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Chainlink is getting absolutely destroyed.

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Not selling

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Not selling

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it's still at $33 mate
chainlink is a scam created by a fatass larping as an autist and dumping $10 MILLIONS DOLLARS worth every week to buy himself more lambos and properties, and you think a -1% dump when every other alt is also dumping -3% is worth celebrating
there won't be any reason to rejoice until this shit craters back to cents. and even then, fatoshi will have escaped with literally hundreds of millions. all for wearing the same greasy shirt and hiring some shills on 4chan
it's a fucking disgrace to both the entire crypto space and this place, is what it is

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$33 stablecoin

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i still love this chainlink meme
haven't been here since 2017 when bitcoin almost hit 20k, ah
if i only bought this shitcoin back then

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Seriously fuck off. Everyone knows its one faggot posting all these LINK threads, because you sold at $11 at New Years, and are ass mad.

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Linkies are stinky so no one wants them in their wallet

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Pretty useless FUD. Offers up nothing we didn't already know.

It's still 20% ahead of the #11 market cap. Literally nothing has changed. It's all smoke and mirrors and when #11 has a cap of 20B, LINK will have a cap of 22-23B and we'll be up through nothing more than a drag net effect. It's mediocre as fuck, but no different than it's been for months.

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Why do people still hold this shitcoin when it has what might be the ugliest satoshi chart? Just hold BTC retards stop funding sergey’s centralized retirement fund.

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i know this is you xrp schizos. you made the wrong call, and for that you have to suffer. It's not my fault you're retarded.

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not selling

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Bought at $0.40, sold last week. I am all in IOTA now

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So is everything else

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>haven't owned a lot of LINK lately
>keep seeing link demoralization threads
>finally check the price
>load up CB app
>this shiit is 32 minimum, maybe 30 i guess?
>shit, if it's below 29 that would be disgusting
>see price
Oh fuck you guys I thought there was a nice dip.
>33 dollars and change

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LINK is going on sale? Thanks, I'll pick up another hundred or so

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glad I sold earlier for bnt, link has been such a disappointment since august

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You get it. Slow and steady

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Literally what i just went into as well, feels like a massive ponzi but it's actually refreshing to be looking at a different token for once.

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Burger bellys dumping again i see

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>$33 is FUD

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digits of truth

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>it's still at $33 mate
wtf, wasn't it $35 half a fucking hour ago?
Holy fucking shit what a fucking shitcoin.

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Simple.... bleeding sat. Your better off holding bitcorn

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>Your better off holding bitcorn
You're better off holding hundreds of coins that are outperforming bitcorn.
The fuck kinda logic is this?

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Got in around 40 cents, made 6 figures, got out
What the fuck have you guys been doing

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