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Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized p2p privacy cryptocurrency!

Monero is secure, low-fee, and borderless, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT (hidden tx amounts) ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with transactions being visible only by a Monero user willingly providing a view key for a specific transaction.

Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of current popular cryptos. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of txs increases. Further, the mining network algorithm RandomX establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier of entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward will gradually approach 0.6 XMR in May 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a MoneroChad will be with you shortly.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE - https://web.getmonero.org



>Non KYC:
Local Monero
Crypto ATMs
see: kycnot.me



Gui/Cli (recommended)

IOS: Cakewallet
Android: Monerujo

remembered the subject edition

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when tari release?

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I switched over to MoneroOcean. AMD Ryzen 3900X CPU. Pretty comfy.

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I want to buy a 3900x but I literally cannot find a worthwhile GPU to pair it with that is reasonably priced and in stock.

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>bought more @ $250

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Where's the Monero waifu

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GPU are too expensive right now. Monero CPU mining is the best bang for you buck right now.

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Any recommendations?

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I'm looking to upgrade mobo, cpu, and gpu and it's impossible to find a good combo. What I'm working with now is a i5 3470 and a GTX 620 running - I shit you not - Windows 8.
Bad time to try to upgrade apparently.

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When making the general, please include “/xmr/“ so it is easier to search in the catalog.

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How do we do that link like /g/ does with their generals

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how do i convert my fiat to monero as anonymously as possible guys?

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>how do i convert my fiat to monero as anonymously as possible guys?

Buy for cash.

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Lots of ways - localmonero, crypto ATMs. Honestly you should just focus on getting fiat to crypto with low fees in whatever way you feel comfortable, then swapping it to xmr. Once you have it as xmr the amount, origin, address and destination are known only to you.
So probably just buy litecoin (low fees, fast transfers, ubiquitous) somewhere that won't report your purchase to the IRS.

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What's the monero suicide stack ?

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Disgusting. Tbh we need her wearing a mask too. Burkhardt

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People say 18.7 like the bitcoin 21 club (who are now millionaires).

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>What's the monero suicide stack ?

Depends on what your needs are. Assuming Monero hits its oft-cited $40K projection by decade's end, your potential stack would be worth:

10 XMR = $400K

25 XMR = $1 million

50 XMR = $2 million

75 XMR = $3 million

100 XMR = $4 million

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Perfect. It reveals nothing, just like Monero.

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Allah be praised!

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fuck off faggot

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>buy for cash
that'd be sweet
>doesn't report to the tax authorities
that's the thing i've got to figure out i guess.

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>opressing women is funny in 2021

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>Being Islamaphobic in 2021

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Well played sir,... well played

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>being a (((leftist)))

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Can't wait

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Can I mine monero with an Intel apu?

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Honestly, I only mine XMR to support the network and I already have the CPU.

Research more https://www.reddit.com/r/MoneroMining.

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>$40K by decade's end
Does that mean anything at all with the BRRRRRRing.

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>he's getting the picture
It does, but not for fiatfags

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Why doesn't this shit pump like other coins? Why does it routinely miss pumps entirely? Is it literally just that it isn't on coinbase and is harder to buy/trade?

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probably going to be at least another year on tari. They are building it from scratch in rust.

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(((price suppression)))

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>Does that mean anything at all with the BRRRRRRing.

Will be adjusted for inflation, obviously.

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>Miners count ATH
>Transactions ATH
>XMR way under the STOCK TO FLOW


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nice, what website is that?

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What happened in 2018?

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Why the fuck is my wallet not syncing. there is no download happening at all

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bitcoin cycle ended newfriend

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those "pumps" for shitcoins is artificial demand manufactured by whales/exchanges. It's all a scam. it's not like institutional support or legitimate use is pouring into those cryptos. It's stimulated pumps that crypto noobs see as moon pumps and then they buy at the top, only to get dumped on over and over again.
So, why doesn't Monero pump like that? The answer lies in the subtext -- Monero doesn't pump with everyone else because these whales want more of it. This manipulated market charade, for whatever reason, is seemingly ignoring the fastest growing cryptocurrency in usage, with the objectively best privacy features, and a massive grassroots community which is most certainly not looking for attention.
Without that context, It would make sense for whales to pump Monero with the rest of the alts and then dump at the top. But of course that isn't happening. You need to realize that this demand is fake, and if you understand that, then Monero's decoupled movement begins to make more sense.
Monero is a long in every meaning of the definition. Just buy and hold. Eventually this overshorted market will reach it's breaking point and the pent up demand will shoot up like a cannon. It'll happen at the drop of a hat, likely when Grayscale announces Monero buys, or with the creation of atomic swaps, or with the eventual Coinbase listing. And when it does happen, the fomo will be insane.

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what wallet are you using?

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HAHAHAHA, listen to 2 Bitcoin maxipads grudgingly acknowledge Monero's validity.


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monero. i just want to mine dammit

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>cracks your ring crypto

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are you talking about the GUI on getmonero?
if so, go to here and connect to a remote node: https://www.getmonero.org/resources/user-guides/remote_node_gui.html
You need to connect to somebody else who has download the blockchain. You then use their node to scan the blockchain with your private key. If you have never received Monero before, you can just scan from the most recent blockheight.
However, if you are mining I wouldn't recommend solo mining (which is what the GUI allows you to do) unless you are doing this for fun. Pool mining will at least net you some monero. To pool mine, download xmr stak or xmrig and join a pool.

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pool mining never worked for me. and cant mine with remote node

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i laughed hard

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being a leftist is pretty cool imo this guy is just a loser

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They are starting to turn. Once Monero takes over the dark net officially they will have to admit that privacy transactions should be only in Monero. They are already sort of there but that one maxi kept brining up Bitcoin's 'privacy' options. If Bitcoin is to last in the long term they need to embrace Monero as the tool that should be used. Hopefully it happens because an alliance would be great, but never underestimate maxi pads and stupidity.
And that one maxis argument is that it is bleeding in sats. Yeah, because its undervalued retard.
>pool mining never worked for me
what do you mean? All you are doing is dedicating hashing power to a pool. You won't be making any Monero solo mining.

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so to make the wallet
i need to boot into tails on an offline thinkpad?

>> No.29309547

i have no idea how to mine with text cmd thingies. i just want to click the button that says mine and mine. why do they make it so hard to do that!

>> No.29310204

I too suffer with being too much of a brainlet for this stuff

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tfw have i5 2500k CPU processor and rx580 video card. i should be able to mine something dammit!

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You are greatly exaggerating how complicated the process is

>> No.29310788


>monero is like bitcoin side-chain with a token on it where you use for privacy

I fucking hate maxifags, they just can't comprehend coexistence.

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Buy btc or ltc or dai or whatever on coinbase, transfer it to exodus. Atomic swap. If disabled in your region, just close wallet, turn on vpn, open wallet, do the swap them

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18.7 sui
50 comfy
XXX (triple digits) make it

>> No.29311425

580 is a great card for eth mining still

>> No.29311430

I worry that the events that will lead to XMRs coming to the fore will also kick me out of the market. I want to make it but not sure I'm willing to risk jail to do so

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If it's 8gb ram

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This OP sucks where in Monero-chan?

>> No.29311856

how do i mine

>> No.29312009

so what's the best pool to mine on?

>> No.29312025

t. Mujahideen

>> No.29312065

would like to know this as well

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moneroocean.stream's minimum payout is relatively low and it helps to decentralization

>> No.29312177

nice, I'll give that one a shot

>> No.29312180

Where’s that latest video talking about atomic swaps and stuff? Meant to save and forgot

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What would be the consequence of a miner setup with a ridiculously high hashrate starting mining XMR tomorrow?

Would we hit tail emission faster? What other effects might one see?

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Gee, the amount of mental arobatics that guy has to do - at some point it has to become obvious that xmr is better

>> No.29312331

Well lads, the wallet is currently syncing, and I did some mining for an hour earlier today. Looking p good.

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Proud to be a Monero Bull

>> No.29312428

bitconnect didn't help

>> No.29312436

I watched it yesterday. It's really fucking based. Atomic swaps are definitely going to happen and we are going to have some free market competition to make it even better.

>> No.29312581

odysee link;

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Monerotards dont know the meaning of opportunity cost.
Everyone here talks like a gme bagholder.
You fell in love with a project, but you forgot you came here to make money.

>> No.29312760

I can walk and chew gum

>> No.29312826

honestly that seems pretty bearish. i could see that by 2025 or 2026. am i being too optimistic that it won't take people another decade to figure out that btc is pretty shit for privacy (and other things)?

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>Gee, the amount of mental arobatics that guy has to do - at some point it has to become obvious that xmr is better

Emotional investment is a helluva drug. While they've been busy jerking each other off about Bitcoin's superiority Monero has quietly been displacing it from the darknet, and it won't stop there.

>> No.29312925

gambling on shitcoins isn't much to talk about moonboy
I think you are correct anon.

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spend all my tax return on XMR and secure my place in the 18.7 club, or spend only half of it on XMR and spend the rest on a rig that my buddy wants to go halfsies on?

>> No.29313127

Buy and hold XMR and continue saving for the rig.

>> No.29313352

Who here is into incest porn? Funny to know all your IPs are on sale on the dark web and definitely in some feds database. But muh privacy

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I can't imagine anything comfier than mining this coin.

Anyone mining thru linux? Is it difficult to set up? I know to use moneroocean but anythign else to look out for?

The only thing I have to contribute is this calculator

>> No.29313673

homemade. Also very pessimistic regression line.

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>honestly that seems pretty bearish. i could see that by 2025 or 2026. am i being too optimistic that it won't take people another decade to figure out that btc is pretty shit for privacy (and other things)?

Well, sure, its difficult to predict anything in a market as irrational as this one. Analysts expect that criminal adoption of Monero is what will primarily drive its growth over the next 10 years, so it really depends on how fast that happens.

But the signs are good, we're already seeing major crime syndicates moving into crypto and given that globally organized crime generates ~$2 trillion a year, when some of that starts to trickle into Monero we should start seeing some serious gains, at which point normie FOMO kicks in and turbocharges the boosters.

All-in-all, Monero is a VERY comfy long-term hold, vice has historically been a highly lucrative sector and Monero is about to become it's reserve cryptocurrency, so strap in.

>> No.29313739

Absolutely based. Monero is prolly the best coin and the worst crypto investment of them all.

>> No.29313846


Looks to me like it's tracking the IP's via bittorrent, not through Monero

>> No.29313935


Kek. If it's the best coin doesn't that make it a good long-term investment?

>> No.29313976

Which they all are because you can just flash the 8Gb bios on the 4Gb version

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>Kek. If it's the best coin doesn't that make it a good long-term investment?

Doesn't understand that

>betting on fundamentals = investing

>betting on hype = gambling.

>> No.29314190

>what’s a VPN?
How fucking new are you? Go visit /g/ and lurk on cybersec/privacy threads

>> No.29314297

Nope. Thats like saying the best tech always gets adopted or the best politician always win.

>> No.29314421

i am 60% btc, 20% eth, 20% xmr
just holding, not selling any time soon

i recognize my own stupidity so i don't even try to trade or swing

>> No.29314447

Seems like darknet markets have already realized that, it's only a matter of time until the rest of the world starts caring about privacy. It's a slow process, but the foundations are slowly being laid.

>> No.29314477


It's already being adopted in the place BTC originally flourished, there are no real competitors.

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>It's already being adopted in the place BTC originally flourished, there are no real competitors.

This. Where fundamentals matter Monero consistently outperforms Bitcoin.

>> No.29314763

When my PLTR tendies print I’m buy a YUGE bag of Monero... I have known about it for a long time but have been hesitant to invest, however with the way the world is going we NEED Monero.

>> No.29314869

Fuck feds man... just want my privacy n sheit. 3/5/12 eyes are the Stasi’s wet dream.

>> No.29315062

this was always a long term play. most people who chase shitcoin ponzis end up losing.

>> No.29315079

nicely made, if you're planning to upload it somewhere keep us posted

>> No.29315403

If you really are a professional investor, then maybe buying trending shitcoins is a better way of making money than betting on Monero.

But I'm a developer, I know nothing of meme lines and I'm not an insider either so I have no idea if Tether will collapse and bring the whole market with it, or if whales will do this or that and when.

The only thing I can do is betting on the best tech and on actual usecases. So I hodl Monero. And I use it to buy adult candies.

>> No.29315476


>> No.29315570

This is what pisses me off about crypto. Crypto is meant to be an alternate currency. Not a get rich quick scheme.

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is it true that xmr is about to break out?

>> No.29315711

>Not a get rich quick scheme.
every industry is like this in its infant stages

>> No.29315755

How do you compute stock-to-flow?

>> No.29315994

The struggles of being an early adopter... it’s hard suffering from success.

>> No.29316037

love you man

>> No.29316624

how will you go into jail?

>> No.29317352

I thought so, too. Even if I have to build a more powerful rig that costs double bc halving, it will be a smaller proportion of our total savings when we do buy it.

Just had to make sure I’m not retarded lol

>> No.29317706

>-$2 / month
Do I mine regardless assuming the price goes up down the road or do I just stick to ETH?

>> No.29317738

XMR will go up. Not as fast as BTC but it will continue to climb long term. Not a bad investment at all I'd say. You also have the safety knowing it will still be around in 10 years.

>> No.29317774

i mine monero with cpu and eth with gpu. i expect monero to go higher so i dont look at the current profit.

>> No.29317897

Probably not we have turned bearish again. Going down to 150 most likely.

>> No.29317943


We just don’t know when.

>> No.29318036
File: 42 KB, 500x500, 648C1A11-BC71-4631-886F-AEF336A090AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s as if you don’t even know what you’re talking about. You’ll be saying the same line at $5k while crying inside because you were too dumb to understand why Monero is simply superior to ANYTHING calling itself money

>> No.29318161

Search monero benchmarks and look up your specific cpu.
Tbh most normie processors have decent to lackluster performance BUT if your electric isn't expensive then it's literally free money to run a miner in the background. You can set it up so you don't even notice any performance difference in your day to day activity.

>> No.29318192

possibly the most uninformed and cringiest website i have ever seen

>> No.29318217

So is it mooning or not? I've heard there's people with tons of money who actively work for monero to stay at a low price.

If the tech is so good and is supposed to be the "currency of the future", why is there no speculation on it? Fear of government regulation?

>> No.29318243

It did a 2x this month what do you moonbois want ffs

>> No.29318292

looks like it will

>> No.29318358

>Put my secondary (great) PC and secondary (meh) laptop on mining monero for an entire year back in 2018
>Only made 0.56 monero on it
Useless and pointless, really.

>> No.29318425

long term hold. stack your bags while you can. you will be priced out eventually.

>> No.29318526

This shit only bleeds sats

>> No.29318607

How so?

>> No.29318611

I upgraded my 0xmonero to 0xbitcoinSV

>> No.29318666
File: 395 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20210221-150241_TradingView.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe. I wouldn't hesitate to buy if I had fiat collecting dust.

I hope it dumps tho

>> No.29318676

>Useless and pointless, really.
well, not if xmr would cost 50k

>> No.29318697

Buy high sell low™

>> No.29318742

Infinite supply. Like gold which is abundant in the universe

>> No.29318870

0% real inflation rate

>> No.29318908

end of next month prediction?

>> No.29318953


>> No.29318966

How does 4 dollar sound

>> No.29318977

>Where fundamentals matter Monero consistently outperforms Bitcoin.
kek this line is a mic drop. I will be stealing this in the future.
love you too anon
yeah you have the right thinking. It's not like you can't mine with the machine you have though, so you can still do that if you want.

>> No.29319000

Your PC is not great. A 3900x mines ~2XMR/year. You have shit hardware.

>> No.29319071

I love the “infinite supply” fud, really scares the people who don’t know how to do basic mathematics or fact-check.

>> No.29319119

>why is there no speculation on it
The propaganda effort against Monero is to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist.
Why would chain analysis -- the leaders of block chain analytics hired by American deep state to trace monero -- release a 110 page report on cryptocurrency used on the dark net without mentioning monero a single time? Hell, they even posted a graph of the most visited dark net website and didn't even mention White House market.
They don't want to give Monero clout. If you do your research, the proof of adoption is overwhelming.

>> No.29319166

It is performing really bad again now. Crypto market is rising and XMR is staying behind AGAIN. We dropped back to 22th position. If it stays bearish for another month XMR will end up in top 30. Which will trigger further price drops.

It needs to back to position 12 to stand a chance. It is looking pretty bleak atm.

>> No.29319225

I could get into the 187XMR club and permanently cuck 9 other people out of their spots in the citadel.

>> No.29319268

>turned bearish again
retesting resistance points is not bearish at all you retard.
Bitcoin is pumping right now and Monero has been doing pretty great all things considered. Once Bitcoin slows down we will gain on the ratio.

>> No.29319343

Can I mine XMR at the same time as ETH? As XMR is cpu mined right? I have a i5 6600k not yet overclocked

>> No.29319673

Yes you can, leave some threads so pc is useable

>> No.29319702

Gold does not increase linearly. Don't be retarded

>> No.29319818


>> No.29319954

Well technically there is infinite supply. It is just not relevant long term but people love scarcity. It incentives to buy like limited edition shit. The fact that XMR has infinite supply turns a lot of people off. I do realise it is needed but in term of price action it is very bad.

"Why buy now if you can always buy later?"

>> No.29319973

Doesn't XMR take a really long time to send/receive? Like 20 minutes.

>> No.29320029

Even without asteriods moron. The average gold inflation is 2% per year. Look it up if you do not believe it. People develop better mining techniques.

>> No.29320036

You're off by a zero. 2 minutes.

>> No.29320124

this is such a brainlet take, as there will be less Monero than Bitcoin until ~2040.
The tail emission does not turn people off. You have people buying Dogecoin despite the absurd monetary economics. That has nothing to do with anything. Monero isn't bought because of regulation fud and price suppression.

>> No.29320242
File: 207 KB, 735x690, monegro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The average gold inflation is 2% per year.



>> No.29320479

Nevermind I would be at a loss of 8 cents per day too bad

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Isn't that still too slow? I can't stand around for 2 minutes in the grocery store waiting for the girl at the counter to confirm "Ok sir, we've received your XMR."

> You have people buying Dogecoin despite the absurd monetary economics
No one even knows the retarded economics of dogecoin. They don't even know what it is, they just know that it's going up so they buy it.

I think "infinite supply" DOES turn people off from XMR, at the very least a few people. But you're right that it's far from the biggest thing, there are like 5 other things that turn people off even more.
> Regulation FUD
> "I don't want to be associated with literal druglords and pedophiles, you can keep your privacy"
> Price suppression
And most of all
> Wtf it's a crabcoin, why would I buy it

>> No.29320778

> there will be less Monero than Bitcoin until ~2040

You should know that the actual number of coins is meaningless. It doesn't matter if it's a few million or several trillion, they're divisible until the 10th decimal place or something. That's why you can have BTC be worth $50k but still be able to send $0.01 with it.
The actual number of XMR available or of BTC available is completely meaningless, I'm kinda surprised you brought that up.

>> No.29320781
File: 47 KB, 1197x1010, 1613202593392.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29320807

it is a brainlet take but many people will perceive the supply as being "infinite" because many people are brainlets

>> No.29320889
File: 292 KB, 595x597, 1613618507762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greetings Monerochads, I am in the process of taking the Moneropill. Fuck taxes, fuck the United States.
So I currently use kraken. The glowniggers will definitely know if I buy monero on there, yes? Besides buying for cash, what else can I do? Isn't any money leaving my bank account traceable by the IRS? Is the idea that I get it to a private wallet, then just say I lost it all on shitcoins if anyone asks?
Sorry for noob questions, never really concerned myself with any of this privacy stuff, ngl. I never expected I'd actually make good money from crypto lol

>> No.29320927


>> No.29320972

>The actual number of XMR available or of BTC available is completely meaningless
The point I am making is that "infinite" implies that there is no reason to hold Monero because you will lose your value because of inflation, where the reality is that Monero is literally scarcer than Bitcoin.

>> No.29320987
File: 196 KB, 361x362, 1613743472124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's why you can have BTC be worth $50k but still be able to send $0.01 with it

>Send $0.01
>Pay $15 transaction fee.

>> No.29321103

U only really need 0 confs for small transactions, i.e. it would be instantaneous from a customer perspective

>> No.29321125

But after there will be more. Scarcity is a very real cognitive bias. Lots of research has been performed and it has been consistently proven people are affected by it.

It does not matter even if XMR increased at 1 coin per day. All People hear is "infinite supply" in their heads. And that is not scarcity.

Same thing with something costing 1 cent or being free. Even it the 1 cent thing is a better deal people will still pick the FREE thing because there is no loss. I mean common, it's free...

Same thing with InFINitE SuPPlY

>> No.29321418

>All people hear is infinite supply in their heads

I guess thats why Ethereum is the #2 crypto right?

>> No.29321602

Yeah I know, but the point is you're still able to do it because of how fragmentable it is.
It's like boomers who hear "Whaaaaat? Bitcoin is 50k dollahs? And the Euro is what, 1.2? How come?" and the answer is "the number of available bitcoin is lower than the number of available euro, that's all".

>Monero is literally scarcer than Bitcoin
No it's not lol, bitcoin doesn't have tail emission. It's deflationatory as people lose their addresses. You don't measure scarcity by the artificial meaningless number.

Yeah just send to a second wallet of yours and there's nothing you can do. You can say "I bought weed with it" and show that you sent the XMR to another wallet and they can't disprove anything.

>> No.29321706

Point taken. Ethereum feels more like a platform instead a collectable like BTC and XMR though.

>> No.29321749

Somebody saved my image. XMR chads are blessed

>> No.29321815

keep making them bro I like em

>> No.29321879

Frankly you are talking out of your ass.
In the crypto market, there is no fundamentals. So debating fundamentals as the reason for people getting into Monero is pointless. We are long on Monero because we understand the fundamentals and we know that, eventually the fundamentals come out on top. It's a waiting game and we are increasing our stacks while the idiots chase "new paradigms".
The reason people aren't buying monero is 100% because of regulation fud and price suppression. I would also say that news suppression is another big deal.
The only people who aren't buying Monero because of "infinite supply" are Bitcoin Maxipads because they are the ones who have taken the 21 million meme out of control. They haven't figured out yet that transaction fees are killing their network. Whatever.
>No it's not lol, bitcoin doesn't have tail emission
how much Bitcoin exists today?
how much Monero exists today?
Which is scarcer?
>You don't measure scarcity by the artificial meaningless number.
yeah you measure it by coinbase.

>> No.29321921

To me this sound like "$6900 per share is not a meme" circlejerk, don't get too hyped up. People continue to surprise me with their stupidity, so I wouldn't be surprised if they ignore monero for a long time

>> No.29321976


>> No.29322005

stop shilling your shitty scam site, fireice

>> No.29322128

DREAMBODY clinic in Puerto Vallahrta, pick you up some HGH and testosterone treaments. $5k for a years supply. Spend a beautiful vacation at the beach in Puerto Vallarta.

>> No.29322319

how fast is bitcoin? bitcoin transactions take forever

>> No.29322401


>> No.29323010

Well duh, no one is claiming BTC is a good currency, that ship died 3 years ago.

Fine I'll concede that if you define scarcity as "The number of available coins", then XMR is more scarce than BTC. But that's a meaningless metric so I don't know why you'd ever define it like this.
If I made a shitcoin today called STC, having the supply by 1 STC but divisible to 20 decimal places would be functionally the same as having the supply be 10^20 STC but not divisible. The number doesn't matter.

>> No.29323309

I like the way you think

>> No.29323347

Man.. just read your second sentence again and tell me crypto isn't the most retarded space lol

>> No.29323451

I have a question for people here: What happens if owning XMR becomes illegal? If it becomes like drugs.
Surely the common person won't rebel, they'll probably buy whatever excuse the government gives, such as "It's used by literal pedophiles and druglords to maintain obscurity, we're just acting against these evil people." Like how privacy was killed by terrorism FUD.
What happens then? Honest question, I don't mean to attack you.

I agree, the fundamentals are here but Monerofags don't seem to realize how much uncertainty there is in the market. They say "If bitcoin has made then so can XMR" as if bitcoin getting this big was a certainty, and not a result of several unlikely events. As if it was a result of the fundamentals of the technology and not of speculation.

Just like the fundamentals """""were there""""" for the GME people but not in the way they thought.

>> No.29323483

>Anyone mining thru linux? Is it difficult to set up?
I'm mining thru a debian distro, its not at all hard to set up. All i gotta do to start up my miner is to open terminal, go to the directory and do "./xmrig"

>> No.29323587

The coin is called Ether, Ethereum is the whole technology with solidity and smart contracts you full retard. Don't talk down on people if you yourself have no clue what you're talking about.
When you buy Ether expecting it to go up, it's not because it's a good currency, it's because smart contracts are a good technology to solve problems. That's what the anon meant.

>> No.29323638

>I have a question for people here: What happens if owning XMR becomes illegal? If it becomes like drugs.
Then I'll run my node through TOR and keep selling my mining returns to coke pedlers
Trying to ban XMR would be even harder than trying to ban P2P file transfers

>> No.29323693

i should be more specific, go to the directory for which the mining software is in

>> No.29323858

Do you guys think its a good time to buy Monero now? How likely can I make +25% in a month?

>> No.29323871

Smart contracts is garbage technology that will never be used for anything other than gimmicks

>> No.29323951

i would rather my wife and daughters dress like this in public than prance around dressed like whores. islam is right about women.

>> No.29323978
File: 167 KB, 363x363, 1613400441580.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What happens if owning XMR becomes illegal? If it becomes like drugs.

Demand + scarcity = NUMBER GO UP

>Surely the common person won't rebel, they'll probably buy whatever excuse the government gives, such as "It's used by literal pedophiles and druglords to maintain obscurity, we're just acting against these evil people." Like how privacy was killed by terrorism FUD.
>What happens then? Honest question, I don't mean to attack you.

Like digital piracy, it gets pushed underground where it thrives. People will still be buying drugs on the darknet, richfags will still be evading taxes, drug cartels will still be laundering their profits, Monero doesn't just disappear because its outlawed, as long as it remains useful to the certain special interests it will maintain its value and utility.

>I agree, the fundamentals are here but Monerofags don't seem to realize how much uncertainty there is in the market. They say "If bitcoin has made then so can XMR" as if bitcoin getting this big was a certainty, and not a result of several unlikely events. As if it was a result of the fundamentals of the technology and not of speculation.

Do you believe black markets, tax evasion and money laundering are inevitable? If so, then Monero is a pretty safe bet.

>> No.29324031

smart contracts will make atomic swaps possible, retard

>> No.29324123

If Monero was back around #10 of market cap, as it should be, it would be worth around $3520

>> No.29324297

i understand what you are saying (i.e. divisibility) but you are also ignoring the supply economics of the block distribution. This is another way to measure scarcity, as it can be assumed that the more Monero that is mined, the more that is being held, which will increase the price if there is demand.
the problem is you are starting the question at a hypothetical that is very unlikely to happen. So it needs to first be argued that the likelihood of this fantasy is about 0%.
And if it were to happen, it would not be illegal everywhere. It would only be illegal in certain, authoritarian areas.
And as I've already mentioned, banning p2p crypto is an impossible endeavor that would only give Monero a ridiculous amount of clout, which in turn would increase demand.

>> No.29324572

Which mining pool should I join?

>> No.29324602

atomic swaps don’t need smart contracts, dumbass

>> No.29324625
File: 64 KB, 700x700, 4EE9CB99-5888-45CC-B911-556F40D6F06D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It’s literally a build your own ponzi tool. It has solved no real world problems, unless you consider the problem of making a ponzi scheme and getting away with it. Only now, it’s a pay 2 play ponzi, where you have to spend 25$ every time you want to move your ponzi coins around. What a joke.

>> No.29324632

if governments make it illegal then we have much bigger things to worry about than xmr, that would require the loss of whole civil liberties and human rights. Stupid low iq fud

>> No.29324687

dont buy the rig. buy the coin now is the better move

>> No.29324879

This is true especially if you don't have cheap electricity.

>> No.29324992

>Just like the fundamentals """""were there""""" for the GME people but not in the way they thought.
The thing is, powerfull entities can't easially fuck over monero holders, as it is specifically designed to resist this kind of bullshittery. Reaffirming made up price predictions does help no one and 40k by 2026 is utopic.
I see it more like a relatively save way to 10-20% interest per year, outperforming most other types of assets while granting a lot of flexibility. So even if it's only 1000€ by 2030 it would still be a good investment to me. And, even under the worst assumptions I can not imagine that it will be worth less then.

>> No.29325165

Monero is for long term holding only. Think like 10 year long term hold. If you want "Quick Gainz" just go to normiecoin or whatever other shitcoin flavor of the month is trending on twitter, faggot

>> No.29325180

Make no mistake, islam isn't any better than western sociaty:

>> No.29325312

Monero seems like less of a gamble because it is actually used for payments, secure, p2p and also relatively popular.

>> No.29325393

>I have a question for people here: What happens if owning XMR becomes illegal? If it becomes like drugs.
atomic swap to btc or other coins and cash out

>> No.29325420

yep. it's a genuinely useful coin to have. Look at the other threads with anons worried about losing their crypto to divorce, or the american taxation threads. It's just more convenient to have something that no one knows about.

>> No.29325486

>monero falling back to earth
Well xmrbros, is it over for me? i guess im ngmi after all

>> No.29325507
File: 406 KB, 854x1404, crypto-money-laundering.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reaffirming made up price predictions does help no one

That price projection isn't "made up" in the sense it was pulled out of somebody's ass, its based on the estimation by professional analysts of expected black money influxes flowing into Monero over the next decade.

You can read the full analysis here: https://research.bloomberg.com/pub/res/d37g1Q1hEhBkiRCu_ruMdMsbc0A

>> No.29325531

>It’s literally a build your own ponzi tool.
keked hard. for real though, the only semi useful feature are the stable coins to be able to trade without an exchange that has obsessive kyc. To bad it's not private though

>> No.29325554

whats the best way to buy monero?

is it okay to use kranen?

worried about taxes when it moons

>> No.29325654

Never had a problem with Kraken buying or withdrawing USD

>> No.29325675

you only pay taxes when you sell. so if you sell your crypto, pay your taxes. Otherwise, no one can know how much you have. If you move it to your own wallet, they will not know if you spent it, sold it, or lost it. With monero, you're safe. (Unless someone breaks the crypto, then you're not)

>> No.29325680
File: 751 KB, 1242x1073, aaaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29325938

I've read it in entirety quite a while ago, and although I agree with most points, I don't consider it realistic (yet). It gets reposted so often because it's powerful hopium

>> No.29325955

I will not sell until I see a profit, come hell or low candles
Do not be afraid, everything will be fine

>> No.29326124


Honestly bro idk why it just feels super comfy holding Monero. Never any huge ups or downs, super stable currency, has its gains when the market gains but overall I dont have to worry about it too much, its utterly outside of government control...

Owning Monero feels like sipping coffee, listening to soft jazz music while staring out a window on a foggy rainy day at 5 acres of beautiful countryside that you own outright.

Maximum comfy.

>> No.29326286
File: 263 KB, 900x900, 1613511855315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't you include Exodus + shapeshift as a kyc way to buy? You guys retarded?

>> No.29326330
File: 75 KB, 983x535, xmr-is-insane.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've read it in entirety quite a while ago, and although I agree with most points, I don't consider it realistic (yet). It gets reposted so often because it's powerful hopium

The given timeline might be iffy but their general reasoning is pretty spot-on: global criminal elements ARE clearly moving into crypto and Monero IS obviously going to become their crypto of choice since it's already destined to dominate the darknet black markets.

So its more a question of WHEN rather than IF.

>> No.29326412


AFAIK shapeshift requires KYC. If you mean sideshift.ai we can add that into the thread

>> No.29327204

Not if you do it through Exodus wallet, at least last year

>> No.29327423

I don't know if you guys are watching monero talk but here is a link for the livestream https://youtu.be/SaNTkfgHpNE

>> No.29327836

Anyone mining XMR know why I would be getting 'pool rejected'? Tried setting up the config, but not sure what is wrong here.

>> No.29327931
File: 335 KB, 804x1597, Screenshot_20210221-170922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone please tell me why the monero website is full of engrish-tier typos and grammatical errors

>> No.29328064

check the port you're connecting to and make sure it's the right difficulty

>> No.29328321

Anyone else checking out the live monerotopia? They often do free xmr giveaways

They also respond to all questions quickly

>> No.29328357

Seems ok to me, a non native speaker. What typos ans erros do you mean?

>> No.29328435

Should I bother accumulating more when I have low 3 digits?

>> No.29328661
File: 190 KB, 485x319, 1609900083680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Should I bother accumulating more when I have low 3 digits?

It wouldn't hurt but 100+ is pretty solid make it territory.

>> No.29328675

My bet is it might be this or next year when atomic swaps are coming out. This will make it a lot easier to aquire XMR.

>> No.29328798

>100+ is pretty solid make it territory.
Fuck me it better start dumping, I'm still at first decimal

>> No.29329084
File: 1.09 MB, 706x706, strictly-4-moniggaz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My bet is it might be this or next year when atomic swaps are coming out. This will make it a lot easier to aquire XMR.

The swaps market will take a while to build up liquidity and awareness but yeah, they will surely help criminals build their XMR reserves since buying large amounts directly would definitely trigger red flags.

>> No.29329249

50 xmr very soon over here

>> No.29329299

you mean [unknown amount], right?

>> No.29329369

Welp looks like 250 just got broken. Back to 200 we go. Also now we have wonderfully new resistances at 250, 260, 280. Just ridiculous really. Prepare for another multiple months of crabbing or dumping. Bearish trend has won.

>> No.29329592

Where would the exchange be disabled?

>> No.29329694

Now live!!!!

>> No.29329887

Legit this is bullshit. What the fuck is going on?

And don't bother with (((price suppression))) if you don't have fucking proof.

>> No.29330024
File: 14 KB, 624x656, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 2.41.21 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based monero

>> No.29330067

Bitcoin is getting fucking SLURRRRPED at nearly 60k by large corporations. We know what bitcoin is, and how it compares to XMR. Just stay humble and keep stacking. This is a mega discount.

>> No.29330079

>How do we do that link like /g/ does with their generals
You put /xmr/ in the thread subject line.

>> No.29330099

God i fucking love XMR but every time i buy it it instantly drops 10% fml

>> No.29330146

When does this cope stop?

>> No.29330186

can you give me a heads up when you buy the next time?

>> No.29330233

we've already given you responses but instead of discussion you have outed yourself as a demoralization nigger.
fuck off and short Monero then if you don't believe in it. All of this price movement is to shake out weak hands like you, and as we all know, you will fomo back in when we pump next week.

>> No.29330305

The recent gains in monero were purely speculative. Basically the people who pumped it to 300 were buying to make a quick buck, rather than for actually using the currency or investing in it long term. Once they realized the bull trend had died they're all happy to sell out their stacks.
I was warning you guys it would go back down, quick gains result in quick loses. XMR is a long term investment, it will take at least months for substantial permanent growth, probably years.

TLDR: Monero-chan wants a committed relationship, she's too good to be a pump and dump slut coin

>> No.29330374

I stopped accumulating at 100. It's my comfiest hold.

>> No.29330453

>demoralization nigger
I probably hold more than you and am willing to prove it.
I am sick of people basically saying "just zoom out on the price chart bro, just wait bro" as an excuse for XMR's piss poor performance which is becoming legendary around crypto circles.
If you're gonna get mad at me for demanding more substance than "just wait" copium, then you fuck off, retard.

>> No.29330598

Yeah man fuck me i already lost like 1000$. Hodling because i love XMR but it hurts. I thought i was buying the dip every tiem

>> No.29330767
File: 524 KB, 220x220, 1613258927839.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TLDR: Monero-chan wants a committed relationship, she's too good to be a pump and dump slut coin

>> No.29330768

>If you're gonna get mad at me for demanding more substance than "just wait" copium
what more do you want us to say? We are offering you fundamentals and logic and you are being a whiney moonboy faggot who isn't providing any analysis. Go invest in something else then. Whining about the price not being higher is RETARDED when all of us are happy about dip buying opportunities.
you are being a demoralization nigger, full stop.

>> No.29330877

more details, nigger

>> No.29330885

people that cant or wont use the CLI don't deserve any monero whatsoever and should sell their monero and go fuck themselves

>> No.29330891

then sell, there is not much more to say anymore, everything has been said

sell and put the money into something you think is better

>> No.29330978

So I think maybe where I have rig or pass is fucked up?... I have the coin that it wanted me to mine set as graft. It says 'pool logged in'. It starts to mine and it gives me gpu rejected and same for cpu

>> No.29330986
File: 45 KB, 653x566, D7mBMCSXYAAcxwG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>XMR is a long term investment, it will take at least months for substantial permanent growth, probably years.

Why can't people here understand this? If you want shitcoin-tier instant gains, go gamble on shitcoins. If you want reliable future gains, invest in solid fundamentals.

>> No.29331125

>what more do you want us to say?
Something of substance?
>We are offering you fundamentals and logic
You are providing NO viable explanation as to XMR is performing this badly. Just "wait" bullshit with nothing to back it up.
>you are being a demoralization nigger, full stop.
Yes, "demoralization", the cope of people who have nothing left.

Because it makes ZERO fucking sense and most people realize it. XMR having better technicals and use should not make it perform markedly worse over a long time span than shitcoins.

>> No.29331264

>it will take at least months for substantial permanent growth, probably years.

So you'd agree that during a stock market bubble real estate bubble money printing fretfestival with a crypto bubble on top is NOT when anyone should be investing in Monero? Like you recommend SELL or HOLD, but definitely not BUY under any circumstances right now, as Monero, like everything else, is overvalued right now?

Or are you just gonna shill yo coin

>> No.29331304

>it's not going parabolic something must be wrong
You're in the wrong thread, moonboi. By all means fud but don't be retarded about it.

>> No.29331362
File: 65 KB, 633x765, KJSDHKSJHDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that if you stress over what demoralization niggers tell you, you will sell and sub 75 IQ Chads putting 100% into Monero will make it.

>> No.29331384

Faggot, when literally everything else is going parabolic, and XMR isn't, yeah, something IS wrong. This isn't a hard concept to grasp.

>> No.29331489

MO xmrig or regular xmrig?

>> No.29331511

Either do >>29330891 or improve monero somehow. Bitching doesn't help. Putting the blame on us doesn't help.

>> No.29331523
File: 250 KB, 769x1285, 1613789745962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, the market is wrong, XMR is right.

>> No.29331537
File: 259 KB, 2495x865, Number_Go_Up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because it makes ZERO fucking sense and most people realize it. XMR having better technicals and use should not make it perform markedly worse over a long time span than shitcoins.

It makes PERFECT sense given that the current crypto market is HIGHLY irrational and fueled by weapon's grade GET RICH QUICK speculative hype instead of rational technical considerations.

The fact that DOGE, a literal meme coin, is outperforming XMR tells you everything you need to know about the casino mentality we're currently dealing with.

>> No.29331612

yes something IS wrong
accumulate more
this isn't a moon mission, it's a slow ticket to mars
XMR is being suppressed

>> No.29331620

Lol please off yourself

>> No.29331728

I'm not shilling the coin, I'm actually hoping it falls because I don't own any yet. I believe it's going to fall back down to where it was in January and December.
My advice is to wait, but buy immediately when it looks like the price has stabilized.

>> No.29331757

Most alts are gonna crash into oblivion and you’re gonna come back like
>”b-biz, why did my pancake token crash 95%. You said it was gonna moon”

>> No.29331802

>stop blaming us we just have no explanations left
So then youd agree that stacking XMR is dumb when literally everything else is shooting through the roof?
>Fundamentals dont matter, so buy on fundamentals
People keep saying this with ZERO proof

>> No.29331847

How big’s your stack, big boy?

>> No.29331908

Nearly 480.
>1 post by this ID
Cant wait to see where this goes

>> No.29331965

Fundamentals raise the floor
Hype raises the ceiling

>> No.29332086

based and demoralization nigger pilled

>> No.29332144

>thinking anyone owes you an explanation

>> No.29332196

>I I I don't owe you an explanation
No, you don't. You simply just don't have one.

>> No.29332255
File: 1.44 MB, 720x960, XMRchiefcommanda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29332298

great time to switch to linux, though. trust me when i say that a bloat-free os will feel like an upgrade on its own

>> No.29332304


>> No.29332323

>So then youd agree that stacking XMR is dumb when literally everything else is shooting through the roof?
buy high, sell low
catching is falling knife is dump
trying to hop onto a rocket after it has taken of is dump

Go ahead, sell your stack, make quick gains, buy back xmr. It's not that hard when literally everthing else is shooting through the roof.

>> No.29332361

The problem with XMR is simple. No or extremely shit marketing. And devs and xmrautists keep spouting BS it does not matter.

Even Apple "that acts professional" has shittons of marketing. XMR needs marketing , but people just don't want to admit or are downright hostile towards it (see the Tesla thing).

At this pace it WILL move down to top 30, 40, ... until people realize you need marketing AND fundamentals.

>> No.29332403

You're arguing that Monero is a bad coin because of it's lack of gains. But you're forgetting about the other factor in investing, which is risk. I'm near 100% certain Monero will go up long term, but the coins you're talking about are built on hype and could fall any moment

>> No.29332411

>revealing your unknown amount

>> No.29332481


XMR keeps a stable price because, unlike shitcoins and BTC, it’s pegged to the price of a basket of commodities (illegal wares). Then throw in that black market sellers need to constantly cashout their XMR to buy more wares to replenish stocks and it keeps the price within a strict channel. Accumulate XMR in bullruns to convert fiat to crypto, then during bear markets convert XMR to BTC.

>> No.29332511

When normies finally say "well what can I buy with these crypto coins" and realize the only real option is drugs from the dark net, then monero has its advertisement done for it.

>> No.29332569

I agree with that, you do need marketing. Could there be a reason that we don't want to rush it? I think people were mad at the Tesla because it also read like a demand / threat.

>> No.29332638

This is the single best and most solid explanation in this thread.
>You're arguing that Monero is a bad coin because of it's lack of gains.
I've never argued Monero is a bad coin, you turbonigger retard. In fact, I believe so much in XMR being one of, if not the BEST coin, that the dogshit pricing we have seen for YEARS now is what pisses me off about the absurd copium in these threads.
your shit memes dont help the price wiping BTC's ass.

>> No.29332780

Can I buy anything not drug related? I like the idea of anonymity. Can I buy Precious metals(most online PM sellers take BTC/ETH), or anything at all because the only thing people talk about are things that I dont care for and that sucks because I love the technology but its pointless if there are no use cases for me.

>> No.29332794


>> No.29332811

That is the thing. If XMR becomes so obscure that they cannot even find it will end up like Tor. Nobody knows, nobody cares and it is "the spooky dark coin". And it is well on its way to becoming obscure. We are not a major altcoin anymore, place 23. Let that sink in for a moment.

XMR is going completely down the toilet because of God awful marketing.

>> No.29332830

I doubt anyone here is all in monero. Hopefully wouldnt be too far off the mark in saying that most anons put what they arent trading into monero, like a stash of secured gains. So your arguments are kinda pointless.
You really want to pay 30% CGT on all the uniswap trades youve been doing? You want to try log that shit? Gains into monero, you forget about it.

>> No.29332931

>I believe so much in XMR being one of, if not the BEST coin, that the dogshit pricing we have seen for YEARS now is what pisses me off about the absurd copium in these threads.
You believe in Monero so much, that the low price isn't a buying opportunity.
neck yourself demoralization nigger.

>> No.29332969

Mate people cant go anywhere outside. Dark net sales are larger than theyve ever been. More and more marketplaces and vendors are dealing with monero only.
That IS the advertisement.

>> No.29333037

If they only take btc, eth, or ltc then just swap into one of those. Source of funds remains a black box.

>> No.29333052

you didn't reply to >>29332323, how come?

>your shit memes dont help the price wiping BTC's ass.
I'm making better gains than I have ever before with any other investment. There are always investments that would have been better. XMR still delivers better return than almost any stock and it was certainly better than holding cash for many months.
If you're mad about the price, and your views about monero have changed, you should rebalance your portfolio.

>> No.29333192

perfect description. bravo

>> No.29333196


download xmrig latest version. open the config file. input your wallet address, the pool you will be mining with and that should be all. run as admin or sudo if you're using linux. that's it niggas you're now miner chads

>> No.29333254

Yes! Buy PM here: https://veldtgold.com/
Also check this out: https://www.getmonero.org/community/merchants/

>> No.29333273

>>>29332638 (You)
you didn't reply to >>29332323, how come?

Because I am heavily considering it, you gigantic ultrafaggot. Like others have pointed out, a lot of people in the XMR sphere seem intent on excusing away their slide into irrelevance. "Just wait a decade, we'll catch up" is not valid information.

>> No.29333284

mine eth and sell it for xmr while eth is high and xmr is low

>> No.29333305
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>it was 17 yesterday
Even if it doesn't see mainstream adoption, it's still quickly becoming the darknet standard. Need I remind you of the last coin that held that title?

>> No.29333308

im a native speaker and it while it lacks flow and smoothness, it seems okay from a grammar perspective

>> No.29333334


New thread

>> No.29333400


>> No.29333423

check out: https://www.getmonero.org/community/merchants/
This merchants sells gold and silver in the US: https://veldtgold.com/

Otherwise privacy realted things like VPN, email, domains and hosting are good use cases for monero.

>> No.29333445

increase in difficulty

>> No.29333453

Buying without KYC or KYCoins is a huge pita

>> No.29333565

i hate how the gui loads the daemon in the dark. you should have to load it urself, then the gui, like how the cli works.

>> No.29333865

marketing xmr would be suicide for it

>> No.29334299

lmao based, checked and orange colored

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