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I have $11

I need a 6x so I can buy diablo. what coin do I buy?

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Bitcoin for about 5 years

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Swoon on bsc

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Suck some dicks

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just play the original while squinting

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ROPE diablo is shit

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Short ETH, it's a well known shitcoin.

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Post your wallet faggot

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LARP, nobody is this poor

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steal a bike unironically.
it worked for me.

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Tooth paste.

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You might have to give a few hand jobs at a road ranger, but you'll have it in one or two nights.

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Probably PancakeBunny. Just reached the local bottom. A literal 10x guaranteed in 3 weeks. Screenshot this.

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Assuming you’re a burger you need to make a 7.8x and pay Uncle Sam or else

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What are you 12?
Unironically get a job.

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What kind of wallet is this sir. I will send you $60 in ETH

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Don't give your money to blizzard. It's not worth it.

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Anon I am so grateful this is going to change my life


I’m 51 :(

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steal a playstation 4 and trade it in at gamestop you should get about 60 bucks yeah

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Inj or idle

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Literally work one day

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Have a look at lead wallet. Only 6m market cap, both erc20 and bep20 bridge both way trough julswap. And best of all trading at pancake almost here.

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