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>mfw Americans wake up in 3 hours (12:00 UTC) and start dumping

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I woke UP right now and JUST...

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Americans always buy the dip, come on anon. Just 3 to 4 more hours and we can get this thing turned back around. A 25% blip on chart.

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imagine thinking NA has money to buy the dip, they are taking profits/selling at a loss and dumping this back to sub 35k

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You didn't think you were going to make it, did you?

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Tried warning people "I'll just fucking hold dude stfu"

Okay I'm sure the people of Zimbabwe said the same thing.

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No. East coast Jews are gonna dump like they did yesterday when they woke up. Play of today’s events
>mini-reversal until 12:00 UTC
>Americans wake up and see that BTC is below 50k
>They panic and dump
>Price crashes to 40k in 30 minutes
>People think it’s dip and it recovers to 45k
>slowly tracks down to 42k for the rest of the day

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You know that bots don't sleep right noob?
And neither do a lot of traders.

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go back newfag

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>implying I've slept at all the last two nights instead of just watching charts, transfixed, as the dumpening happens

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I had a shred of hope

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damn where did you come from

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