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I am financially healing

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you better make it to $3 this time you whore

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If we recover from this massive dip, it will show the world crypto isn’t a big dump of volatility and crashes anymore. The bull run is just starting. GRT/btc so comfy

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God damnit why didn't I buy more at 1.50.

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$3 EOW

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My GRT and ALGO are making a comeback

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You didn't panic and sell the dip right anon?

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>There are people on /biz/ who sell during dips instead of buy more during dips

Who sold GRT? Make your presence known, you fucking retards.

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that's the best part, i didn't

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Maker/Chainlink/The Graph


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Put another $1500 in just now, am I going to make it?

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No I need to buy more, dump it

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fuck i should've bought. at least i didn't sell

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Checked except it will be
>6.6 eow

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GRT was single handedly saving my portfolio


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GRT is going to hit 5$ eoy July if not earlier. This shit is the future of crypto. When they get Bitcoin involved, $10+ minimum

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stay in you lane mericatards and europoor
better not fuck with the Dragon


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It will go back down again

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Didn't even break a fucking SWEAT powering back up to $2

I love this coin

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I almost did... Buy GRT dip. Instead bought dot

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Newfag here, how do I LP my GRT? Havent done it before

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I panic sold at fucking 1.46

At a loss

I don’t deserve to have GRT or participate in GRT threads. I’m a worthless idiot.

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Should've waited for another dip but you'll be good

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There are people that sold their GRT for under $2.

Good. Those people don't deserve to hold GRT when it hits $3 next week.

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O ye of little faith

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I did and now have zero lol

Lesson learned

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I bet you feel foolish, huh?

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Not good enough. 2 dollar resistance with 1.2m dollar sell walls... have the loose hands still not been shaken?

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I have held my measly 353 GRT since .70c.
This shit will moon to 5 by Friday.
Whoever sold deserves castration

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of course not

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another victim added to their portfolio

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Just bought more

Last chance to get your graphies below $2

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This thing is such a fucking tank. The Yujiro Hanma of crypto

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that sucks man it really does. i almost pulled the trigger on selling myself a few times today

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retard vcs are selling because the private sale round was priced at 0.003 i’m not even fucking joking

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I sold the dip
Then I bought the lower dip

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>sold 2800 at 1.5
>bought back at 1.65
lost 300
feelsbad, at least its doing better now

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bro think about it logically
entire market wide correction
GRT is actually useful devs are basically forced to use it lol
not sure how good the tokenomics actually are but its actually being used so dont freak out

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Br detected

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Explain this

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Checked, except it will be $0.50 EOW

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I did. Bought at 29 cents so who is the retard now? Stay poor.

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Looks like our Lord KEK does not favor thee.

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$.0026 I believe. Token unlock is 6 months from launch of mainnet (Dec. 17 '20) so that would mean June 17, 2021. A lot of these soon to be unlocked tokens were already already delegated for 6 month to 2 year terms. Someone should put together a tl;dr infograph for the distribution schedule published on their page. If I were an indexer I would be making sure I'd receive a pay day that day.

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i sold the literally top and buy the literally dip

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my last two digits will be the price EOM

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Swingin will get ya tied up in yer own rope, boy

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your /biz/ bros left you behind what a surprise lmao

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too bad i mastered TA

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BTC not stopping going up

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Yeah. I think I’m gonna go all in, next time it dips.

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Then you know BTC is probably going to dip again in the coming days. Probably going to see like 40-43k BTC. Which will absolutely affect GRT price.

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Cooling off

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it's currently bear trap now, if you want to swinging now it's the time

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i thought 2.08 was the dip and bought more grts

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Anyone who panic sells GRT was never in it for the right reason to begin with and therefore deserves to stay poor.

This is an obvious guaranteed blue chip crypto. If you don't understand why, you're retarded.

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bought at 2.5
I'm confident

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All my shit is delegated.

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bros pls let it drop i need more so i can delegate im not gonna make it with my stack of 500 pls bros let it crash more pls

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Ugh I bought more at 1.86 then watched it drop to 1.50, my plan is too keep buying it until it's too expensive then wait a few years.
800 stacklet

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Fuck, I hope so. If GRT dumped to 0.5, I would unironically dump all the savings I don't immediately need to live into it and delegate until the next bullrun. Literally can't lose.

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Am I gonna make it with 40k grt

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I only have 13.5k gogurts I hope you make it anon

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How does $20 million sound?

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Only reason you faggots held is because of the 28 day token freeze.

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Thanks frens, i hope you make it too.

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no I held because I my buy in price was still lower than what we fell to. Except that small stack I bought at 2.27

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checked and pretty good

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Who else just delegating and cruising through this shitshow?

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>600k Market Cap
>Rug Pull code removed, now Rug Proof
>Yearn Finance of BSC
if this goes to even 6m Market Cap, you will have 10x your money.


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yep, every single fucking coin

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I want to delegate but i can't stand the gas fees

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I swung my NU into more GRT.

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