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>ocr released
>dumps 8%
I’d like to speak to a manager please

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sorry sir, but this is mcdonalds. we don't know what this "chainlink" is that you kerp talking about. would you like to try our big mac?

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Yes, I'll have 3 billion please, to go.

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>Yes, I'll have 3 billion please, to go.
>not 700k

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>Linkpool having some very questionable activity
>dumps 8%
It actually makes a lot of sense

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Who gives a shit about linkpool lol

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Exactly haha fuck linkpool it’s not fucking link

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The OCR was priced in.
The fact that it requires you to stick a dildo up your ass to use it, made the price drop.

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Pretty sure the dump has been waaaaay more than 8% since OCR announcement. Haha suckas one of the most important things in links history and duiuuuuummmmmmpppp. How do they manage to fuck literally everything up

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Yes. I am manager he is me. You have problem with price you go outside and get job. Steaking not free, at least 10,000 LINK I need.

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It's dumping as much as eth is, and both eth and link are dumping just because btc is slowly bleeding out right now

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Buy Bitcoin

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shorting this shit is way more profitable

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Nothing personal bud.

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>LINK is down 0.42% in ETH
>Feeds cost 10%
>Still dumps 1.5M
This is how.

Yah. I switched CMC to ETH and wanted to throw up in my mouth.

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