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get in here bobros

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How low we plan on going this time?

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reporting in
thank god, today was awful

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the bigger they are, the harder I get

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it wont even go below 49k

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short run, 40k. Long run, 10k

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>Sold at 54k

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12k is the bottom

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Sometimes I wonder if what we do is wrong. Then I see them cheering over their green days and I realize it is necessary.

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Uhhh bro it just hit 48k.....

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We are the truthtellers my friend. We are bull when it is truly bull. We are bear when it is truly bear.

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I will only sell at $69420, bitch

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our time bobros...

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no 49 200 and watch it blow back up we cant be touched

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Buyed some btcdown I’m am now a bobro :)

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I'm a bull through and through, but sold a about 20% of my portfolio to swing with on the downtrend. I'm temporarily alongside the bobo, am I gonna get rekt?

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Should you feel bad when the lion eats the lamb? No. What about the bear eating the cow? No! It is nature, and it must be allowed to run it's course.

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if this market pumps will you die? it would be extremely painful

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My body is ready

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its 48k now bro

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We are going to deliver justice to the system, we are immortal.

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The box, you opened it, and you have summoned us.

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Bobo I love you. Thank you for this week

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first bobo i have ever laughed at in years of this shit

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>bear trap faggots getting high and mighty already

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I tried to warn normies but they won't listen to my meme lines

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Sorry guys my dad works at nintendo and says we aren't going under 46k

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The beardora box

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The Beardora's box

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fucking legend.

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I'll only be satisfied if bitcoin takes the world economy down with it.

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I'm in fren. Looking for even tastier dip.

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>$58000 it's too high

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Fuck this reddit Willy Wonka.
He made turn on twatter notifications

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