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$500, what cheap altcoin do I buy and legit reasons why?
>inb4 cardano
im going to get cardano tomorrow, I just need to wait for coinbase to let me withdraw.

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BNB 2.0 with a sub 100 million market cap. Its target is large capital investors and hedgies. Comission trading alone is a HUGE draw for people fucking with 10 million getting 5% back on every trading fee with their other whale buddies.

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Waves is cheap rn.

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EYE dyor 10 mil tokens sub 10 mil mcap dank product. lurk the tg.

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Going to be huge, its by the CORE Team. Core early adopters went from 130 to 9000 in 2 weeks.

DYOR - fairly complicated tokenomics but extremely beneficial to early adoptors.

Use my referral to get 10% bonus: https://delta.financial/join/603

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get some vesper. It already caught up to YFI's tvl in only 8 days since it's launch

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BonFi, that’s it.

I’m too lazy to explain why, but I feel comfortable investing in it. At 2.31 mm market cap. Would be a pretty good time to enter right now .

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This right here op Bancor is slept on.

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You're clinically retarded if you're not getting into the NFT scene early. Start with MUSE, then RARI.

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If you know you know. This is going to be the next x500

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URUS is launching in two days and will at least 10x within a week.
Devs made the Aurox platform a couple years ago and it's a great. Also they are white and doxxed.

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Delta Financial - engineered to explode

Delta is the new project of the CORE devs. It will be integrated into the upcoming coreDEX for options liquidity. Many people got rich off CORE, which went from $130 to over $9000 within a week of its launch. Like CORE, Delta will have almost no sell pressure initially because it’s fairly launched, this time by way of a Limited Staking Window during which you can buy rebasing LP tokens with ETH, and nobody will own Delta upon launch.

However, several key features of Delta basically guarantee that its launch will be an unprecedented success:
- Delta has a 14 day vesting mechanism, only 10% will be available immediately after buying. This means there literally will be no sell pressure for days, resulting in the biggest green dildo in history.
- Delta has hyperdeflationary tokenomics. In addition to the abovementioned 14days vesting, other vesting, re-staking and burning mechanisms will result in most of the supply being removed from circulation.
- The Delta rLP is programmed to rebase itself 30 times upon launch, which will result in billions of trading volume on Uniswap. Yes, of actual trading volume. Combined with the green candle of the Delta chart, these ridiculous numbers will attract every ape in the crypto space.
- Only 1500 ETH of the thousands of ETH already raised during Delta’s launch event will go to Uniswap liquidity, which makes the price relatively easy to move (CORE had MUCH higher liquidity and still exploded).
- The mint price of new Delta rLP will increase by 10% per day, effectively supply capping rLP tokens.

In the longer term, Delta will play an integral part of coreDEX, as this vested liquidity standard will be used for options trading and allow for liquidity provision without impermanent loss. Delta LSW is open until 4 March. Then Delta launches on Uniswap. Be there or be late.

Use my referral to get 10% bonus to your LSW contribution: https://delta.financial/join/510

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>Privacy coin
>Instant transactions
>Confidential defi in the works
>Proof of work
>Atomic swaps
>Doxxed team
An absolute steal with a mcap of $50M

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Legit. VRA because of their patent they got called proof of view recently approved. It will ,once implemented, allow advertisement agencies verify if real people watch video content and not fake views
Which companies pay for real attention time

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NU, unironically NU.

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Where do you guys buy your altcoins? I can’t buy these on coinbase, do you use binance? What’s a good one to swap to?

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most shitcoins are not listed, just use metamask and swap via uniswap

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might want to warn him about the $200 gas fees

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Dragonchain. Seems things are finally taking off for them.

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rupeek sir

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coinbase low mc globohomo tranny coin is a no brainer

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Reef cause I made money from It so far

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Buy $EYE now or regret it later. 3.5m mcap with fully doxxed team and lowest gas fees out of any ethereum l1 exchanges. When liq event starts soon this shit is gonna fly to jupiter

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sav3 - uncensorable twitter. It will moon eventually on concept alone.

also ovr- gps based nfts

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poorfag with 200$
what do I buy?
should I trade or stake
will I make it...

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Theta my dude.

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Are the gas fees based on how much you are swapping?

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Honestly in my opinion the only correct answer is zero exchange. It is the very first and only quad dex. It’s a uniswap that supports cross chain for eth avax dot and Bnb. It will have fiat on ramps next week. And there are 27 dexs with a higher market cap. I could see this becoming one of the most popular decentralized exchanges and expect it to go parabolic. That said with $500 I would go for a super low cap. Maybe Defiat or mushroom

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Another reason why zero will be huge. Gas fees are basically non existent. And to answer your question I don’t think the fees change based off how much your swapping. Maybe just a small amount but not much.

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LTO network

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So I wilk be charged $200 to swap $2k of eth into ftm?

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contract: 0xbac605f2def5271a92f1ab4ba4d8b1b3764bacb9
>always do your own research

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ASKO is such a shitcoin that you can get back on the initial pump to .10 in case you missed it the first time

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what a stupid bag she has

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Its tied to Cardano

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>yet to pump
>yet to be picked up and shilled by 4chan or telegram trannies
>despite this, its been in the top 5 most used Dapps on BSC last week
>twitter account followed by CZ, pancake swap and binance on twitter
>price still under 40 cents

Why no one is getting in on JulSwap is beyond me

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Lotus, just launched but great project

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