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>cold and raining outside
>everything is red
>wrapped in a blanket while posting on /biz/ and watching best Frasier episodes

come on boys

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How can you be comfy at a time like this

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bobro checkin in

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Most bobros just meme or want to buy low after a sell. I don’t knock them, I do the same thing.

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48k rejected bobros, we goin to 36k

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we're going to 20k

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check out my new glasses. They help me see the bloody tears and agony on the faces of slain mumus in crisp vivid clarity.

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why should i be worried?

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inverse head and shoulders by the way

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omg i want to suck on those titties. you know which ones.

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>Crypto pumps during the day
>Crypto dumps at night
Why are Americans so intent on pissing away their money?

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>everything red

sorry to disappoint you bobo, but market is turning green right as we speak. bottom is in and you're gonna get fkkd right up ur ass

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Arby's has a 5 sandwiches for $5 deal right now I need to sell so I can grab 50 of 'em and put em in the freezer

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>but market is turning green right as we speak
dead cat bounce

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