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this is like high school lol

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>does this mean our clubhouse conversation is not happening?
Kek, what a dork

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why is this peter schiff such a humongous faggot

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>does this mean our clubhouse conversation is not happening?
t. 57 year old man

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Kek Schiff seems more based every tweet. Was hoping for a better comeback from Elon than just "dick".

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based schiff btfoing muskfag

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>49 year old man uses an eggplant emoji
how do you do fellow kids

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kek see his latest video the title is “Elon replied to my tweet” lmao how’s schiff such a loser?

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He mad since his gold rose 5% and BTC went 2000%.

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Mad Ben Shapiro punchable dork reminds-the-teacher-to-collect-homework vibes

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Posting a cock emote is basically jewlon saying he doesn't give a fuck
It's the alpha move, why care about what some old boomer thinks
Who cares about playing their game of be nice and talk thoughtful things
I prefer shitposters

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He fucked my crypto and arkw positions. TSLA exposure is like 5 steps backwards 10 steps forward.

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>"Someone of your intellect."

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Peter isn't very smart

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If Tesla really sold over 50k, when they bought with an average of 36, they made over 500 million profit.

Tesla hasn't made a billion profit in a single year yet. So they turned at least a 500 million dollar profit. How can Schiff be so fucking blind to others making money on Bitcoin.

His fucking denial from seeing it happen over and over. I hope the richest man in the world keeps fucking shitting on him, even if the market keeps tanking.

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t. whale feeding the fish

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Based and eggplant pilled

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We're witnessing a Currency WAR

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He's pretty based but he has some unpopular opinions towards crypto and gold.

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Then why did he even respond if he didn’t give a fuck?

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It’s the biggest thing that’s happened to him since 08 being acknowledged by musk, he spends 3/4 of his time talking about bitcoin

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to dunk on him cause he can

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He may be a retard that tries too hard but why would he care about some literally who boomer? He's the richest man in the world excluding shadow elite, why the fuck should he be concerned? Also Tesla and SpaceX wouldn't be there if not for Musk's wit, he may be a conman but he's effective

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retarded boomer took the bait

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Looks like it's the biggest accomplishment in his life a celeb trolling on twitter replied to him with a dick emoji

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He is number 2 richest again, bezos over took him

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Damn fuck Elon. I’m rooting for Schiff to win.

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I hate cryptards so fucking much it's a literal cult

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>Can I please suck a dick to get some BTC
~Peter Schiff 2024

Anyways, gold is sensible, sure. But the market is all paper.

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Nice 60 word response Schiff lmao fucking nerd faggot how do you get dunked on when your opponent is losing so much money

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>Schiff is a nerd who doesn’t understand brevity is the soul of wit
I knew so many of these snot-nosed faggots at school lmao. The result is exactly the same here: they get BTFO by a jock posting a single emoji

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Bezos will always be richer

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>does this mean our clubhouse conversation is not happening?
Simp behaviour

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Shiff furiously masturbating as we speak

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Clubhouse is the gayest fucking app for people who want to run a business but use words liek entrepreneur and adulting.

Fuckign drop shopping course selling faggots

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WTF, I though 4Chan hated Elom Mask?

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>picture of an eggplant

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>does that mean our clubhouse meet that you never even replied to is off?

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bullish af, Elon is going to pump BTC just to win this argument

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They sold?

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Peter Schiff is the best example of rent free

He is against bitcoin, but talks about it 24/7 lmao

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>all the middle aged "investors" following schiff replying to his tweets trying to explain what elon meant by this

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Bezos gonna moon, literally

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I doubt it. The BTC was for Tesla's treasury, not for Elon to make high volatility trades with. It would be pretty based if he was though.

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I still don't know what he meant by it. Pretty sure Elon doesn't even know and is just shitposting as usual

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Lmao, Elon shitposting as usual

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My God Elon is so based. He doesn't even waste time to reply.

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Gold is priced in, gold is only good to hold value imagine buying gold to make money. SAD!

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I don't even like Jewlon but he's funnier than a boomer jew like schiff

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probably due to losing his ass in gold.

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Bullish signal buy buy buy

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Everything Musk does is ultimately to fuel his retarded obsession with Mars. That's literally the long con he's playing at.

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Nobody has ever given me a single reason to not like Musk.
A white man makes it and y’all start calling him a new, so much for racial unity.

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>elon builds literal moon base for building and launching long range galactic space ships
nothing personal delivery boy

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Tall poppy syndrome is real anon
schiffs an actual jew and half the cucks here love him

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Epik rape battle!

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Why the fuck is schiff always butthurt holy shit

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You can say a lot about this man, but he is definitely not a jew. He is a based African American

>> No.29461691

tiny pp obvi

>> No.29461697

It's not real you morons

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Schiff is a lolcow

To think I used to think he was based during Ron Pauls run

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Elon Musk is not yet a worthy member of the /biz society but he is making great leaps! if he starts the N trend on Twitter like we do here I think we should consider his application to join our board and approve him as a worthy member, what ya'll think? Is he still a normie or is he more like us now?

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He's a redditor so no

>> No.29461995

what does it take for us to persuade him to become more like us? For Plebbitors he is like the badass alpha male, for us he is just a radical normie.

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I'm siding with Peter on this one, despite him being wrong with Bitcoin so far.
One anon shared this, and this oughta open your eyes a little bit about how much of a hack Musky is.
No matter what dumb shit Elon says, his leddit army will applause anything. We are all doomed

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>For Plebbitors he is like the badass alpha male
And for that precise reason most of Reddit hates him with a passion. He openly defied corona restrictions and bullied a strong political womyn into allowing him to keep his factory in California open. That was enough to make him a persona non grata with every redditor that is not invested in Tesla.

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He wouldn’t even need to tweet the full n-word. Just a single “N” and he would get my vote for earth president

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Meanwhile Tesla is trading at 650 and falling

>> No.29462534

He is a kike what did you expect? They thrive of saying a lot of words without actually saying much.

>> No.29462556

It spiked heavily before listing on the sp500 anon, it was inevitably a sell the news event

>> No.29462644

I like how this interaction is vaguely affecting my financial future indirectly in a small manner

>> No.29462713

Not even top 10 soon

>> No.29462732


Yeah, it only did over 1300% gains in less than a year.

>> No.29462806

He's a Jew who is too afraid to name the Jew

>> No.29462811

INFJ vs INTP communication styles
both are intelligent

For the lulz

>> No.29462881


>For someone of your intellect, I would have expected a more thoughtful reply...

What a silly thing to say. It's such a weird elitist thing to have this mentality. That because Elon is a "smart guy" and extremely wealthy, that he can't concern himself with being a little foolish in his responses or enjoying some toilet humor. Get a fucking grip, old man. Hold onto your pantaloons.

>> No.29463041


Rather, why the heck should he waste hits wits on a fool?

>> No.29463230

Elon is literally hinting with AAVE (respect the colours)

>> No.29463540

In the past it was normal for adult men to make raunchy jokes and shit. I think the boomers dispensing with the humor of the greatest generation to be offended by everything honestly killed society and made millennials oversensitive pussies. Substitute gen x and silent gen and zoomer where it may apply.

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>Waaah don't hurt Jewlon
How new are you here, wsbitch? Go back, no one will miss you and your hot takes

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>to get some BTC
he already has a lot of gold, why would he need some numbers on the screen with no utility nor value? It cannot even be reliably used for transactions and the technology is inferior to literal shitcoin pajeet scams, so out of lack of a single legitimate application, something that drops several times harder than the stock market every fucking time is being memed as a store of value

>> No.29463902

Elon is such a fag. Just because he's rich doesn't make him any less of a fag than he is

>> No.29464021

he is Adam??

>> No.29464073

t. Peter Schiff

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Elon Musk is a mong that will cause the market to crash and you'll lose all your money. Why is /biz/ defending him?

>> No.29464577

Because he managed to become the richest man in the world? Even if you don't like him you should at least acknowledge that feat as a /biz/nessman. Also Schiff is an idiot when it comes to BTC

>> No.29464607

I finally understand why ZeroHedge hates Musk so much

>> No.29464631

>at least we're being fucked by the irresponsible idiocy of the richest man in the world!

>> No.29464789

God what a faggot

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They aren't.
Musk has PR shills, and reddit fags who will defend m'lady for free.
They don't realize yet that he hates them and uses them.

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this guy is the embodiment of getting BTFO he's a walking meme

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what is this supposed to mean? It's a latin phrase used on US$ bills that dates back to antiquity. Is this supposed to be an illumanati new world order thing, like imagining that every black and white tiled floor is a sign of freemason influence?

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Nowhere did I say that. Also how is Musk fucking you? He is just a retard tweeting about crypto. Ride the waves or keep seeting, nigger

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