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Hello sirs I just won 1k dollars at the casino, what should i invest it in?

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Have children and invest in them.

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Rubic seems to have potential but many anons think is a rugpull
Algo it's solid but is a long term hold
BNB has potential to moon too since it's backed by one of the biggest crypto exchange sites but it might not work for burgers
Some say avax is the next Ethereum but it's recent bugs have scared many users, proceed at your own risk
The graph it's the Google of crypto or something like that
Ren it's been steadily but firmly climbing since December

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never ever invest in casino again

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As for me, I invested in FTM, GRT and planning to ADA. Cashed out from AVAX though.

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Hot anime pussy

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You should invest more time in posting goth Asuka in this thread

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what did u do to asuka?!

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>No casino moneyz here fren
Dyor on le microsoft of defi and you might be making x100

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buy more casino

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FTMchads wagmi

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Why is reddit shilling TRAC so hard, but there's not even one mention of it on /biz/?

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stop treating it like gambling. buy GRT on coinbase and be patient. buy yourself a cool Elon Musk car at the end of this year if you just hold

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>Stop treating it like gambling and just gamble
Great comment anon

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thats a man

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Lottery tickets all in 10000x trust meeee

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the casino

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Just buy the casino, rig the slots and win more. EZ infinite money

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One hour with a high class tranny hooker

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