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>Michael Burry deleted his twitter account just after predicting the USA will go Weimar
g-guys I’m getting nervous...stocks ALWAYS go up r-right...?

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if you do not own a suicide stack of silver to hedge against this you are a brainlet.

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Just be happy you get to live in the historically unique time of watching an empire collapse.

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I have 1 ounce of silver. Is that enough to make it?

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what the fuck OP isn't lying

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where are you from?

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Better than none

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How to profit offa this ?

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he always deletes them

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Burry always deletes his tweets after a few days
just look it up in the archive

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Did you know?

Over 100 applications are using the Pallet SSVM to build scalable applications on the #Polkadot multi-chain

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start digging

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Im German and this is honestly my biggest fear
that these retarded psychopaths will blow up the entire financial system again and we will all end up in the gutter.

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> autist goes full autismo
Wow, who could have possibly seen this coming?

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Hyperinflation kind of fucks up everything according to Burry. Generally, real estate and commodities outperform as long as your government doesn’t go full communist and starts seizing them.

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What’s the silver/gold suicide stack?

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I’ve been convincing everyone around me that it’s never been a competition between opposing political parties, it’s always been the people vs the state. They are starting to see it in increments, but this will push the entire globe’s populace over the edge

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depends on where you are from but its generally 100oz suicide and 1000oz make it

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>the bear will leave its cave forever
Prophecy of /biz/ much?

Buy silver, ammo, and gold. If you think things will get really bad, buy alcohol so resell during SHTF. If you haven’t already, read the Balkans SHTF story, it’ll catch you up to speed.

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that's a big if, if you ask me.

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for silver, idk about gold but its good to own some of it too.

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>The state seizes what's already theirs
You realize why this is impossible right?

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this autistic nigger thinks he is the seer from vikings

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Memorize Hitler speeches

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Oh my God it must be the FED chasing him right?
/biz/ once again jumping to profecies

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rent out rooms per hour

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I’d like to see you make a $400 million profit holding shorts for 2 years while defending against your boomer investors revolting

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you are an ignorant slut
the government has a lot, a LOT more guns than you do.
And you're gonna say no, and keep your life and land?
the delusion.

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That balkans shtf story is fake bro, k proved it.

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>being this retarded
The land is what constitutes the state in the first place, retard.
Have you ever looked at a map?

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>If you think things will get really bad, buy alcohol so resell during SHTF. If you haven’t already, read the Balkans SHTF story, it’ll catch you up to speed.
If you thought things would get this bad, you'd make preparations to leave the country not stockpile shit. You don't voluntarily stay in a warzone as a civilian.

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I have a maybe stupid, maybe genius take on real estate. So the democrats are importing millions of Mexicans for their votes and to drive up real estate prices. However, I think this will drive down prices in the long term because no one wants to live around Mexicans.

If gentrification drives prices up, then the opposite of gentrification (non-whites moving in) should drive prices down. Therefore, American real estate will not be safe in an economic collapse scenario. There will be massive white flight and anti-gentrification.

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He always deletes his stuff and his twitter account is still accessible.

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Are you scared, punjabi?

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this schizo always deletes his tweets. it's literally nothing

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>oh no le smarterino personino who was in that movierino said economic collapserino

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50oz 3 guns 10000 bullets

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I'd like to buy gold
but at the same time i don't want to gve up on my linkies just yet :(

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Did he really delete his twitter?

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whatever ((they)) do, they will never be able to make me say the magic words that make my btc wallet appear

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>Implying you have a choice
Nice try getting away as 10 million people try to do the same in your city

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But if hyperinflation really happens which i think is unlikely then it would be the best time to take as many loans and mortgages as possible

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he deleted all his tweets, not his acct

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Wait, really? Can I get a QRD?

>not wanting to observe the chaos
>not contributing to the chaos

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Maybe he's heading into the bunker.

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I own gold but no silver. Make it?

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How is it a unique event in any way you retard ? My grandparents watched the British empire collapse, my parents watched the Soviets collapse and I'll watch the US collapse.

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you really are quite retarded, it's spectacular

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Wtf anon. I was just watching pic related right now. Going to buy a kilo of silver at my LCS now.

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no idea, ask /pmg/

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It was just some Slav trying to profit offa some boomers who was obsessed with shtf .

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Damnit. Well it was a good read I guess.

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More like trying to correct a mistake or making people believe in him as if FED agents were threating him to delete his twitterinos

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>id RUG

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>if you wait until it's too late for the plan to work, the plan won't work
Check out the big brain on this mofo.

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>inb4 michael burry dies of a mysterious heart attack/in a car accident

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when white flight happens tons of new editions are built. it creates a nonstop housing boom.
and they aren't letting mexicans "for their votes" it's for making White people a minority.
also there is no "Democrats" it's jews and capitalists.
Democracy is a TV show. but keep on with your little "red team. blue team." distraction at your own peril.

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Back to /pol/

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back to rebbit

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So if white flight leads to real estate booms then why aren't non-white nations rich with skyscrapers. What about Zimbabwean and South African white flight? Where's the boom?

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/biz/ doesn't care about your jewish conspiracy

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they do, but they always ask one question after saying that they hate kikes
"how do i make money off this?"
go back nigger

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good morning, Tel Aviv!

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I’m seeing more wypipo moving into small dying towns and reviving them lately.

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Far more money have been lost by investors trying to predict doom than just staying the course and trading the trend.
- Warren Buffett

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I own 60oz, what is the best case scenario for the silver price in case of weimar 2.0?

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he tweeted this

>Germany [the US] started by not paying adequately for its war [on COVID and the GFC fallout] out of the sacrifices of its people - taxes - but covered its deficits with war loans [Treasuries] and issues of new paper Reichsmarks [dollars]. #doomedtorepeat

Then he posted this:


>The route to Germany's inflationary destiny may be traced out in the epic conflict between two men, Karl Helfferich and Matthias Erzberger.

>Erzberger became minister of finance in June of 1919 in the first postwar government of Gustav Bauer.

>Erzberger succeeded in forcing his taxes upon the nation, and as a result Germany's real tax yield in 1920 was the highest of any year from the beginning of the war to the end of the inflation. At the same time, the Reichsbank was induced to follow a tight money policy for an extended period in the latter part of 1919, the only time during the entire nine years in which the German money supply stopped rising for more than a month or so

>Erzberger quite accurately denounced Helfferich for being the man most responsible for the inflation and Germany's financial plight

>Something more than a year later, on August 26, 1921, as the inflationary end of the boom impended, Erzberger was successfully assassinated.

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I unironically want all shit to crash really fucking hard and as soon as possible so that we can start fresh.

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in case of weimar 2.0 every short by every US and EURO company on silver would be destroyed and every papersilver shitferticate would be void. go and check how much papersilver there exists in ratio to real silver.

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the best case is that it stays the same its not a moon mission. its silver. 400 USD wont buy you an apple so in this hypothetical scenario you could trade it for the goods u need to survive for at least a short period

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100-1000oz of silver is reasonable, but that's ridiculous for gold. What's the suicide and make it stack of gold? Probably 1 oz and 10 ounces, huh?

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yeah it was for silver, you´ll have to ask /pmg/ for gold. historically silver has been worth 2 weeks worth of the median wage.

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I'm looking to buy stocks into silver mining companies, but most of these companies are based in Canada. It was suggested that Canada would be the first to hit hyperinflation. Is there a good alternative next to physical silver? I've read that iShares have their physical silver locked up in the UK. I don't know if it's a dangerous environment for a mining company when their country's financial system collapses. Anyone has some thoughts on this?

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Your niggers are so stupid, micheal mass deletes his tweets on the regular.

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*checks the ten year yeild*

Anon, why don’t you have a seat right there. I’ve got some bad news about your equity portfolio....

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>predicting USA will go Weimar
That ship sailed a decade ago. His twitter probably got suspended for telling the truth

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how do i profit from this?

>> No.29658883

ok mate, congrats on being so edgy with the internetspeak and memes but it think this roided economy can prosper run forever you deserve every dick that comes in the general direction of your mouth after the collapse

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>the people vs the state
No, it's the nation versus the internationalist. It's communists and capitalists versus people who neither want to be enslaved nor raped while being forced to pretend it's "freedom."

>> No.29658981

Is he a tranny?

>> No.29659040

could you provide a link to the balkan shtf story?

>> No.29659125

Does anyone have a link to the report he supposedly released recently?

>commodities outperform
does someone here know how you can go long commodities without using futures to do so?

>> No.29659185

What is a suicide stack for silver?

>> No.29659362

>I'm not a communist or capitalist
>I'm a nationalist

This is like saying "I'm not an atheist, I'm an agnostic."

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File: 1.60 MB, 1504x2964, shtf_bosnia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go

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Somehow the most retarded take you could have possibly come up with

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I hope I live to see the Jewish empire collapse.
That's all I want.

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>>oh no le smarterino personino who was in that movierino said economic collapserino

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thank you, my friend

>> No.29659612

cringe libertarian. remember your individualism when you are steamrolled by synergystic collectives.
how hilarious that your competitor group would dissolve themselves into powerless, atomized individuals. when we get our state you will be forced to live outside its borders in a 4th world dump.

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Not an argument.

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Good goy

>> No.29659705

that's quite a few blowjobs

>> No.29659714

It's fake, go ask on /k/.

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>the people vs the state
It's goyim vs Judeo-Masonic-Alliance

>> No.29659905

My point was that nationalism is not an economic system? What will your state's economic system be?

>> No.29659961

>the government has a lot, a LOT more guns than you do
go back, stupid plebbit nigger

>> No.29660060

>I win again
I guess I do :)

>> No.29660086

No they don't usa citzens hold more guns than the entire world combined.

>> No.29660110

I think the stories of Argentinian economic collapse of 2000 would be more relevant than anything from the Balkans, but then again I've never seen such anomie in America.

>> No.29660164

Nationalism is an economic system. it's Nationals Markets, or markets that serve a nation of people.
the rich aren't the problem, neither are markets. the problem is the lack of a state that controls Capital and wrangles it when necessary.
look up third position economics or just modern-day China. they have some central planning and some super free market zones (the 4 SEZ's- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing.)

>> No.29660221

did his Twitter get hacked or something? free PsyOps wtf?

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lmao at your ass for not starting with the Greeks and not knowing who Cassandra is.

>> No.29660309

Fascism is class-cooperation. Marxism is class warfare.

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forgive him, for he knows not what he does.

>> No.29660552

Thank you so much.
t. Brazilian survivalist.

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>the USA will go Weimar
wish all you Austrian dicksuckers would end your own lives a la Hitler

>> No.29660653

this, Argentina and Weimar were different to the Balkans

>> No.29660655

This even normies are starting to wake up, i can sense the statists fear.

>> No.29660657

Useful advice, but if SHTF here in the UK. It'd be a complete mess. No guns, pure mellee combat. Going to order a bunch of lighters now

>> No.29660779

no shit because its a part of the fourth turning cycle, the only difference and overlap to the theory is the great filter theory confirming (((kikes))) are the variable that no one is taking into account. If America goes Wiemar it vindicates Mien Kampf's accusations tenfold, and will lead to war. Oil will drop like a dead cat at first since America's consumerist economy will die almost immediately, but it will shoot back up after the panic because the world economy will release that the dollar is destroyed, the saudi's will be forced to stop selling and thats when we will go to war. This is it. Burry's autism matched with /pol/ grand theory is confirmed by fourth turning models and the great filter theory.

>> No.29660816

you are absolutely retarded and it equally terrifies and frustrates me that you think you understand the actual nonsensical drivel you spout
take an IQ test to learn why you should never ever again enlighten us with your opinions

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File: 104 KB, 2000x1250, argeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Argentinea here, can confirm the similarities , like compliance jannies getting out of control in banks or suden rise on inflation afterwards.

In all honestly it's more like Argentina 1988-1991 than 2001 but boomers keep pushing on the "there is no inflation" meme which will end up turning into a 1989+2001 crisis.

>> No.29660997

>attempt insult [1]
>attempt ridicule [1]

>> No.29661024

Can't you make homemade guns?
All you need are steel pipes and gunpowder, you can disassemble fireworks for the gunpowder, or you can do it yourself, all you need is sulfur (drug stores), coal (vegetal) and potassium nitrate OR sodium nitrate (fertilizer).

Here in Brazil it would be a total chaos, only criminals have guns, actually they have better guns than our army has.

>> No.29661037

Yes. Stocks only go up. But they always go to 0 too.

>> No.29661071

it's not exactly the same as weimar
government has little control

>> No.29661107

An oz of silver can pay for a fancy furnished apartment for a month in Venezuela

>> No.29661217

>I cri

>> No.29661219

what happens to euro/gbp when USD goes hyper? So far they’re holding strong but I’m not sure if that would be the case in extreme situations. I got some silver and would love to hedge with mortgage but we dont have fixed rates in eurocuckland

>> No.29661327

get a hunters licence retard

>> No.29661352

>not exactly the same
right, the difference is about 7000 kilometers and 90 years and the language spoken

>> No.29661445

come and take it nigger

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>> No.29661543

the politics or lack of is a big difference

>> No.29661623

>what happens to euro/gbp when USD goes hyper?
they will follow sooner or later

>> No.29661707

Objectively wrong. The American people own 4x more firearms than all branches of the military.

>> No.29662050

KYS reddit tier faggot

>> No.29662120

did you even read what you replied to dumbass n slur

>> No.29662274

won't make a difference, they'd round up and raid all the known registered gun owners.

>> No.29662315

imagine if silent generation/ greatest generation had a crystal ball to see present day. things would have went much differently

>> No.29662366
File: 65 KB, 1024x693, 5F1F3040-9551-454D-BEED-DC0DA0A98EC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or they will try

>> No.29662443

Source ? I can only get so erect.

>> No.29662631

What world will you want made for the next 90 years. Best get working on them plans anon.

>> No.29662661

"Firearms" is a pretty broad term. Also, I'd throw in "organization" and "command chain" to add a little realism.

>> No.29662715

yeah, last time it was politicians that forced the money printing and now it's just banks aka deep state.

>> No.29662719

Anyone got a copy of his 2021 tweets (in chronological order)?
He was talking about Flying Dutchmen and shit but never got around to reading them since Twitter doesn't allow you to rank tweets in chronological order anymore.

>> No.29662819

150oz silver
2oz gold
I’m gonna be okay

>> No.29662981

Damn. Think they might try this with crypto? I guess it'd be a lot harder to enforce since the transactions are done over the Internet. I wonder what would happen if the government tried to seize everyone's bitcoins.

>> No.29663015

I read he always does this

>> No.29663160

>the people vs the state
try people vs jews and their lapdogs

>> No.29663467
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>> No.29663536

This is the most retarded thing I've ever read on here and you actually seem to think it makes sense. Amazing

>> No.29663898

How will this affect other countries?

>> No.29663978

It's the jews

>> No.29664002

>attempt ridicule [2]

>> No.29664012
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checked and based

>> No.29664077

Too many bullets just doesn't make sense. Nobody buys the things, and they can corrode and be worthless in a few decades.

>> No.29664339

Silver will just go back to historical prices, like a silver 90% dime could probably buy a meal at a nice restaurant. Just because the dollar is going to crash doesn't make the hard barter value of silver any more valuable.

>> No.29664414

Hope you can knife fight, Nigel

>> No.29664504

I have surplus ammo from the ‘50s and it still works fine

>> No.29664557
File: 19 KB, 480x360, 0D2917E3-695D-420E-B2A1-637A9C6EA370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can have all the shiny metal in the world, but when there’s no food, we’re all fucked

>> No.29664892

>oh nooo not the edgy heck'en internetospeakareenoes! Not the roided economareenoes!

>> No.29665159
File: 177 KB, 1200x675, treaty-of-versailles-gettyimages-515360824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come nobody posts this major reason why there was high taxation and money printing in Weimar Germany?

The treaty of Versailles that ended World War I had the European countries punishing Germany by making them pay large amounts of reparations that were unrealistic for the country to pay. The United States was against it as I saw it as overly punitive, but the European powers pushed for it. A lot of money was being printed and essentially sent out of the country.

>> No.29665285

*"they saw it", not I" saw it"

>> No.29665547
File: 1.68 MB, 2048x1111, 1547224416137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what was it like in argentina in 01? i was like 9 or 10 then, but remember reading about it in the papers and seeing it on the news.

>> No.29665606

Dude, interest rates from loans in America is what destroyed the Mark, not the Treaty itself. The (((people))) who loaned the money should be obvious. Im talking about kikes that extorted countries.

>> No.29665866

UVXY calls. Now.

>> No.29665931

>this will push the entire globe’s populace over the edge
Yes and the people will beg for a solution, and ask and ye shall receive.
Create a problem > Present a solution.
Shit's gonna get bad.

>> No.29666598


>> No.29666862

>>29666598 was meant for >>29655458

>> No.29667025

Oooo what comes after Weimar? :)

>> No.29667251

Modern Warfare III

>> No.29667386


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File: 793 KB, 498x498, hyperhaiフブキ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>crypto goes up
>silver goes up
>America gets its own Hitler
I see this as nothing but a win

>> No.29667628

The loans were caused by the requirement to repay. Bankers of every creed at the highest level seem to enjoy playing all sides of the field during wars. They just want their money.

Woodrow Wilson in particular didn't want Germany to have to pay the crazy amount. He was concerned it would cause problems long term. Fellow royalty in Europe were reeeing at the German leadership. The old guard wasn't too smart.

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File: 43 KB, 750x749, 1608895552807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thought americas hitler would be white

>> No.29668054

Ammo case I would assume?

>> No.29668141

Corrosive ammo keeps longer.

>> No.29668219

>the army will fight for a country that talks about freedom while forcefully stealing property and precious metals from its people

It's one thing when they take their own currency from us, but when they take other shit, people will fight back.

>> No.29668313

How does $1800000000 sound?

>> No.29668479

How was this debunked?

>> No.29668567

Funny thing how the Weimar inflation was stopped:

"As Dr. Schacht relates, he accomplished the introduction of the Rentenmark with no staff but his secretary and no establishment but his dark back office and a telephone. The Rentenmark was placed in circulation beside the devalued Reichsmarkand carried no real value of its own but the naked avowal that there would be only so many Rentenmarks and no more. The Germans miraculously believed it and, still more miraculously, it turned out to be true. The oldReichsmark was finally pegged at one trillion to one Rentenmark on November 15, 1923; "


>> No.29668733

Your rocks won't stop your daughter and wife from selling their bodies for bread and sugar whenever shit hits the fan.

>> No.29668744

They're going to have to pay each soldier about 10 gold coins a month to keep fighting, especially against their own people.
I don't think you statist tards have really ever thought about anything in your worthless lives. Go the fuck back to R3ddit anytime.

>> No.29668831

>the Biden administration requires American citizens to deliver each dogecoin they own to Fed before 22nd Nov 2022

>> No.29668999

No it’s Jews and oligarchs. Ford and Disney were fucking patriots who provided for their workers not lackeys living in a bubble

>> No.29669131

>fourth turning model
A man of culture and a scholar

>> No.29669178

nano it is then

>> No.29669214

>Where's the boom?

Now that you mention it, there is actually a boom in Western Cape real estate because of alll the fokken Jozi faggots fleeing their sinking ship

>> No.29669589

You'll either get killed or have to massively overpay. What do you intend to buy with gold? If SHTF in a significant way, we'll have to trade for basic necessities like food. That's why small silver pieces are perfect for crisis scenarios, they are much better tradeable.

>> No.29669616

>debates are about winning
>uses emoji
White flight leads to boom when it’s a flight to suburbs, not when whites run for their lives

>> No.29670129

>stocks ALWAYS go up r-right.
Yes, this is Weimar, yes

>> No.29670360

No he didnt

>> No.29670373

What does this mean for crypto?

>> No.29670520

Anon they fought to have the world we have today, why do you think in modern times even with anti-white anti-tradition we call them the greatest generations?

>> No.29670938

Silver is best choice for daily transactions.
Gold is a more portable store of wealth long term.
But get both.

>> No.29671222

Look up what hugo stinnes (kike) did during this time. They called him the inflation king

>> No.29671334

lol the retard is calling other people retards

>> No.29671452

what does he even delete his tweets for? They were on the public internet, they're archived.
What kind of boomer shit is this.

>> No.29672917


i started reading books by Rothschilds weeks ago. you can hear the jewishness dripping off the words. also 3 pages into the Preface its already shilling the Holohoax as the worst atrocity that ever happened

>> No.29673310

So who's gonna be our generation's nazis for WWIII? Is it just gonna be nazis again, or do we get the china dlc map pack?

>> No.29673448

So if he gets sued by the SEC for market manipulation he can say some bullshit like "I realized shortly after how inflammatory/damaging/etc the tweets were and deleted them", and get heavy leniency that way. I like Burry, dont confuse this post, but its to cover his ass and was probably recommended to him by a lawyer

>> No.29673803

My CPA friend said since the US dollar is held as a global standard, things like Weimar wont be nearly as bad

>> No.29673999

That’s cope and you know it.

>> No.29674092

I have 33 shares of PSLV. Will I make it

>> No.29674375

I'm a CPA and being a CPA does not mean you know anything about economics.
Also Burry is not an economist either, he is a financial analyst.
Doomers lose money 99% of the time so hedge/diversify but never go bearish because some poorfag or celebrity said so

>> No.29674908

Damn... someone actually intelligent on biz

>> No.29674932

Americans bro, you wouldn't get it. We're still a naturally warlike people, unlike our European cousins who have had all militancy beaten out of them.

>> No.29674966
File: 77 KB, 900x613, la riots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You had a chance for a race war when niggers and commies started chimping out and burning cities. And you faggot LARPers just hid in your basements.

>> No.29675071

We all have the same path. Where will you escape to?

>> No.29675148


>> No.29675177

His name on twitter was also Cassandra.

>> No.29675417

Here's a prediction for you:
Stocks will go down. And up.

>> No.29675522

nothing about this post is right

>> No.29676133

Crypto would be useless if held by the government. It's not like anybody would ever buy it back

>> No.29676673

the exact moment the kikening of the world truly began

>> No.29676999

All I have in silver is my gf's earrings lol

>> No.29678452

>>Michael Burry
fake michael burry

>> No.29678967

Please teach me. I have started to mine with my 3080. Total noob trying to find my way

>> No.29679454
File: 154 KB, 512x378, 1612806160727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you are an ignorant slut

>> No.29679573

kek, this is a childish fantasy. if you have nothing now...you won't be in a better position to acquire assets when everything crashes. it's the opposite retard...you will have an even harder time clawing your way up from the bottom. those of us with real assets today will be positioned to scoop up even more during the crash. same as it always was. get rich....and do it quick anon.

>> No.29679733
File: 196 KB, 480x360, 1613156356434.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stocks ALWAYS go up r-right...?

>> No.29679831

Most of the US military is pozzed. A small portion are actual fighters, and a lot (not all of course, but over half) of them are conservative Americans who support the Bill of Rights.

>> No.29679943

sounds like a cheesy gorito crunch

>> No.29680044

this is the digital dollar

>> No.29681544

Pay up Melvin.

>> No.29682665

why are you reading it then? it has nothing to offer you since its all "jewish tricks" for tards like you

>> No.29683592

look at this cute shiksa being a good jew and telling a goyim not to read jewish secrets. really following the talmud very closely i see.

>> No.29683826

you got me, but you're wrong on the idea that I don't want you to read it. It's just going to be hard for you take anything from it if you believe everything they do is immoral and some conspiracy. Read it with an open mind goy, that's my advice.

>> No.29685971

That's not the point.
The point would be to kill it.

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