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What are my options? I can make 300k a year if i keep working, but i hate my job and have wasted too much time on it. the good thing is that i have 2 million dollars after taxes. what should i do?

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Depends on how much money you need to live off of. Can put 2 mil into dividend paying stocks, make around 10k per month.

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Post your wallet and we'll all donate to you because yngmi

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Leave /biz/ and never come back.

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What job pays 300k?

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fuck that ass

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buy a passport and escape this doomed countr

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Sauce on ass

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put your 2M on an ETF and live from the monthly gains cozy without spending much, that way you can basically have all the time for yourself to do whatever.

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Buy expensive cars and Jewelry

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talk to a fiduciary and setup a strategy that lets you live off of interest maybe. also, sauce?

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natalie mars

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A plastic whore

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Please leave along with the other beta orbiters

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Thats a man. I knew i recognized that face. Absolutely disgusting. Figure it out yourself you tranny poster

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Treat yo' self

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whoring on onlyfans

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Damn has she been in the gym?

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My math degree

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I truly don't understand these posts. Unless you live in a super expensive city and/or obsessed with consoooomming, you could easily put that 2million into some sort of high paying interest accounts, buy bluechip stocks that payout dividends, take out $50k a year from it which would last you 40 years.

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this is tempting, but i feel like i'd just wake up and workout in the morning then have nothing else to do all day.

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I would buy a nice house between 500k-800k. Place the remainings into dividend stocks and stop tax law to do child protection law. It's all i need.

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forget about it, wait a whole year and come back

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Why the fuck wouldn't you want that? I'd put that money into dividends and just play vidya/jerkoff/workout until death.

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Put a million into MCDC for fucks and giggles

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you are a retarded wage addict. free time is the real wealth. get creative

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what do you do?

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Find hobbies? Go hiking and/or offroading? Get a part time gig or something?

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holy fuck I hate actual retards like this
>guhhh what would I do with free time durr
nigga get a hobby or something for christs sake. Go for a bike ride. Join a fucking local theatre or some shit. Find a girlfriend. You know how easy it is to get a cute gf when you have hobbies?

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ORN. Backed up by reputable VCs and partnered with ALGO. Staking it is known to be “the greatest passive income in crypto.” Just got announced today and pumped a bit but not much.


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Drop 1MM (or more) into USDC buy 10000 VGX tokens. Stake both on Voyager. Get 9.5% on your 1mm USDC and 3% on your VGX. Live your life.

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I make 300k/year and I am fucking miserable. I'm self employed and I program all day. At least crypto exists.

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Get a hobby doing something you actually like then. Make tables or some shit and sell them on etsy.

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Become a regular at a bar near your house. It’s maximum comfy to shoot the shit. If you go enough and tip well, the owner will start hanging with you and may try to sell to you once he finds out you’re worth a shit ton. Literally happened to me but I’m not rich.

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Femanon here, I tried onlyfans for awhile, posted three times a week, promoted it everywhere, got tons of views but I only made like 500 over a period of six or seven months. Too much effort for such little gain. My point is, stop posting this meme.

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I bought 500 of them the other day. I believe in this project.

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I yolo’d a thousand into BOTS which was probably retarded. But ORN is fucking legit.

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>whores self publicly on the internet
>promotes it everywhere
>only made $500 over half a year
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you literally sold your integrity for $500

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cause you didnt have ginormous boobies

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get out

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post it. i will subscribe RIGHT NOW

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>damn has she been in the gym?
i think you mean has he been in the gym
that's a man 100%
and kill all coomers

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you need big tits to make it you disgusting whore.
everyone knows this

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Amouranth is fucking disgusting. Never give her money ever.

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t. ugly skank

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Built for BBC (Big Black Cock)

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I sold pixels for irl money, pretty good deal honestly.

I don't have oversized cartoon titties but I certainly have enough. My friends and I always do boob shots at club and everyone loves the show.

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post tits or gtfo. you know the drill by now.

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toilet. bichecum fuc

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Post your body first. Give some, get some.

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That's because, contrary to popular belief, men aren't interested in women with a cock and beard

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The one OP thought up in his head

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Imagine paying taxes in 2020+. Use 0xMonero

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Wait for the bear market then buy BTC. For the time being trade GBP/BUSD. It's more predictable. Not financial advice.

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you have to be hot.

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Op put your shit in the ETF and spend time doing stuffs and evolve yourself with hobbies. This is unironically the communism dream.
Here are some suggestion:
-Learn music. Learn how to compose, how to read sheets. Learn each instrument a bit: piano, guitar, saxophone, violin,... to see if you get comfortable with anything.
-Reading books. A lot. Also try to write one. Trying to paint a picture with your words is a really fun exploration.
-Also, try to practise drawing.
-All kind of history
-Learn several languages and try to read the classic books in each. A classic mean something literature like Russian: War and Peace/ Alexander Pushkin poems or Mein Kampf, The Memoirs in German. Try to learn some history context and place yourself in the author place. Its like you are living the author life.
-Philosophy. Unironically. Its a fascinating field and a little German will be very useful.
-Machine Learning. Shit is interesting as fuck.
-Physic. Dont you want to imagine and discover some cool shit like relativity?
-Travel. Like REALLY travel. Not instathot i-came-here-for-a-picture-then-lie-all-day-indoor travel. Try to be a buddhist in India or Thailand.
-Go to the arctic. Step on ice. Play with penguin. Take a hot air balloon trip to see the aurora from a close.
- Shit you can try to get some expedition license and lead a convoy into Arctic. What if you discover a sleeping ruin of a forgone empire?
- you can form your own philosophy and political view, publish a manifesto and who know you could be leading a new party.
Thats just all i could come up in about 30 minutes. Shit man I (and im sure a lot of people) envy you the life escaped from wage slaving and free to explore the world and explore the maximum capability of yourself

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based, op is a fag

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Why would a bar owner try and sell you a bar if you're not rich?

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My dream is to have 2 million dollars. Hell I'd even settle for 1.
Don't be a retard. You're a made NEET. Don't break it.

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uh huh sure, and i have 50 BTC. i guarantee if you had big boobas you would be rolling in cash, but no need to lie to us about that.

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these are my plans, im only a 5x away from OPs wealth

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quit your job, become a monk

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Good ,you are just a hole after all , please don't breed

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Be Jewish and have family in NY, DC or CA.

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Fund Hitler 2.0

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Medicine pays well above 300k

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The crypto market is bound to crash. We just don't know when. Once it does, buy Bitcoin. The only altcoin worth buying is Ethereum because it has the second highest trading volume. I believe XRP has potential it has partnerships with many banks and companies. I wouldn't buy though my until after the lawsuit. Before investing in anything, ask yourself if you would be gambling your money. The high volatility of crypto is what makes it the most profitable asset as the crash is the goldmine.

Not financial advice.

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Your probably that polish bitch, therefore I can safely say no matter how big your marketing budget is, it's not enough. Your such a dumb whore you probably itemised each biz post as marketing, in fact don't reply to this because it's safe to assume I'm correct, I'm queer like that, it's a vibe and it's a feeling and I've got the feels your a dumb polish two bit whore.

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Lots of words and you said absolutely nothing

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The crypto market crashed many times since 2017 therefore it's likely to crash again. That's our opportunity.

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>I believe XRP has potential it has partnerships with many banks and companies

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>holy fuck I hate actual retards like this
>guhhh what would I do with free time durr
It scares me almost every normie I know is like this.

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Since nobody is answering this
>Lawyer in big law
>Private Equity
And of course business owner

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buy coinz

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that's a man

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start a family, as long as youre white

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Don't forget
>Hedge Fund Manager
>Venture Capitalist

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Live off the interest and get a fucking hobby

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*A sexy womanly male.

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And you're probably that guy that jacks off in his hand every night complaining about how there's no decent women any more

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>that way you can basically have all the time for yourself to do whatever.
i have this and I am broke
imagine working so hard all your life to obtain something I have by being a NEET

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I haven't been to /b/ in months, yet this faggotry still pops up

don't get me wrong it's a nice ass

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Built for BBC

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Don't be ashamed for wanting to pound that ass.

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you could kys that would be cool

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Ive never said this before, but that is clearly a man

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Most of these jobs are in very high cost of living areas so are only like 150k in most cities

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it's fucked up right?
>haha I don't know what I would do all day if I didn't have to come to work anon!
bitch IS WORK YOUR ENTIRE LIFE? it drives me insane

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Fucking loser, if you cant see the difference between being living on barely anything a month and 10k a month then you're a gag, simple as that nig

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Find a new personal goal, learn a new language and travel, find a new fun way to work out, maybe invest in some real estate or find an interesting way to invest. Buy some fun toys. Start your own "guru" scam channel and sell guides for $50 and it just regurgitates shitty Sun Tzu quotes. Try VR if you haven't yet. Go to more events/concerts/etc. Become known in the world of underground rap battling. Make a medium-giant Bonsai farm. Host a BBQ. Try a Kit-Kat fresh off the line. Get in an orgy. Get in a bar fight. Start a computer repair company. Dip your toes into Rally Racing.

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stay mad chestlet

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Because you could be an awesome person. Which apparently I am

Also they want to drink for free for the rest of their life so they give you a discount cuz they’re getting divorced when they retire.

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that's unironically a man

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