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Will bitcoin really crash or is this a joke? I'm scared of selling bros.

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>He is still holding
Ngmi. Bullrun is way over. Sell now while still in profit.

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Go over all the threads and see what they have to say.
Hint: do the opposite

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We already crashed from 58.5k to 44.2k, and we are still crashing after the dead cat bounce.

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>crashes $15,000
>crabs for a day
>starts crashing again
the bullrun's over idiot. this isn't a "healthy correction."

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with DeFi there's more incentive in staying in crypto than cashing out

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If you're not a long hold Chad then this is your cue to get out

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The people who are telling you it's crashing are the same retards who just sold their bags. Like someone else said: do the opposite of what /biz/ does

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I unironically sold at $58,000
Timed it into perfection

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Fuck off Chang. Can't wait until tomorrow when these Chink fucks start mumu posting again once their short positions close.

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If you sell now at $ 47k you can buy back in tomorrow at $ 38k. Why wouldn't you?

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It could crash but it would upset several algorithmic models.

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Because algorithmic models, as well as a quick look at corrections, predict this correction will end soon. Imagine seeing 500k Bitcoin after you fomo'd half your stack back in and feeling empty despite making good gains, knowing that you panic sold.

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Gee I dunno anon, you tell me if you see a crash coming or not.

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I sold at 4k in 2017
I'm not fucking selling at 47k in 2021
everyone saying bullrun over are fucking zoomers and newfags, they shall be brutally shoot on sight (in minecraft)

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I sold at 55k and will not buy back until 35k. For now I am just racking up 10 apy on my usdc until the day to convert comes. I got a life and shit to do. You think you can really from 20 to 58k in less then a month and just keep going? Wheres the money coming from genius?

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Nice, I sold at 57.2 but I plan on getting back in at some point here

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Buy high sell low right

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bitcoin futures expire tomorrow the storm is almost over frens

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January dip was worse retard

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It has to crash at some point op

the question is

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>selling crypto

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August and a few times between

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Bought in at 50k, is it too late to sell? Or should I just hold at this point?

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Doesn’t it crash once a year or so? Just hold and next year you’ll have triple what you have now.

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I just read this:

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NO. It will merely test the 50 day moving average and the 40k support. See pic

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Yeah it will crash pretty hard, I expect to 25-30k over the next few weeks, but it will have a monstrous rebound in the summer and get stupid high in autumn, then have the real crash in winter

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Might shake out some cowards and retards, but it will inevitably reach new highs. Crypto can't fail at this point with globohomo loading up.

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No one knows.

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I got out at 57k, see you later fagholders

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I sincerely hope you retards aren't selling at a loss lmfao

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The top was 58k how did you miss it?

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>/biz/ is bearish
that tells you everything

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No it wasn't even close. Stop coping.

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>crypto can't fail
It looks pretty failed to me. And the reason is the amount of shitcoins popping up every day. This shit feels like just one massive a scam and it's killing old more stable coins like Link.

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I got out at $97k. Whoops, I must be too early. Aww man, you’re going to be kicking yourself so hard. Enjoy those extra taxes for being a short-sighted bitch!

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lol interesting take anon

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>-31% in January
>-20% now
looks like you are coping

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You will wake up to -35%

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checked and based

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That's when Elon jumped in. I wonder if he had stakes in bitcoin at sub 20k. Probably

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>Will bitcoin really crash or is this a joke? I'm scared of selling bros.

Don't be scared.

Why hold Bitcoin hoping for a feeble 2x at best when you can dump it for real value and get 150x in silver stocks. Take the silver stock pill anon.

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Lol when biz is crying and full of pink wojaks, that's when u buy and when biz is full of green wojaks that's when u consider to start selling, because 99% of biz are fucking idiots that let their emotions get to them lmao, buy high sell low, the biz way

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probably this, but i still think it hits 35ish before crabbing and then shooting its way up to ~100k

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How do we stop chinks like this

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fuck you and your jpg for ants

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it's 8:30 AM in beijing on a friday. chang will market sell his entire portfolio within the next 30 minutes. then bitcoin will dump even harder through sunday afternoon. i would tether up but i'm already fucked.

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Hold, at worst you lose 50%

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do it or it will be heavy baggage for years to come.

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dude it's OVER what the fuck are you doing

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this, just sold. I lost a fair amount of money but i'll buy back in at 40k and ride it up to 100k.

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We are so fucked

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Its literally bear market, you are not really holding right?

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I only really passionately love you guys, and we will all be rich in a matter of years

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BTC is going to 140k at least

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FPBP. Also the best advice. Run for the hills anons sell now

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for how long have people been telling you to buy properties?

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>Look Ranjesh, I posted it again!!!

0.02 needfuls have been deposited to your account.

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Good job if you sold it at a decent price point. For everyone else: remember taxes. In Canada and the US you pay less taxes on capital assets held for longer than a year. This is one of the biggest reasons why people don't want to sell early.

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No. Its not crashing in the same way you're thinking.

For reference, many of us high IQ individuals have been hodling for months or years so bitcoin going to 58k is amazing, but it going back to sub 40k isn't anything scary either. My ass would only begin to tighten around 30k but I doubt we'll remotely see anything that low. This is just whales taking more profits from an overbought meme coin.

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1000000% this. /biz/ is the place to find pnd so you know to stay away from them, and to get buy or sell signals based on how many pink wojacks there are.

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Thank you g

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>Not HODLing for the next 10 years
BTFD newfag...

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>/biz/ filled with pink wojaks
>whales immediately start going on long futures

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Reddit fag detected

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>sold at 58,000
ty based time traveler

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if you trade your btc in for fiat in this economic climate you are pick related

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>tfw bought in at 49k

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We are ate ate or nearing bottom. Panic is rising. A good 39k pink wojack Friday should do it. Futures expire and we are back to normal. I was worried the panic would not come. Excellent.

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I think we may have hit the bottom? Going up, but could be dead cat

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when you get to the end, the last page just says "yes"

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We might. Depends on if this is really due to miners/f2pool and if the direction doesn't change by Sunday/Monday dumptime

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omg 39k btc sounds yummy

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bullrun is still on.

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The first time I took a loss I literally heard what sounded like thousands of voices in my head, men, women, dogs, whatever, telling me not to do it.
Then I did it anyway.
I took the money, invested in other things, and made way more money than if I had stayed in that investment.

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This type of shit happened all the time while the modern banking system was developing.
>In 1716, the Banque Générale established by John Law issued on a larger scale paper money against gold, with the guarantee of the regent Philippe d'Orléans from 1718.
The whole french economy was ran on shitpaper til the bubble popped.

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It could go bear tomorrow. It comes down to whether or not it's a reasonable risk proposition to dump BTC + short in cash in the futures market. If yes, then we're in a bear market and the knife gets twisted the whole way down. If the firms that have been dropping 1+ billion each on BTC decide that they don't want it to fall past their average, then they defend it in the futures market and buy BTC and it goes up. This is entirely possible in 2021 where the institutional money is on both sides. In 2018 the institutions were short and laughed their asses off as crypto tried to liquidate funny money to defend itself and just dug in deeper.

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>This is entirely possible in 2021 where the institutional money is on both sides
have you not learnt from the Melvin/GME debacle? it's the same "institutions" on both sides. they outshort and outbuy each other all the time. some hedge funds now hold BTC, the same fuckers that shorted 140% of available shares of Gamestop.
plus, now companies like Tesla have made their position regarding BTC public, they expose themselves to manipulation from competitors on an unregulated market. what is to stop say, NIO, with backing from the chinese government, to actively crash BTC into the ground to damage Tesla's already fragile cash reserves and stock price? since Tesla have essentially bound themselves to BTC's movement, albeit to a small degree for the time being.

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go back to that website and take the screenshot for yourself. then stay there

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Keep calm kids, were going back up by tuesday

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only thing I'l remember is to fuck your mother, dumb filthy kike

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Tesla bought at $33k. They are still under the bull market support.

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When did you buy in

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Thank god so many people accept BTC as payment for gold.

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Holy shit January was even fucking worse
Must’ve been at least a 30% kick in the nads
This correction was only because f2pool decided to flashcrash the market by instadumping 5.1k BTC

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no way to predict for sure but the most likely scenario is that BTC will hover around 37k before a summer rally
there's a trillion dollar+ stimulus coming and a sizeable chunk of that is going to end up in crypto
could crash in October or could go on till December. in any case make sure you take profit before end of august

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I'm going to buy now and go to bed. I'll be in profit tomorrow, right?

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This dumbs are so fucking bullish.

>> No.29718454

Tesla's stock will still drop if BTC does, regardless of the exact level at which they got in. Market sentiment is a thing

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craig always says something dramatic then no follow up

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There's a shitload of open interest around 47k. Most likely we stay here until tomorrow.

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It's over

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Historically BTC has had a 20-30% correction every 2-3 months. And every single time there's a new batch of newfags who believes that crypto is dead forever. You will never make it.

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SSH. We need people to panic hard. You know this. Crash hard overnight cross Jan highs..range for a while.And all is well.

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Won't the coinbase listing bump the fucker up?

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It's not like that in Canada at all though. There's no such thing as long/short term holds unless you are counting superficial loss rules, which don't matter.

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Just only to 10k, relax

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Help us

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I bought in at 58. I'm financially ruined. Thanks for shilling these shitcoins, /biz/

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>there are people in this market who have been holding less than a year
no wonder we are crashing, were did these retards come from???

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be sure to sell at a huge loss to secure your place in the retard pantheon.

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If you do the exact opposite then you would sell because the sentiment is still hodl and always will be. So go ahead, try some stupid ass reverse psychology trading strategy and tell us all how it works out

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