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I've lost 2/3 of my disposable income over the last 6 months in quick succession by buying Lition, betting on Trump, and buying the GME top and I don't know what the fuck to do.

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You're a retard OP
But that's okay, just do what makes you happy

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Research about LTO and invest the last third into it. Sell everything once it's over 10$.

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why are frogposters like this

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>betting on trump
there's your problem retard

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>chuds getting dabbed on by based Biden and rekt on GME to spite le jewerino
This year just keeps on giving

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spoonfeed me

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Hey, at least you're not so retarded to lock yourself out of your own wallet and lose access to all your bitcoin.

Which I just did today.

With no recovery codes.

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legit partners

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this is an easy fix. you are retarded, and therefore burdened with absolute shit intuition. you unironically just need to do the exact opposite of what your intuition tells you to do at all times. start by not betting on obvious losers. good luck anon.

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After that you'll need to do your own research

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I fell for LIT as well. To be honest as far as shitcoins go it was one that had a legit chance, if not long term then at least for getting some hype and going 10x this bullrun. Guess you should have tried something named after food.

Trump bet and GME top is pretty dumb, though.

Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose.

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Betting on trump lol
buying GME
all brainlet tier things that make you deserving of the L

look into $rope coin

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>betting on Trump

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Maybe stop being an idiot? Do a little DD...

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Oh and last thing I forgot to mention, the LTO blockchain is already being used and is processing 100k+ daily transactions right now, it's just not empty promises like most other cryptos. They also have a growing number of usecases

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I lost a fuckton in LIT so I just rode the XRP pump back into the green then cashed out before the bullrun. Kinda sad about it but at least I didn't lose money.

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how can you even make such a retarded mistake its not 2012 anymore

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I'm torn between this and RBC

Trump won and GME was going to go into the thousands before they stopped it. I won buy my winnings were stolen.

I can afford all my losses just feels like shit.

I feel like shit investing into high mcap coins.

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>Trump won and GME was going to go into the thousands before they stopped it. I won buy my winnings were stolen.
hey idiot we have a board for your cancer thoughts
you're not going to make it here

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are you larping? i sincerely hope so

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doesnt seem like a larp
this just seems like a pol retard who found our board by accident

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Says you, the retard.

Re-evaluate your life.

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this just can't be real
Dumb money is a goldmine for sharks

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>Betting on trump
Always bet against the common opinion. If lots of plebs make the same unfounded bet the betting marked must hedge by offering better odds for the opposite bet. I'm making a killing by always betting on people going up against hyped candidates.

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If it makes you feel any better you are not dumb for betting on Trump, he won overwhelmingly.
Globohomo outkiked him sadly.

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imagine being this cucked
you have to go back to pol, you're not going to make it.

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An hero.

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Good lord, you shouldn't allowed within 10 feet of any financial asset

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Nahh, I'm sad for you and for deceived American people who are left with a fraud in the White House.
Disgusting and illegitimate last minute law changes, late night mail-in ballot dumps(Wayne country, Fulton county...), fraudulent machines (check Antrim report) etc.

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you have to go back
no one cares about your nonsense

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>betting on trump
no fucking way you're one of the idiots who burned themselves on that lmao.

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betting on trump was your best bet there, but you got cheated.

the other bets are drool level retarded. buy PSLV and hold tight.

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/biz/ is a /pol/ board. No niggers allowed.

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>Trump won and GME was going to go into the thousands before they stopped it. I won buy my winnings were stolen.
have fun staying poor, you didn't learn your lesson

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It's literally not, I've been here longer than you.
imagine being into defi and thinking anyone cares about your retarded politics

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>I know I'll post a chart full of numbers without sources that make no sense
>This surely proves Trump actually won!

Take your meds faggot and seethe

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I'd rather he buy DSLF and hodl

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what are the odds on Biden not even being alive in 2024

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better odds than trump winning 2020

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Bannon just released that he thought Trump was having early signs of dementia and would have to be removed from office. Now you're expecting that fat clown to make it to 2024? Take your schizo meds

at least biden jogs and

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I think APU-Coin is your best bet right now, might 100x your last 1/3

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can finish a sentence with content*

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There was no rational reason to assume that this extraordinary nanocap project would be totally ignored in the bull run, but the markets aren't logical or fair. It's all about the hype, and the new CEO doesn't care about delivering any support in that direction. He is focussing on the tech perfection and the big banking & government clients.

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Checked. He won by a country mile but democracy is sooo last decade.

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66c a share on PredictIt, not really value to me imo. I give him a 60% chance of still being around.

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Except he won and OP made a wise bet. OP just didn't realize voting doesn't matter anymore and our leaders will be assigned from here on out.

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Fuck crypto

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Biden was the betting favorite. I think you're full of shit.

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so 2 out of 3 dollars?

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Here's what I do and I'm only up.

>See new coin/project
>Has reputable backers? Offers a needed service? Offers a new service? Devs are transparent and communicate often? Project overall seems legit?
Buy, no further thinking required, number will go up only question is by how much.
>coin/project gives even the slightest hint of a scam
Do not rule it out just yet, wait till the mid term to see if it's behaving organically, if the project is still being supported by the devs, achieving its goals, devs still communicate and maintain transparency and it's price has nor risen or fallen dramatically then it's not worth dismissing yet, buy. If the opposite to all of those, well obviously don't fucking buy.

Don't swing crypto, absolutely anything that would be worth investing in at all would be a 1 year hold MINIMUM. We are still in the baby stages.

And of course, this applies universally.


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Kek, clf anon I used to hate you but now I hope your stock hits $50 and you retire happy. Makes me sad to see it crab so long

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I voted for Trump but it wasn't the wisest bet to go in on. Circumstances changed from 2016, more Dem governors in the midwest, a metric SHIT TON of anti Trump, pro turnout programming in social media and TV, I mean you logged onto Facebook and they were all but telling you "vote Biden" every single fucking day.

I saw a big risk in betting on Trump to win the national vote, and stuck to states that I thought had value. Ohio and Florida. That panned out for me. Did not trust the rat governors of Wisconsin/Michigan/Penn to not grease the wheels enough to get their horse over the finish line.

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Imagine thinking the government is real after knowing MK Ultra is real

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