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Hello fellow gentlemen.
In an effort to not become a seething bag holder of the DOGE coin, I am looking for advice for a coin to invest in, I have 13k in quantity and nothing of a useless sort of coin will do. I am currently looking at Algorand or XRP as of now but would appreciate the advice of fellow geniuses.
Thank and good night.

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someone answer plz

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I'm balls deep in vesper and parsiq, both are good projects with good long term potential

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If you want to buy algo be patient and wait for the February semi-yearly dump from the dev team. Ripple is not a good asset. Consider diversification into blue chips if you don't know what you are doing.

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ALGO and XRP. Try to get to 1k ALGO at min for stacking. XRP is long hold, because of the ODL patent it will be used, only a matter of time. 1k XRP is considered suicide stack 2.5-5k to make it based off lifestyle.

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your trips would indicate that ALGO is a good choice.

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First don't buy xrp whatever you end up doing.
like this anon said >>29354066 parsiq is a good coin with some room left to grow.
One low cap that I really like is Opendao.
It has a ton of partnerships ready to be announced in the next couple of weeks but it has a significant token unlock on friday.
I would wait until then to buy.

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Was thinking this. Thank you for keeping up with the old 4chan ways. Surprised no one else saw the trips

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>First don't buy xrp whatever you end up doing.

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Algo just don’t be a pussy bitch if it drops another 10%

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You’re either fudding or retarded if you’re considering swapping your Doge for XRP

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I could just buy some XRP but I didn’t know if DOGE was dead or not desu

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But ETH and hodl
Easy 10x in one year

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Florin. Guaranteed 10x.

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>picks the day when it’s having the most price action it’s had in days
>picks the day when elon is about to reveal what he plans to do with doge
>plans to swap it for XRP
natural selection at work. i would be shocked if you dont stink of curry and poo irl

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Checked... yeah I didn’t know ol Muskie was doing something today. Still hodling

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