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This fucking guy said Ethereum would have staking AND scaling by 2016. What the fuck went wrong???

Developers are now leaving Ethereum.


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I remember posting here several months ago that the smartest ETH devs left for BitCoin... seems like the not so smart devs are starting to leave now.

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Also... don't worry, your thread will not pick-up because it isn't about price... and you know, no price - no gud.
Really should make you think.

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They're moving to Hashgraph

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True. Crypto is shilled mostly by Chinese and Russian bots.

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Here is a price for EOY for Ethereum. ETH will fall down to $500 somewhere mid summer and then it will slowly die out because better project will be released.

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Literally every project that isn't Bitcoin or Doge is Eth based though, so how the fuck do you get around that?

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This. Gas will kill it. And shit like frontrunning bots.

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Tell me that is photoshopped.

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OP, This is an absolute nothing burger you FUDing faggot.

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and then you hear from those ETH guys say something about Cardano. lol ETH is shit

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Have you guys noticed how BNB remains stable but ETH keeps going down? When ETH was over 2k a couple days ago BNB was around 250ish, then when ETH went down yesterday BNB was breaking 300. Now everything’s down, ETH is at 1750ish but BNB is at 265. Really makes you think.

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Hashgraph looks really scammy to me. They are just PR and empty promises. Nothing factual.

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Well, Fortune 500’s have looked under the hood and are running nodes. Those are facts. How you feel about it is up to you.

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I read alot about hedera. Still looks like larp!

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