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>every pure market is a perfect model because all it proves is that the brightest man can predict what the dumbest man will do next, by understanding that the dumbest man will always be ahead of the midwit
help me schizos
where do I go from here
how do i get 100% dumbpilled until I reach nirvana
loss is not an object
enlightenment is the only goal

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Overdose on lsd, become Terry

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wealth is not distributed evenly across iq, you already are 100% Dumbpilled

the brightest man knows it is irrelevant what the dumbest man does

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based, planning on taking a fuckload of lsd, how much is enough to loose my mind?

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i dunno lol

buy physical silver tho desu

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Try for like 1mg

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>1965: I want a house
>1985: what if I bought ANOTHER house?
>2005: what if I started renting my houses?
>2025: alexa, how do you rent a private out on airbnb

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this will transcend you past dumbpill enlightenment into retardpilled for eternity
do not listen, anon
start with 1 scammy dealer’s tab and eat the shitcoin loss until you’re ready for true fear

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i have not seen such quality post in a while on biz holy shit

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>proves my point again

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85grams wet mushies did the trick for me

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post your position from 2005, faggot

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if you actually want to be a safefag about it, go 500ug. If you want to have flashbacks, try 800ug-1mg. If you want to drool on yourself, double that.

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