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Apply here.

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Whats the compensation like?

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Incel tears

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you'll be compensated with fresh diarrhea how does that sound

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>Janitors need to have a basic understanding of Discord.
You will never be a dog.

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>Janitors are uncompensated volunteers
>Janitors need to have a basic understanding of Discord.
>Janitors are expected to maintain regular contact with the moderation team via Discord or e-mail. Janitors should be present in the Discord channel whenever they are performing janitor tasks.
>You do it for free.

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based quads

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someone should apply and get the job and then just do absolutely nothing and we would have a based janny and no reddi*ors

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Sounds more valuable than bitcoin

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so still zero like your get

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kek. what's good for decentralized chat? i would pay a few thousand sats a week to have decentralized, uncensorable chats with /biz/

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A good jannie is a dead jannie

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Based thread

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How good is such a /biz/ness model?

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Imagine working for free

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wish me luck anons

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imagine the pent up frustration and seething tears of impotent rage

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I just put in a shit load of fake ones insulting gookmoot and his admins. It's like a study flow of personal insults.

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how does this picture work? why is it different once you click on it?

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How much does it pay?

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Cool! I hear the rule on here is "tits of gtfo" so as part of my application I've followed the rules!

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based trips

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Friendly reminder: Jannies have to dox themselves and Hiroshimoot has a price to spill the beans, as many jannies have learned the hard way.

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why can't I see it???
is this from the 4chan coin??

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perfect CV

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who is that foxy pepina with pepe???

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