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How can one survive the upcoming hyperinflation.

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There's nothing coming

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>40% of entire US currency supply was printed last year
yes it is

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wtf do I do?
split my cash between PM/commodities?

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and it went directly to the richest americans.
you think they just spend it? hell no
poor people still poor

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You can't do shit to prepare for hyperinflation. Some say buy assets but you have to sell assets in order to buy shit. If true hyperinflation is happening selling is the last thing you want to do.

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I require sauce

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Wake me up when the inflation hits. I'm not a fucking burger so I don't care

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All the consumer goods that are not produced in your country will increase in price, so say hello to 3k entry level graphic cards.

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And yet, pretty much nothing happened in term of inflation in the real economy.
It's almost like we're in a fucking pandemic and the real market is in a crisis.

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>what is China
I don't care about your computer autism

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have you looked at asset prices lately? how can you say "nothing happened"?

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US dollar is a world reserve currency. Most countries hold US treasuries. Guess what happens to your shithole when Burgerstan hyperinflates?

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The stock market and the housing market is not representative of the real market. Whenever the bubble pop, you're not gonna think about inflation, lmao

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Hyperinflation is about consumer goods. Nothing happens until your grocery store prices start to double

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He looks at the price of eggs to judge inflation like a good little goy. Ignoring big ticket items (education, healthcare, real estate, other assets)

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Move to another country. Should lessen your exposure.

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Ok and? Economics is much more complicated than that.

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Inflation is literally the expansion of the money supply. Prices rising are symptoms of inflation.

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who is that person?

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What do you mean upcoming? It's already here. You can't buy a home or get a loving wife unless you're in the top 20%. Your race was diluted and destroyed. You're already living in the ruins.

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Inflation went into stocks, commodities, real estate and crypto. Consumer goods like foods, electricity and water isn't rising and probably will never rise. To quote /pol/: "Nothing ever happens."

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>US Treasury printing like crazy
>ECB printing like crazy
>Retards think inflation won't spike

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Unironically doge

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What do you think will happen when the stock market bubble and the housing bubble pop? You really think that it'a gonna be transfered to an increase in inflation?
Yes, things are gonna be shitty in the near-future but certainly not in term of inflation.

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are you excited to consume goods produced in china? especially goods for export.

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You really think everyone depends on cheap dollar, right?

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Invest in Steel

Look at CLF chart 09-14

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We already consume, look around you

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james charles

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inflation wont spike

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Silver and silver stocks. Crypto goes to zero when COMEX defaults.

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More likely, inflation rise a bit and the fed increase the federal funds rate, which crash the multiple bubbles that we're saying right now.
No hyperinflation here.

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>us yields going up while inflation and rates still down
>bitcoin dumps 20%
>gold and silver up 1%

Face it, internet money had its run and now its over. Congrats to everyone who played it. But if you don't convert your cryptocurrency into real money like gold, you're going to be in for a lot of pain when reality destroys the fantasy that is Bitcoin.

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>james charles

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Well bitcoins are worth quiet a lot in venezuela but thats probably cause you can trade them for dollars.

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Peter Schiff, is that you?

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Lots of ammo, a couple of good guns, and lots of non perishable foods and water.

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Only poor fags hold cash you retarded nigger. Rich buy assets

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Inflation wont happen because normies are overleveraged on debt right now. Every retard and their mom is refinancing their homes, buying crypto, stocks, etc. Debt is a tool for enslavement, bankers won't just let normies own a bunch of assets for no work.

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Not stocks, PHYSICAL gold/silver

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That bitch is on drugs

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So what? When people talk about hyperinflation, they don't talk about stock market prices or silver prices, not even housing prices. They talk about everyday purchases, consumer goods. Look at how people bring up Venezuela or Weimar Germany as comparisons, it's about the food, the gas, the fucking toothpaste.
Until grocery store prices rise, I don't care.

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took me 1 minute to find the name

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lel are u an idiot?
wat a’fuck ur talking about here?
I am not a tard who goes for trashtokens that they shill here
longing for bot ocean private sale and their launch
want to trade with top bot like a pro

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>Inflation wont happen
Already has (money supply increased)

>Normies have a lot more money
Seems like a recipe for something, no?

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Miners have counterparty risk but offer leveraged returns. The average silver penny stock went up 150x when silver doubled.

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The Bank of Canada has already declared it's not going to adjust fiscal policy (printing) until 2023.

And Yellen just said:

>Well, I think the market for Treasuries is very robust. The Fed will buy whatever they think is appropriate from the standpoint of monetary policy. But, there is a robust global market for U.S, U.S. Treasuries. And, you know, we expect to, we don’t see any pressure in terms of being able to finance the deficit and I expect that to continue.

The nuspeak term for this is "forward guidance" or "telling the markets what you are going to do ahead of time." The central banks aren't going to pop this. The market would have to overpower their manipulations.

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Gold is cheaper now than it was 10 years ago. Nice hodl you got there bro

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Finally, someone sane in this fucking thread.

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Nope. All of those assets are just increasing on the premise that there will be inflation. All speculation. They don't actually have money they just hold a lot of IOUs and worthless junk. They will get rugpulled if they keep sleeping in bed with the bankers and their schemes

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All these retards saying stupid shit.
Wanna survive a possible hyper inflation? Buy 3-5 years worth of non perishable food, good food, water tanks, water purification methods, and common use stuff (toilet paper, medicine, personal higiene, condoms, entertainment, some technology and batteries) all enough for 5 years. If you own property, keep it hidden. If you don't, don't keep it with yourself. Rent a cheap storage unit and keep it there, well sealed.

You'd probably spend 10.000 usd, more or less. If hyperinflation happens you will have a back up of food and any necessities until the world economy is fixed. That shit you bought would be worth at least 200k or even worth, and you can focus your money on more basic survival. Venezuela had this.

Having a passport ready and backup citizenship is another good thing to jump ship fast before borders are closed.

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>retard excusing and brushing off a clearly incapable government printing out fuck ton of money like it means absolutely nothing

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what you forget to mention is the accompanying destruction of capital due to the coof
how much money on paper at least did you think went up in flames last year, hotels, restaurants, culture, airplanes, offices, stores and all the real estate value and rehypothecated value on that real estate
without the cash injection the whole system would tip over
as of now there are no conditions in place for hyperinflation, none of the printed money is finding its way into the average plebs hands so everything for daily life is staying flat, this being wages, basic staples, basic entertainment options and rents
there is however a lot of hot money being directed to investors hands so expect to see a lot of bubbles in a lot of assets but almost none of it will trickle down to the average joe on the street

that is of course not to say any of this is good news, the system really is crashing and we are going to see a massive bifurcation of society in at least three castes: people (being elite and below them high tech workers) and cattle
hyperinflation was a solution of more primitive societies where money was physical and most businesses were either self owned or very small, in most countries that experienced hyperinflation a significant percentage of the people were living as just above subsistence farming
in todays world with digital money (not crypto yet i mean credit cards and internet bankaccounts) and megacorps with 1000's of employees making all the basic stuff you cannot get hyperinflation, topdown control is much more present and stuff will get rationed or simply be not available but none of that will results in runaway monetary velocity
for an example see most of post war soviet union
with todays mega farm

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You know what came before all those events you just named? Rapid expansion of the money supply (inflation)

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am I missing something?
Literally just don't own fiat.
am I wrong?

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Sometimes I dream of living in a minecraft place of my own.

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Don't worry goys, the FED is making sure we don't go above 2% inflation every year!

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Yeah wake me up when consumer goods prices go to the roof

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Invade another country. Should lessen the US's exposure as long as they got the oil

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You have no idea what an asset is do you?

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Why? What are you going to do once you are awake? You are already fucked because "muh I'll wait until shit hits the fan"

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which is why the market is up

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a big mac combo meal is nearly $10 in most places.

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Do you have guns and canned food stored in your basement in case of social collapse?

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Invest in real estate. Most contracts are adjusted to inflation/CPI

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Pulled straight from the definition: assets represent value of ownership that can be converted into cash.

The problem, if you are in a hyperinflation scenario every minute that passes after you convert to cash it is devaluing.

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highlighted are all the parts I bothered to read of your mega post

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what is she doing?

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BTC, Alts and gold

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We get it, you’re bored and wanting something to happen. None of your fallout new Vegas fantasies will happen though.

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todays zoomers and their attention span
have fun in the world its made just for you

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Inflation went into stocks, commodities, real estate and crypto. Consumer goods like foods, electricity and water isn't rising and probably will never rise. To quote /pol/: "Nothing ever happens."

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Those meth eyes

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Yes, its called a fucking signal. Its not hard to understand. Do you think they really gonna keep that signal if inflation rise at 3%, the upper side of the inflation fork for BOC?
Same shit for the fed.
The rise of the director's rate is gonna pop those bubbles, its gonna be a krash but in no way we're gonna get hyper-inflation.

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You're actually retarded.

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I never had a woman look at me like this

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It's hard for hyperinflation to hit the USD because the rest of the world has a demand for USD (as smaller countries are also printing like crazy and want to shelter somewhere, and the easiest thing to buy is USD).

Also, the USD has been under target for inflation for the last decade or so, so there's not really any reason why a higher inflation rate for a while wouldn't be healthier than keeping this deflationary economy.

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she's probably on mdma

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By organizing with like minded men in Patriot Front. Investing in people is more effective than investing in guns and gold.

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You most likely won't.
You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy.

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cattle arent just gonna take that, conditions were/are already on the precipice. The UBI concessions are gonna be peanuts compared to the profits the top class is making, but its gonna be far from 'cattle'. I actually think it will be a golden age.

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Buy a cow, dig a pond and stock it, raise chickens, wear a ski mask and steal your neighbors possessions at gunpoint, grow a garden and learn to make preserves.

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Lol, you can start by looking up what a liquidity trap is.

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Find a way to avoid taxes as chances are they want to tey monetary money theory shit. Where they think they can print as much as needed as long as they tax the everlivig shit out of people. Basicly makig everyone a serf

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>deflationary economy
Economy is deflationary but we don't see any deflation. If deflation was really possible with current printing we would have seen in by now.
Once economy stops being deflationary it's game over. No central bank will stop printing press. Too many countries print run trade and budget deficit. They need to print to pay back loans.
Hyperinflation is only matter of time. Get ready. Buy tangible assets.

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There won't be any collapse.
The noose only tightens over time.

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Basically this is the roadmap

>CBDC releases
>everyone gets free monthly airdrops
>the catch is that you have to spend ALL of it by the end of the month.
>whatever isn't spent gets deducted from your next airdrop
You will own NOTHING and be HAPPY
You will eat much less meat
You will rent anything you like
Families and monogomy will become as rare as polyamory is today.

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youre going to have to dyor
normies are ngmi

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Look up stories from Venezuela, for hyperinflation you want stocks of basic and durable goods and physical metals.

Will we have hyperinflation of consumer goods? Not likely.
Venezuela was an importer economy. Sell oil, import basic stuff.

The US is largely self sufficient on basic stuff, except some imports from china.
China runs on the USD anywy, so it'll match USD prices for their exports anyway.
So you won't get hyperinflation on basic goods.

What the Fed is working towards is a split between wages and property (land, houses, stocks,...).
You won't get to buy those on a regular wage in ten years. You can argue you cannot buy them already on a median wage.
To hedge against that you want to buy property now and ride the prices.

>> No.29402016

yeah but they also accept crypto though

>> No.29402068

I'm invested big time in graphics cards companies like PC Partner. Already +100% profit. Let's go on with this

>> No.29402188

A rifle, ammunition, canned food, water filters, a knife

>> No.29402307

i think thats arguing over semantics, after the lockdowns people will cheer only the be able to walk about unmolested
and yes ubi is coming in the west and it will pay pretty well about a normie tier job nowadays, most people will be quite happy about it
i meant the cattle part as in they have no future or no agency in life, just living as consumer cattle with no grander dreams forever stuck
as of the current conditions i would even bet most normies would sign up willingly by this point

>> No.29402412

Look at Japan bro, no matter how hard they try to print money and aren't able to get their currency to stop being deflationary. Real estate is fucking worthless, unless you're in the literal center of Tokyo you're gonna lose money on property, they treat it like cars and change homes every 10 years. Wealth inequality rises, because all it takes to make money is holding. People would rather stay at home and save money than to spend it elsewhere, so the whole economy is just in a constant depressed state.

America is having some similar issues because the USD has been 0-1% every year, the FED tries to target 2% but has failed most years in the last 20 years. This leads to depressed wages, a low number of jobs and increased deficit spending because rich people would rather just keep their money in their bank accounts (or luxury goods that keep their value like real estate) instead of spending their money on things that generate jobs so that they don't lose as much value due to inflation.

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Yes. I hedge my bets in all markets.

>> No.29402546

You're comparing a rate of inflation of 3% at worst to 6500% you retard, printing some money doesn't immediately make you vuvuzela

>> No.29402637

Reminder that you should be buying water

>> No.29402665

the thing is whats keeping us inflation in check are the dollars abroad.
If foreigners stopped using dollars who knows what would happen.

>> No.29402854

Even then it would be far from the mad max irl scenario that all these /pol/ retards are hoping for.

>> No.29402901

why do you think they can print seemingly infinite money? most of it is just going into stocks and inflating them, but this does not make your personal buying power of everyday necessities that much weaker. actual hyperinflation is not happening any time soon but the rich will keep getting richer, thats about it

>> No.29402992

>i meant the cattle part as in they have no future or no agency in life, just living as consumer cattle with no grander dreams forever stuck
>as of the current conditions i would even bet most normies would sign up willingly by this point

And how is that different than the past 80 years?

Same as it always was, there will be a small percentage of people who define their lifestyle and identity on things other than what they are told. And that percentage will grow larger with UBI.

>> No.29403099

>shitty nig neighborhood two room apartments costing 400k is okay
The housing price hyperinflation will eventually lead to either corporate-style feudalism or a violent uprising.

>> No.29403295

Is this why Sergey dumps?

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holy long titties batman

>> No.29403420

Its a bubble. The bubble is gonna pop like every bubbles before it.
Doesnt mean there's hyperinflation in the real economy.

>> No.29403667

How the fuck is massive demand for housing a 'bubble'? Mass immigration is going in the opposite direction dumb-ass. And housing regulations stifle and building projects.

>> No.29403738

Name 3 countries who primarily use Dollars

And don't say China because they're fucking dumping

>> No.29403816

Can't trade it on webull so I don't care

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I find this woman more attractive with her clothes on than off.

>> No.29403880

El Salvador, Panama, Puerto Rico

>> No.29403931

Good post, anon. Everyone pictures some extreme Zimbabwe/Weimar situation that I don't believe will occur either. What were seeing is the continual and controlled transfer of wealth and assets into the elite class.

>> No.29404003

Good luck friend
I hope these literal 80 iq countries can keep propping up the """"dollar""""

>> No.29404017

I live in Costa Rica and our prices are half in the local currency and half in Dollars. This is replicated all over Latin America (I have personally seen it in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, etc), due to a mistrust in the local currency because of short runs of hyperinflation in the local currency in the past.

This also happens all over the Caribbean, South East Asia and probably the rest of the third world.

>> No.29404065

>And how is that different than the past 80 years?
the past 70 years were a golden period to build wealth from nothing anon
every market was booming from the 60's onwards
every boomer could try and open his own business and even succeed with a little intelligence
to who you were born did not matter there were little barriers to entry if you could gather the startup capital
this will all be a thing of the best its back to hereditary laws, no opening anything if you aren't an accredited investor type of stuff
to give an example how many people went from dirt poor peasant tier parents to medium made it tier by opening their own car dealerships in the post war period in the west, now how many people did something like that in russia were there was no free enterprise

>> No.29404104

Aside from south america everyone bases their secondary price on the Euro, not the dollar

>> No.29404263

I have literally never seen prices in Euros outside of the EU, that might be the case in western europe I guess, but I doubt that's going to be the case in Asia, as the US's influence is strong.

>> No.29404412

>it's just a bubble goy
>also don't worry about 30 years of stagnant real-income in face of steady "low" inflation
There is no bubble, it's simply massive amounts of money which have flooded the market raising asset prices to unobtainable heights while income has steadily declined. Combine that with mass immigration from nig nog central and an incoming massive population explosion from that useless shithole continent and we'll see some massive uprisings unless this world is going full on brave new world.

>> No.29404434

>The US's influence is strong in Asia
Listen Burger-man, I know that your tap water is filled with hallucinogens and estrogen, but you can't keep living in fantasy land forever.

>> No.29404464

>trade surplus
>no gibs
>monoethnic society
>insane work hours
>almost no consoomers
>no immigration
Yea it's just like West. West has no manufacturing base and US biggest export are dollars and treasuries. And Japan never printed like US does.
>believing official inflation rate
They are changing CPI basket just to pretend we don't have inflation.
And with low oil price everything is cheaper. If oil rises to previous highs inflation kicks in.
>America is having some similar issues because the USD has been 0-1% every year, the FED tries to target 2% but has failed most years in the last 20 years. This leads to depressed wages, a low number of jobs and increased deficit spending because rich people would rather just keep their money in their bank accounts (or luxury goods that keep their value like real estate) instead of spending their money on things that generate jobs so that they don't lose as much value due to inflation
This is your brain on Keynesian economics.
Rich people don't hold cash only retarded boomers do.

>> No.29404541


>> No.29404590

>every boomer could try and open his own business and even succeed with a little intelligence

I think you're even giving them too much credit here. My brother-in-law's father owns an auto shop that he opened in the 80's. He is one of the most socially inept, business incompetent people I've ever seen. Not a single cent has ever been re-invested into the shop, it is a wasteland of old cars, not a single thing is modernized.

He's a multimillionaire and has been offered seven-figure buyouts from large repair shop chains several times. Some people just fucking stumble into success.

>> No.29404676

Good luck leaving the country with this covid bullshit. Even if they let you they are gonna make you take the sterilizing vaccine that also has a chance of killing you.

>> No.29404764

I done know which one is more realistic
>total collapse like venezuela
>no collapse, just a drastic price increase over a short period

>> No.29404827

>Take wood
>Build Raft
>Swim to Europe like a Refugee

>> No.29404871

if i ignore how the world works then my uneducated opinion would also be that it's not okay, but this has been the system for a long time now, 2 decades and the economy needs to keep this going to not collapse and trust me we are not even close to the verge of a true collapse, we're likely even to see a decent correction in some assets like stocks and crypto soon

>> No.29404966

literal nothingburger

>but muh dr. burry said so

>> No.29404969

Total collapse and race war is more realistic

>> No.29404978

What does true collapse look like?
Because this summer we had niggers looting and burning the majority of all major cities

>> No.29405023

Buy BTC and move to China.

>> No.29405043

>the economy needs this
>trust me
Suck my uncut dick kike.

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>> No.29405060

>if you could gather the startup capital
which few people actually did because they were too engrossed in their consumer lifestyles. My boomer parents literally didn't have a dollar saved outside of what they inherited when their parents died (which they are now blowing in their retirement). Yes it was a golden period of wealth accumulation, you literally just had to buy cheap land and hold, but that is the furthest thing from a meritocracy, profiting off a shell game and leaving your kids with the bags.

The golden age will appear in other aspects of life. Not everyone identifies themselves by wealth alone. Culture has been stagnating for a long time. The opportunity for personal development when you have food and housing being taken care of is unlimited.

>> No.29405073

>get to Europe
>get beheaded for being white

>> No.29405138

They spend it on property so hyperinflation on the most important asset and purchase for a young family.

>> No.29405172

Shoot one up with meth

>> No.29405220

keep thinking that, niggerghoul goycattle deblsave.

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>> No.29405296

Imagine for a second if the powers that be just reset the debt to zero and said we are gonna just start over. How would this affect the world? Debt is meaningless because fiat money is meaningless.

>> No.29405478

>reset debt
Cool it with the anti-semitism, pal.

>> No.29405508

It's the definition of a fucking bubble, a irrational increase of demand because people think it will increase massively in the future, even tho there was no real increase in real value.
What was the increase of value with the covid in the housing and the stock market?
Pretty much none, except some people wanting to leave the city because of telework. The increase of that demand is truly not representative of the rise in price that we're seeing right now. Same thing in the stock market.

>> No.29405521

>What the Fed is working towards is a split between wages and property

>> No.29405531

>China, Japan, Russia own trillions in US bonds
>US: "alright we're just gonna reset because retarded"
>Countries just take it
You could kiss any superpower status good bye if that were to happen and probably China would annex Guam for shits and giggles as retribution
You don't just steal trillions like that from other countries and not expect blowback

>> No.29405560

Yup, people thing we are crashing meanwhile the DOW is less than half a percent from new all time highs.

In clown market up only half a percent per day = bear market cause of the 3% daily inflation.

>> No.29405625

cant even imagine what angry mobs would do but people would have to lose hope in the fiat system for the house of cards this economy is built on to collapse

just educate yourself and you will be a lot less angry about everything once you understand it, nobody is sayin the system is perfect but it is just the way that the world works now

the great depression vol 2

>> No.29405691

And then the banks buy assets and debt in the form of loans to third parties who buy assets. Asset inflation is real dumb dumb. Asset inflation isreal. Asset inflation Israel.

>> No.29405891

invest in kneepads

>> No.29405895

Europe is hellish right now, complete police state, the NWO is almost fully implemented here, America at least has 2A as a hedge against that, they'll have to roll out slower there.

>> No.29405908
File: 476 KB, 786x719, 1613935441587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically don't understand why other countries aren't dumping

Makes me believe in the one world government

It's like I bought a pajeet shitcoin and based everything I had on that scam and than did nothing for the next 50 years to diversify and instead just kept buying the shitcoin in the hopes that it makes me a profit

>> No.29405943
File: 111 KB, 1020x544, safety.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

High velocity explosive magazines, bunkers, and ARPA.

And sword.

>> No.29406031

I only need to get to europe so I can get to my Dacha in Russia

Russian government can't police anything, My grandmama survived hyperinflation after the collapse of the soviet union, and the only reason she could was because of the farm land

>> No.29406106

>It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” ― Henry Ford

Guess what the internet is doing?

>> No.29406107

Yeah you can

>> No.29406133

Cantillon effect. Money enters assets first and consumer goods second.

>> No.29406230

Grocery store prices are already up 10%.

>> No.29406255


>> No.29406262

more power to you then, sounds like a good plan. PM of Sweden said no entry to any cultural site without digital Vaccine passport by June, same being mooted here in UK, Israel already implemented the sytstem for supermarket entry etc, I think early summer will be the last ever window of opportunity to fly (or enter a restaurant in the West ) unvaccinated. Closed by mid summer.

>> No.29406289

My new low level cash cow is Data (DTA) , buying and selling for weeks. nets me about 500 dollar a week if you look for dips

>> No.29406304

Would hyperinflation just increase American jobs, because labor would end up being cheaper here and have more American products since other countries products would be too expensive?

>> No.29406317

China will dump eventually

As for the reason why it's mainly leverage

USA needs to put money somewhere. China says "we'll buy" and meanwhile USA can't say shit to China. USA:s strategy is to inflate the debt away but to do that they'd inflate Chinese assets that are denominated in dollars anyway. So it's a leverage play for China which the USA has no way of winning in

>> No.29406510

>but to do that they'd inflate Chinese assets that are denominated in dollars anyway.

Maybe you dont let an enemy power just fucking buy up your entire country. Get what you fucking deserve. Can't wait to see the chinks genocide the jews.

>> No.29406856

>How can one survive the upcoming hyperinflation.
First, you need to hedge your assets into something safe like real estate or metals
Second, if you want to thrive then you need to figure out a way to offer a commodity that will be in demand. For example, learn to farm or raise livestock.
The first point will save you, the second will help you thrive

>> No.29406892

well yes, but why dont i just use bitcoin for large purchases invest in a sack of silver shillings enough for 1-2 years for daily purchases of food and rent and maintain a humble homesteading lifestyle to have most my basic needs met?

>> No.29406931

implying hillary clinton and these retards give a fuck
biden is literally bought by china bro

>> No.29407077

Bitcoin, unironically

>> No.29407157

I have always red ''China is the new place where to park money''

>> No.29407168

the fed and treasury arent stupid enough to let this happen
but buy BTC, RSR, GEEQ

>> No.29407271

ofc i never said they werent, Trump was the one trying to protect the US from China.

>> No.29407284

this was the narrative because china's taken over the entire world order because world order was incredibly lazy and naive at the wheel

>> No.29407292

Uh why her pupils so big? Is she on something?

>> No.29407320

Why are the aiming at the sky?

>> No.29407592
File: 252 KB, 1833x930, Eq1X_zBXcAYgUqB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that crypto wont save you from inflation

>> No.29407675
File: 118 KB, 1833x930, EumvQSQWQAks8ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you are currently not exposed to either market, which one would you choose at this point in time?

>> No.29407687

Didn't it work for one country that one time it's ever happened though?

>> No.29407775


>> No.29407810

t. Absolute Retard

>> No.29407908

Every time I cash out, I dread this thought. Literally cashing out to a worse currency just for the pure liquidity.

>> No.29407935

>cattle aren't just gonna take that
This is nonsense. In what parallel universe are you living, mate? Because if you haven't paid attention, the cattle has been willingly taking up the ass and locked down in their cages for an entire year without as much as a complaint.

>> No.29407946

physical Gold and Silver, food, water, guns and ammo.

It’s going to be the great depression + niggers

>> No.29408014

how did you find her?

>> No.29408068

Why hasn't this faggot killed himself yet

>> No.29408306

> It's racist to not want to live there
tfw looking at bay area condos, a 1br in Palo Alto (50% white) is $750k, but a 1br in Redwood City (25% white) is $500k.

>> No.29408415

Imagine all the dead beat ameritards that are going to dump these checks into BTC . Oh boy i really hope NA burns into the ground.

>> No.29408786

Spotted the fag under 30

>> No.29409618

you do realize that a small fraction of the total money supply is paper cash right?

>> No.29409777

Should I blow my brains out b4 this?
I prefer to be FREE than always 'happy'

>> No.29409945

What assets do you hold that aren't tied to USD? Unless you're all in crypto and metals, you're talking shit

>> No.29410028

google image search and followed the rabbit hole

>> No.29410147

>unless you're in the top 20%.
how much is this?

>> No.29410208

Many such cases

>> No.29410288
File: 44 KB, 700x525, motherignoringbabyheld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unless you're in the top 20%.
100% of people here make 150K/year.
and 100% of twitter make 0/year.
I'm looking for a realistic number (without going outside)

>> No.29410410

>and probably will never rise.
i wonder if russians or germans talked like this too

>> No.29410624

Unemployment peaking like crazy, too. Inflation comes from disrupted supply chains, not tight capital and employment markets.

>> No.29410673

Enemy drones.

>> No.29410709

100k or Chad Genes

>> No.29411330

>Brewster's millions?
why would that be the play

>> No.29411414

japanese homes are made of paper and actually degrade after 10 years.

>> No.29411541

owning a home costs 100 years of wages? something like that i imagine.

>> No.29411980

>Zeus Pater, Sky Father
they're attacking the patriarchy

>> No.29412037


>> No.29412226

im confident Joseph Biden will fix it.

>> No.29412323

Invest in energy independence. energy costs are about to shoot the fucking moon. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, everything has its downsides. I've been stockpiling gasoline (ideally this would be diesel but Id rather use the same fuel for my transportation and power generation), as well as buying a few solar panels on a loan while interest rates are down.

>> No.29412466

fucking idiot. america is just as surveilled as europe/china, and they've convinced you it's not. literally the only place the government is not watching your every move is where they're too poor to do it. move to SEA.

>> No.29412479


Because fuck you, you mentally ill compulsive accumulator.
I'll make profits while you jerk off on your stupid rocks.

>> No.29412624

Buy signal.

>> No.29412894

No, anon. Hyperinflation is what happens when the production capacity of your country has collapsed and your nation is now dependent on imports or forced to pay debts in a foreign currency. Governments are forced to keep the money printer on to meet keep importing shit even though the country cannot afford imports at all. Nigeria has increasingly more inflation since the oil crash caused their exports to become worthless. They are primarily importing food from other nations and this forces the government to keep the money printer on, otherwise 20% of the people there would starve.

The answer is to teach the monkeys how to farm their own food with tractors.

>> No.29413055

I think I responded to the wrong comment.

>> No.29413096

>top 20%
Anon, I am in the top 1%, and I am struggling to get a home that I own, without losing half my wealth just to get it. The government won't get out of my way.

>> No.29413262

a year or net worth

>> No.29413264

at least

>> No.29413347

The issue is getting out of dollars into other assets dude. You avoid future inflation (i.e. deceased purchasing power of the dollar) by taking those dollars and buying other assets. Capisce?

>> No.29413396

>I am in the top 1%
how much is that

>> No.29413409

This anon gets it. Hyperinflation is caused by the economy collapsing and making everything expensive because there is nothing left on the shelves.

>> No.29413452

>when the production capacity of your country has collapsed
So like. The exact thing that's about to happen while the son of the POTUS smokes crack and fucks hookers on the payroll of Chinese oligarchs?

>> No.29413633

>It’s going to be the great depression

>> No.29413717
File: 61 KB, 400x600, 04b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By investing in guns and gun accessories. Seriously your just gonna sit there or take shit from atf?

>> No.29413871
File: 99 KB, 468x380, 1613073997127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Until grocery store prices rise, I don't care.
have you been to a grocery store lately? kek

>> No.29413882

He will have to fuck a lot of hookers.

>> No.29414000
File: 91 KB, 1007x625, causes-of-inflation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys know how inflation works right?
How many of these do you see going on right now?
IMO we are still missing wages and devaluation against our other trade currencies.

>> No.29414088

Compare USD and EUR. Some devaluation did happen but it's only like 10%.

>> No.29414299


Set the duration to 5 years

>> No.29414357

Historically hyperinflation has only taken place when the countries production base has been destroyed, which ours hasn't. We do have devaluation, higher wages, increased money supply, and bottomed interest rates. We also, to a degree, have VAT because of the trade wars going on (just another tax)

>> No.29414469

Comparing two devaluing currencies comparatively doesn't mean there is no devaluation.

>> No.29414528
File: 57 KB, 406x460, A1536-1059007415.1552387532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ive asked this question before and havent gotten an answer yet; are US equities going to deflate/crash as people flee to uninflated foreign equities, are all equities inflated, and people will pump the harder as they flee to them as a refuge?

>> No.29414582

>countries production base has been destroyed,
what does the US produce?

>> No.29414771

There's more than one way to drop a bomb, anon.
>Insert picture montage of BLM riots this summer.

>> No.29414860

>even though we just expanded M2 by 50% inflation isn't happening because bread is the same price
The second emergency measures end and the money velocity picks up you'll see a years worth of inflation compounded into a month.

>> No.29414919

Anon check $MCM

>> No.29415114

I tried a bunch of different pairs:







Food, water, oil, cars, software, billion other things. It doesn't build houses though so you see inflation there.

>> No.29415378

So then what do you make of recent news stories like production delays caused by chip shortages? And where do you see our production base trending in the next few years, with a mix of environmental activists and cronies on foreign production's payrolls writing the rules?

>> No.29415397

It's definitively possible but I am not convinced that the fed can't do anything about that. When the Fed does QE it prints money and uses it to buy assets. If inflation happens the fed can just sell assets when they are high and destroy the money that way.

>> No.29415451

Not OP but less than you think. I believe it's around 200K a year or a couple million in the bank

>> No.29415616

Unironically build your own home, it's the only way to avoid paying greedy boomers.

>> No.29415640

a lot of things.

when things get bad, people flock to the dollar, which is what is happening now. we are still devaluing our dollar and other countries are starting to setup trade networks that don't rely on the dollar as heavily for trade. I'm not freaking out yet, but, I do think we'll see some real inflation.

I can only speak for the automotive industry, but we drop our forecasts on those chips and the tech industry increased their forecasts - so now they're getting chips and we aren't.

I think that we'll be building more things in America moving forward though, globalism is in retreat and I say that not as a poltard but as a guy in the thick of it.

>> No.29415666

Gold, Silver. The Standard.

>> No.29415741

honestly if you cant talk to the direct source, the farmer, youre fucked unless you can steal from the farmer, the politician

>> No.29415964

those are the eyes of a man

>> No.29415966

found the fag

>> No.29416152

>I'm not a fucking burger so I don't care
What a mega mind.

>> No.29416296

>America is having some similar issues because the USD has been 0-1% every year
the actual cost of living for americans has gone up 5-10% each year for the last decade.

>> No.29416562

And destroy the nation's 401(k)'s? 0 chance. You'd have a D-FENS on every corner.

>> No.29416782

>I actually think it will be a golden age.
Some say so, it can go both ways. Clif says this. We shall see come summer and we shall know by next winter.

>> No.29416955


>> No.29417117

this desu

>> No.29417153

Can someone advise how I buy physical gold or silver in the Uk at a reasonable price

>> No.29417395

Read the graph. from 50s to 80s the dollar lost 75% of its purchasing power over 30 years.

It went from 80s to 2020 down by roughly 70%. that's 40 years. Inflation is slowing down.

>> No.29417583

Make up your mind America,

>> No.29418174


let s say the stock market "pops" where does the money go!?

>> No.29418257

>buy high sell low

>> No.29418406

To the people that sold you the stock.

>> No.29419043

You are very stupid if you think those 88-year-old demons have a real plan other than print funny money and buy up everything real before they expire and move on to hell. The fed and treasury are retarded children. They cannot stop what is coming, and I don't think that they even want to. They are sucking up the last drops of blood from this American host, then they will move along to China and to the parts of africa that China has been buying up.

>> No.29419144

Guns and ammo is the only real answer desu, if anyone says physical precious metals they are truly a brainlet. If anything you would want btc/xmr not physical pms.

>> No.29419221


>> No.29419335

every single one of my physical assets have gone up in price. my record player literally went for being worth $200 to $600...

>> No.29419389

>How can one survive the upcoming hyperinflation.

Stock up on guns, ammo, and Lifestraws, unironically.

>> No.29419563


exactly that.

right on point

>> No.29419641

No, the richest americans just hold fiat papers in their checking accounts :^)

>> No.29419660

Anon, it's perceived value. Think of it this way...All shares are valued at what the last one traded at. You don't need a billion dollar going into a stock to make it rise a billion dollars. $1 Trillion did not go into BTC to get that market cap. Enough went in to push order books that high and ever single BTC, even the ones lost forever on wallets, are valued at what the last one is traded at. Stocks, cryptos, it's all like that. If the market pops, then that "money" disappears from the economy completely.

>> No.29419809

I have a feeling they will not receive a warm welcome in China. Xi is pursuing the Stalin course where he takes direct control and thwarts their plans. They turned on the USSR because of it and they are turning on China.

>> No.29420110

> how to survive hyperinflation
so far the safe heavens are those that hyperinflate the most, since everyone is running there
The case file of weimar proved, stocks did very well
Not the case in USSR implosion though, but that was not a western system
IMO defensive measures would be to decouple from fiat therefore
> land
> land with water / well
> real estate
> solar panels
> medication

to play inflation and try to become a new wealth as faggots in weimar were able to
> stonks - safer bet, guys like bill gates might shed a bit of valuation of their companies, but will come stronger out of crash long term
> crypto
high risk high reward, in case of hyperinflation we will be trading bread for dogecoins, not gold

>> No.29420527

> solar panels

That's just another form of land. It's like farming electricity.

>> No.29420614
File: 31 KB, 666x375, EuSBSO3XAAYi-M8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They will continue to pump. People will continue to think they are getting rich. Cost of living will continue to go up higher than risk adjusted returns on equities. Eventually SPX will crash and we will get mean reversion, but it looks like we'll get hyperinflation first. I expect past SPX bubbles to be dwarfed on the log chart.


Buy guns and gold.

Good luck brother

>> No.29420727

wypipo are retarded not to see the straight explanation in their face
all ideology attached, with endless mental gymnastics and explanations is on thin ice, but westerners still fall for it
> what would you do in you had a money printer at your disposal?
the same they do now, printing endless money to buy everything they can for free
simple as

>> No.29420772

it can't happen unless that money gets into the hands of the general populace, which is not going to happen because they want everyone poor

>> No.29420805

yes, I've put in in the tiers from most essential

>> No.29420855

>And yet, pretty much nothing happened in term of inflation in the real economy.
you ever looked at health care prices?

>> No.29420857

source now pls

>> No.29420858


>> No.29420901

Hyper inflation is not coming because labor does not have control of the supply, this isn't the 1970s where unions rule the roost, chill out ffs

>> No.29421564

You're already ahead of most people by knowing it's coming, stock up on gold and hard money

>> No.29421765

Yes it is. 40% of all USD was printed last year. It will take a while since other market factors are applying temporary deflationary effects, but once those end shit will hit the fan

>> No.29421935

In 2010 the ECB pumped 4 trillion euros in the the system, guess what...nothing happened as Labor no long controls the taps...go watch some Mark Blythe, he explains it better than I do

>> No.29422177


>> No.29422434

the euro saw a massive rise in inflation when they did that, the important thing there was that was the goal, since the euro was bordering upon deflation at that time.

>> No.29422509

>the same they do now, printing endless money to buy everything they can for free
>simple as
but what exactly are they buying? from whom? and what does the selling party do with all the money?
it doesnt make sense

>> No.29422560

This is an interesting factor to look at. Thanks for the insight.

>> No.29422770

>entire production base moves to Mexico and China
>we still have it

>> No.29422845

>Being priced out at $27/ozt SLV
How poor are you? Even just an ounce is a little over $30 w/ premiums included.

>> No.29422919
File: 795 KB, 1900x2717, am-telefon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> land
> land with water / well
> real estate
Educate yourself. After Weimar those assets got btfo with taxes. (Eg. those people who bought land with debt and had the debt canceled just got a tax put on that equalled the same amount)

There are a few websites about this.
Bottom line more or less is:
-Those who invested in gold / silver, diamonds and foreign (US and British) stocks and bonds, could bring their money to safety and acquire large goods, companies and businesses in the impoverished Weimar Republic for a SHORT time.
-Those who had a lot of land, on the other hand, had to pay high taxes in the form of repayment of compulsory mortgages.

Translated to our time this should include crypto but only crypto that the government can not trace back to you (e.g. Monero)
They will likely try to tax crypto and if people don't pay up the government will use repressive measurements.

>> No.29422923

Short the us dollar by taking out loans now and buying other currencies with it.

>> No.29423065

Massive lol, do share that figure...

>> No.29423781
File: 3.85 MB, 2048x1152, 16086885366133382177894675298638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Similar things happened after WW2:
The Load Equalization Act (LAG) of 1952
Initial situation:
• Germany was in ruins after World War II.
• The state wants to make compensation payments to those who had suffered losses

The burden sharing comprised three levies (taxes):

1. The property tax
2. The mortgage profit tax
3. The credit gain tax

Property tax:
• A tax of 50 percent (!) Of the market value was levied on debt-free properties.
• The LAG required the non-displaced persons to pay fifty percent of their property on the day of the currency reform, measured against the outdated standard values of the pre-war period.
• The taxes were collected in a compensation fund.
• Lobbyists had enforced allowances and certain exceptions, eg for church (!) Assets.

Mortgage Gain Tax
• This deprived property owners of the advantage that they had gained from the devaluation of their mortgage loans due to the currency reform that cut debts to 1/10 and monetary assets to 1/15.
• Practice: After the currency reform, the debtors had to continue to pay the amount originally set in Reichsmarks for interest and repayments for his mortgage loan in the same amount in D-Mark.
• So that the levying of the mortgage equalization tax could be ended in 1979, surcharges were levied from 1972 to 1979 on the liabilities that would not have become due until after 1979.

Credit profit levy
• The loan profit tax was constructed in a similar way to the mortgage profit tax.
• This siphoned off the profits from companies that arose from the devaluation of their credit debts.

>> No.29424841
File: 2.04 MB, 234x175, 1585962521900.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the essay, what is your point?

>> No.29425068

nothing even happens except when it does

>> No.29425219

why is half that pic fake

>> No.29426047

thx brah, I just dipped into some historical and financial jscientific /analytical journals
tldr was stonks
you make sense, with rising real estate appreciation the tax will fuck an owner in the ass, but I still think it's better than living in a cardboard box or being priced out of ever owning a land

>> No.29426438

>I still think it's better than living in a cardboard box or being priced out of ever owning a land
For a primary residence, people will likely be ok.
However, it is retarded to think that buying land is the god-tier strategy to escape and even profit from inflation if you have a couple of million to invest. Crypto and precious metals will escape much more flawlessly.

>> No.29427022

xD guess again

>> No.29427403

Zinbabwe (lol), El Salvador, and Cambodia

>> No.29427500

Have a vagina. A real one.

>> No.29427716

Actually this nigga right

>> No.29428179

because women are the enemy of god

>> No.29428181

You don't have to sell an asset to make money from it you mong. Ever heard of rental income, dividends, or collateralized loans/lines of credit? Or are you a simple plebbitor?

>> No.29428288

Having a pretty face means you can buy a house?

>> No.29428738


maybe he knows something you don't

>> No.29429139

>PC Partner
>Hong Kong stock exchange
I hope you get those gains out fast, friendo

>> No.29429254

you're baiting me but I'll bite
buying everyone elses' possesions ofc
land, real estate of normies
gov bonds (buying more power over governments)
buying out companies that are not owned by them yet
etc etc

>> No.29429377


>> No.29429843

Target practice on clay targets?

>> No.29431214


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