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Crypto is for faggots, y'all are retarded. Why don't you spend some time researching tangible companies and invest in stocks.

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Go back to r*ddit, this is a crypto board

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You will buy my bags.
And you will buy them for a lot whether you buy it directly or your bank does.

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3% returns vs 10x

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go back to /pol/

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I already invest in stocks you limp wristed redditor cuckold. Crypto is just more investing. God you're inbred.

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days gain of 172%, making more today than you faggots do in a 2 years

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I did. I used some of my BTC profits to buy into GME and AMC. I'm up a considerable amount thanks for the suggestion! I will continue to research tangible companies and invest in your boomer stocks until I get bored of the slow gains I guess.

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>he doesn't know that crypto investments act like startup investments

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