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Technically speaking, we are only half way to major correction territory. Hold fast.

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everytime I see this bubble chart it's moved to awkwardly fit the graph.
Did you know it originally was a straight line on the log chart?

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Can I add something to this chart mr scientist Sir? I noticed that volatility increases the higher bitcorn grows. Meaning even if it would fall back to 30K it could still bounce back up to 120K after that. Crazy times indeed.

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think bigger.

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what charting software is this?

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guys this one didnt go all the way to the read tho what if this one doesnt either

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yeah, what "if" indeed

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I hope a Thai paramilitary canes your anus

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what a weirdly peculiar fantasy

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you get one big pump that reaches the top per halving

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disingenuous chart, excludes the last part of the run which actually gets to the red zone (not the highest red admittedly but the first red bar, which is the third from the top).

we topped, accept it.

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>was going to tether when BTC hit 58k
>decided to let it ride

>was going to tether when GRT hit 2.8
>decided to let it ride

>was going to tether when GTM hit 0.85
>decided to let it ride

At this point I should just post whenever I am thinking about tethering because I am 100% on knowing when shit will drop. Except everytime I don't do it cause "hurr durr swingies get the rope"

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Oh God please let this be the top so this faggot chart is btfo'd once and for all

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next time watch where you spit your chewing gum

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>betting against the rainbow chart
do you hate money?

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>he doesn't know how to make money on the way down

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my issue with the logarithmic growth charts is that they assume constant adoption until the end of the chart and that negates so many external factors which may impact how people consume the commodity

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> negates so many external factors which may impact how people consume the commodity
Then why is it following it like a whore in heat looking at BBC

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>NO NO NO NO NO WE FUCKING SAID IT’S OVER DON’T YOU UNDERATAND THEYRE MAMING EM BAOCNI UP AND GO HACK TK WSB !!!!! I DOOOOOONT WANT TO GO BACK THERE PELEAS DONT MAKE ME GO BACK THERE PLEASE I LL DO WHATEVER I CAN STO STAY I LIVE MY BIZ BROOOOOS SOOOOO MUCH THEY RE SENSE OF. HUMOR IS SO REFINED AND THE PINK WOJAKS WND COOM POSTING AND UATCHE D SEVEN AND A HALF YErs of the same fucking tired bullshit day in and day out i swear to god i m on this board with fucking nots and paneets there are no human being shere this placenis a jomey pot of the hoghest magnitude

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swingies get the rope

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>Technically speaking, we are only half way to major correction territory. Hold fast.

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buy more...?

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Meme chart, meme lines, meme brain.

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Tether half, then?

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greed prevents you from selling

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Do you mean caning his butt or really the anus. Never heard of that one, it seems oddly specific.

Also, blockchaincenter shows a different rainbow chart for me.

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Rainbow magic

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Fear compelled you to sell. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing

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not this cycle newfag

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It's just as if the rainbow chart uses an arbitrary logarithm base that will be changed in the future as to fit the 58k top

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Same kek

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your pic + your statement = why it won't reach the red band

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