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I feel really good... You bought the dip right anon?

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Is that cake token???

Anon get in for $MCM now before its too late.

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That's BakerySwap token, the second largest DEX on BSC, DYOR and you will understand why this is a really good buy, Deflationary, low MCap, you're still early anons

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Feeling comfy as fuck!! This coin didn’t gave a single fuck about bitcoin going down today.

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for real. the real pants-shitting fear was when it dropped from like $2.20 down to $1 in a flash on Friday or Thursday last week I want to say. this was nothing in comparison.

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Yeah all the weak hand sold during that moment, only strong hand remains. We’re gonna make it, next stop 10$

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it has been pumped from bnb to bake as fuck, any thought about bake/bnb dip? i wanna switch

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It literally follows everything BNB does, I think we're fine.

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Actually it’s doing BETTER than bnb

BAKE and BURGER bros, we’re gonna make it

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Yes indeed, it outperforms BNB

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Evening fellow gentlebakers,
Excuse that minor hiccup, we have resumed the upward trajectory once again and will carry on doing so for the next week.
Please take a seat, get comfy and enjoy the gains.

Also fuck niggers

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how to maximize my BAKE bread farming?

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>buy this indian ponzi scam fellow anon
Fuck off

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You don't deserve gains you fucking donut

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Feeling extremely comfy with BNB, BURGER, BAKE, and CAKE right now. They’re outperforming what I would expect given the market conditions.

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I am finally a happy man.. thank you BAKE

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there we go again.. . .

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As long as we’re above 2 we’re good

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While waiting for BAKE to recover, which it definitely will, get some quick gains in shitcoins
It just started today and anons are finding out and making gains while it's early.

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How are you comfy? BNB is not supposed to shit the bed with BTC and ETH shit the bed. All of Binance’s “Brand” coins shat the bed watching BTC shit the bed.
Just goes to tell me that everything is shit except BTC as it rules over every other shitcoin

t. bnb, bake, xvs baghodler

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quick rundown?

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Check'd and fuck no'd

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Exchange bnb for pokemon. Pokemon generates eggs per hour. Cash in eggs for bnb. If you are early, you make more money and it's only a few hours old. There's another one but it's already weeks old so no money there.
Easy money though.

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Anyone remember the guy that FOMO bought ath last week and sold at a 500$ loss in a couple of hours?

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Lmao yes and he went around in every thread blaming BNB for ripping him off
Fucking idiot I wonder if he ROPEd yet

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Sounds horrible so no thanks but I hope it makes you gains

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Cope more ethfag

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Yea, well, if everything dumps to the ground he'll be the one having the last laugh

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lol well there has to be dumb money to fund our pockets

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dude i sold at a 12.5k loss and made it back in two pumps, this is the first time i swing my entire portfolio

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The guy who was saying bake was a scam because he couldn’t into understanding how exchanges work?

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kek he probably bought right back into one of the pokemon coins in a desperate attempt to recover his money and got rugpulled

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Except BNB hasn’t been shitting the bed as hard as the others are. A couple days ago, ETH was breaking 2k while BNB was around 240-250. Yesterday, ETH was low 1900s while BNB was breaking 300. Today, the entire market is down with ETH at 1720 and BNB at 258. We’re outperforming the rest of the market in comparison, imo.

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I wish he would post in this thread so that you two could get together and exchange info so you could meet up and fuck each other’s little retarded buttholes - that would be quite the happy ending

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nah, that was another one

this was someone who swapped his "linkies" for BAKE but after literally 5 mins swapped them back at a 500$ loss complaining to have been scammed

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Kek it's you

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Sounds like a really cool scam pajeet - thanks for bringing us up to speed

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Lol tards as if I'd sell before 5$

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Finna moon again in 5..4..3..2...

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you're dumb, sell it until you lose all of your parent's money

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Lmao, I don’t use the term ‘retarded’ sincerely very often, but I think they should do minimal background checks to make sure people like that with room temperature iq don’t lose all of their money when they can’t help it

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Lol yeah I wonder too, he's been quiet. I feel like he's this guy though>>29394041

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Back to crabbing barely below $2 we go.

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I bought @ 1.9998

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BNB $190 EOD

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>eth 1720
whats going on

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1686. We’re still outperforming ETH at 251. Especially considering we hit 240 or maybe lower when ETH was over 2,000.

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