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I'm currently living out of my car but I have £2000 to blow on either investments or drugs.

What should I invest in to get out of this mess?

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drugs of course

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Holochain (hot) is your best bet

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A rope

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A hammer and rob some paki

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drugs 100%

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>Lives out of a car
>Thinks he can invest without a home and with only £2k
Just buy some drugs and rope dude

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You're not gonna do shit with 2k. You need to focus on getting stable / a job.

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I get paid £2500 a month but I work from my car to avoid paying for rent.

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You are fucking up then somehow dude, you can easily afford a mortgage on a 2 bed deanobox.

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Set up a Coinmetro account, 50% XCM, 50% your choice of PRQ, QNT, KDA, VXV

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for 2k you could get a fuck load of lucy, 10er a pop easily or find an emo thats intimidated by you and get him to sell it to all his mates for you

LSD is very easy to hide, ship, and is a constant earner, its not like coke where youll constantly want to sniff some, yeah you might drop one or two now and again but that's to be expected.

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I don't want to stay in one place. I'm happy living out of my car and continue saving/investing until I can "make it".

When things get better, I just want to go travelling as a hobo while doing freelance software development.

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So for 2k how many different £10 sales could you make?

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Just move out of the city dumbshit
>>i actually like living in a car
No you dont you poor shit.

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Dont sell drugs if you get caught you will be taking up your ass jamals 8inch bbc for the rest of your life

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he won't really tho.

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yum.finance into wynaut.money into DOT

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Then I misunderstood, what "mess" do you want to get out of then?
Is this just a "shill me a coin" thread in reality?

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I would like to understand what's so bad about the guy doing that.
After 25 years he will own the house and will have a comfy place to retire later.

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I used to get 500 tabs for a grand, idk if you could find better but i doubt the price has increased drastically since.
so about 1000 tabs for 2k 10k st value
Sell 100 a time for 200-400 depending on your area and let some other cunt do the running about
true in theory but if you get caught selling lsd you must be retarded, the shits like 1/4 of an inch, doesn't smell, and easily blaggable

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300-400 mb

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unironically go all in on BNB, you will be able to afford a mansion in 3 months.

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dude spend it on coke and hookers

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Get a sloppy bj from an expensive japanese hooker,then buy as many shares as you can in $NK

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invest in cardano, you can buy way more drugs once it moons

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What will it hit Anon $10,000 USD, would be great to watch aye.

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it depends on the drugs and the quality

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I just buy coke, the price is as stable as it gets

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I'm guessing DNMs that use Monero is the best option?

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Sweet indica...

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Just pay someone to let you suck their dick, anon. You know you want to.

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I was living out of my car a couple of years ago around this time of the year. How are you handling the cold?

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Yeah any reputable market will do, My advice for shipping would be put a fake name down to your address, if it comes through the door, congrats, if royal mail send a slip through the door saying they have a parcel for you DON'T go for it its a trap - but honestly lucy in tab form is so easily smuggleable and our mail from overseas customs are weak af, putting it in a birthday card would do but im sure the seller will have its ways.
Cant stress enough though you want lucy not acid, the former is alot more vibrant with less headfuck, the marks always come back for more

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Buy Zenon. You will be a millionaire in a few years. Not even kidding. Good luck.

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I could let you blow my cock if you give me £2000

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Thanks for the info. Since you put a fake name down how could the police actually link the package to you? Couldn't you just deny it and say you have no idea what they're talking about?

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you buy heroin and a blowjob off the same person

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So, it's not a crime for you to have illegal stuff sent to your door (or else id take advantage if that) so if you put a fake name down theres nothing coming back to you BUT on the very small chance royal mail suspected something they would send you a slip through the door saying they have a package at the depot for "fake name" - this is a trap because if you went to get it they would know it was yours, hope that makes sense.
But seriously mate this shit is so inconspicuous I'm surprised more people don't sell it, If the seller is UK even better

Hope you end up out your car soon either way bud

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>I would like to understand what's so bad about the guy doing that.

You don't understand the UK property market. In many ways it's still functioning as a feudalistic system.
Google the concept of "leasehold", basically you don't own the land, only the object on the land. When you buy a leasehold property it's essentially like paying rent for multiple years in one single sum. The standard for new builds is 125 years. Once that time runs out the property gets taken by the freehold (actual owner of the land)

You pay "ground rent" to the freeholder, and you also pay service charge for many of these developments. The development companies who build these new build estates add ridiculous jewish clauses that say something like "your service charge is DOUBLED every 5 years" that catches retarded people (deanos) into traps.

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LTO network

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I'm not OP lmao. I just want to make money. If I give my previous house owner's name (who now lives abroad) that seems like a pretty safe move. Thoughts...

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based advanced conspiracy theory shill anon

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Whoops lmao
Give any name mate it really doesn't matter - just don't give yours for obvious reasons

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>your service charge is DOUBLED every 5 years
they cracked down on that particular scam, similar clauses are, more or less, illegal on new builds now. BUT you ain't wrong - the amount of people who 'bought' a new house and ACTUALLY SIGNED UP TO THIS SHIT defies believe. It was like having Cosa Nostra as your HOA. Even when the buyers were fucking illiterate, I'd have expected their lawyers/solicitor not to be.

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Don't listen to the coping rentlets, you're doing the right thing.

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the fake name is to prevent it being linked to you, and that's in the unlikely event that royal mail decide it's suspicious
Good packages to conceal in:
Dvd cases
Birthday Cards (if it has a badge even better)

I used to keep all mine in my yugioh binder lmao, was easy for me to remember what card they were behind - wouldn't suggest starting a collection just to hide some lucy but if you have one consider it

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holy fucking shit. the absolute state of bongs. we need to end that countries existence.

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$1980 opium of some flavor. $10 blowjob. $10 rope

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where is the queen and hitler's pictures you faggot

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This country has an absolute OBSESSION with property.

It's seen as a sure investment that could never ever go wrong, the holy grail to building wealth. People are desperate to get on "muh property ladder" in every way possible.

And the entire industry is filled with useless leeching middle men that profit of it and don't do their job and abuse retarded Deanos who don't know anything about property law.

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Leaseholds aren't a thing in Scotland, you own the property and land outright.

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Is coke the new stable coin?

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this desu, but apartments here in scotland are weird, you still have to pay a maintenance fee and other taxes. There's always fees somewhere for homeowners and renters alike.

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What's are the wires in the bottom left for?

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junky piece of shit

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Stay away from drugs.

Check alts like Mochimo doge dao

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>he doesnt live in his car wearing 3 coats while doing front end dev on some porn site

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