

inflation rate reduces drastically over first month. in a month it will be hard to farm 1 VSP so no selling pressure then

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let me guess, you sold?

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>What returns are you expecting? Its mcap is already 1/3 of YFI fully diluted, maybe the potential is priced in. Are you just in It for a sure 3x then
1) crypto investors never look at FDV, so why does everyone suddenly do it for this coin
2) look at some absolute dogshit coins and their FDV to see what I mean
3) this has much higher potential and better tokenomics than YFI, so I'm expecting at least a 6x

It does not matter at all. It will take 1 year for 70% of the supply to be minted. 1 year from now we will be in the middle of a bear market so none of that matters.

nobody is going to IDLE, fuck off already. I was looking at IDLE earlier but the website was such a piece of shit I didn't deposit a single dollar

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I’m feeling pretty stupid for depositing in the VSP pool desu. Rewards have been off all weekend, meanwhile despite all the bitching and moaning even poorfags are making insane returns in the gysr pools. Devs haven’t been forthright about how this will work, but I suspect you could have farmed in gysr all weekend, and as long as you’ve restaked your VSP in the main pool by Monday, you’ll reap a share of the rewards proportional to your stake at that instant.
Not fudding, just feeling like a retarded nigger.

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Biden will approve even more stimulus packages and the FED won't step in. This money printing insanity will go on for another two years, and the ECB and Nippon Ginko will follow foot, like the good patsies that they are. Inflation rate will jump, but who cares. I don't expect a bear market at all.

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how will VSP be distributed?
anyone know where i can find the inflation information for this token?

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"Liquidity Providers receive a drip of 185,000 VSP for the first month"

That means shitload of tokens for early birds, later it will be hard to put hands on VSP tokens by farming

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I was not happy about Biden (his handlers) scheming his way into the presidency. That said, not just his government, but essentially every western government has chosen to throw the baby out with the bath water in terms of favouring extremely short run economic policy to the severe detriment of the long run. Bill Gates is buying up massive amounts of farmland for no other reason then that at least in 10 years time it will still be holding some modicum of its current value, unlike most other assets. Similarly, rapid fiat expansion, and later inflation, is only going to drive regular folks into assets like bitcoin all the faster, which will have profound ripple effects for all the other non-shitcoins.

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thank you kind sir

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I don't think that is how it works anon, the rewards in the vVSP pool will most likely be proportional to time spent in the pool, so no you can't just restake by Monday and receive the full reward

In that case we would all be at the same level as the whale ITT, and he would be a literal billionaire.

yes, I think we will start to see price moving more after the initial farming is done

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is geyser the next play? 10m tokens. 8m mcap and the multiplier shit is absolutely broken?

>> No.29305009

you provide liq to the uni -vsp pool you need and equal amount of eth and vsp. Be careful though, look into Impermanent Loss, which is a possibility when providing liquidity on uni. Then you take the LP tokens to geyser and stake them in their geyser and when you are about to withdraw you use geyser tokens to get additional multiplier.

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>> No.29305325

Exactly, I expect at least x3 from here once liquidity incentive is finished (in 3 weeks)

>> No.29305522

what is the tx fee to stake right now?

>> No.29305583

how much can you earn per day per uni-vsp by doing this? i only have 100

>> No.29305808

don't post this here you dumbass

>> No.29305911

check this >>29298885
he said he staked about 2MM total worth ETH + VSP and made 200k in 2 days
so about 5% per day it seems

>> No.29306907

A moment of silence for fallen soldier from telegram

He sent 2,3k of VSP to contract address by accident (worth 100k)


Thank you for removing them out of circulation, kind sir

>> No.29307122

i'm stacking it

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well I guess in the end, this meme has become true for him

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Less than 3k holders....

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initial month ROI (3 weeks left) for LP on


>> No.29307690

so can you do this with vesper only? do you need to buy sushi / uni as well? haven't staked using gysr before

>> No.29307785

you put in your UNI LP inside
So you need to provide VSP + ETH and get sick rewards (which reduces every week) for opening 4 weeks

>> No.29307839

Absolutely silly that this guy claims to be an ‘investor my for a group of people, yet doesn’t even understand how eth addresses work.

>> No.29307874

even if a whale dumps, GYSR is creating so much extra VSP that is definately covers IL

>> No.29307943

to be honest, I dont care about that shit, that guy just removed 100k worth of VSP out of circulation lol, and provided a tx how he fucked himself up

>> No.29308324

okay thanks, so you provide liquidity via eth-vsp on uniswap, then bring LP tokens to gysr yeah? appreciate the info anon

>> No.29308731


here is how-to video that someone posted earlier


make sure to read medium on geyseri, it is quite interesting

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>> No.29308886

thanks anon, I'm looking into this now. respect

>> No.29308910

got banned from the channel on day one because my username was racist

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>> No.29309362

I don't get it, the FUD is a joke but you're all so sure it will take off but there's no reason with the diluted market cap

>> No.29309694

does it matter if I pair on sushiswap vesp/eth or does it have to be wrapped eth?

>> No.29310049 [DELETED] 

it does not matter if its eth, you can wrap vesp with any token for GYSR

>> No.29310729

how the fuck did this retard get access to 750k worth of VSP

>> No.29310824

he didnt rofl, he sent his stack of 2,3k to contract so they are basically burned now

>> No.29310903

yeah but he said in tg that he still has $750k worth of VSP left

>> No.29311050

I wouldnt quite belive him saying that he has group of investors and bla bla bla

>> No.29311084

imagine investing six figures into crypto without learning the basics first

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>> No.29312140

yeah some whales are entering the game

>> No.29312326

it seems to be a bot doing all of this from the same address, i don't get how that's profitable, wouldn't they be paying a lot in just fees?

>> No.29312401 [DELETED] 

will I get my original liquidity back, once I unstake?

>> No.29312485

there is 0,6% fee on pools, read the damn tokenomics lol

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Does Reddit know about this yet?

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How big is Vesper? Have I been sleeping on this?

>> No.29313602

337mil TVL in 4 days

that's how big it is

>> No.29313632

please stop telling people about GEYSR you faggots.

>> No.29313911

he asks nicely and insults in same sentence

>> No.29313954

care to spoonfeed?

>> No.29314031

DYOR or stay poor

>> No.29314044

sirs pls

>> No.29314078

banned again lmao

>> No.29314215

>Moonshot coin
>Has done nothing but crab

>> No.29314251

buy VSP
provide liquidity on uniswap
go to gysr and connect that liquidity
come back in a month with screenshot of lambo order

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>> No.29314362

When asked about the goal of the project the Dev said to be the decentralized version of Vanguard or Fidelity that's how big

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I'm not touching this coin if it's supporters post pictures of shitty toilets, I'm out and I hope the rest of you anons have the dignity to do the same
Chart looks terrible anyway

>> No.29315134

GYSR doin thangs

>> No.29315217

post more poop memes

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