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talk to me like im 5 years old. How much potential is actually behind a project like brave and BAT.
i was on the website last night and got different vibes then most projects.
Along with recent project with Lex Friedman i see a great future for a project like this. But am i high on hopium?
how big can something like this get? does it have the potential to restructure the entire internet?

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Podcast with lex friedman*****

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Nothing is going to restructure the internet, except for the upper class restricting it even more and more.

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Unless it moves away from the KYC Uphold wallet, the project is doomed.

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No one likes adverts and anyone who is tech savvy enough to install adblock does so. This is why BAT is destined to fail.

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Look at how much moneys Facebook and Google makes: Internet ads are a giant business.
Privacy is becoming more important in the future and Brave is about the best mainstream product that's super privacy oriented.
Their ad network is limited right now but only growing with more advertisers coming onboard.
And Brandon Eich is proven to be a smart and capable dude: he's worth believing in.
I think investing in some BAT is a solid play.

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Why, because you said so?

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>> The foundation for mass adoption and use of crypto and DeFi will be the Brave Wallet, which will unify Brave Rewards, custodial accounts, and best-in-class non-custodial (i.e., the user owns their private key, best stored in a hardware device) accounts in Brave.


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Because people who value their privacy, people who use Brave, don't want a KYC wallet!

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It's good that they are moving away from Uphold.

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Also, they're working on their own DEX and plan on offering rewards for holding $BAT. A solid fucking move that should bring over a ton users


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yeah i think they are setting themselves up for success with that move. If they are able to pull this off successfully by the end of 2021 we are going to moon.
not to mention the steady growth even with all its problems.
Uphold sucks shit but they are taking action quickly

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The equation changes if the users are being directly paid for it.

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The browser is less shitty than Firefox and Chrome. That's all I needed to know before downloading it. Now it's my main browser, this shit is based getting paid.

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dumped this shit and i've never looked back
up on all investments i've made using BAT money

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The pay is so low that the only people who would do it are so poor that they can't afford the products being advertised.

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I can see that being an issue but majority of people utilizing brave are not using tor. This will be for the masses not you. Thats what i think people are missing this will be mass adopted by the average normie checking facebook

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It looks like this normie just didn't understand the tech behind BRAVE. Many such cases of dunning-kruger effect addled "tech guru" normies not understanding crypto.

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I doubt bat would ever become worth more than a couple bucks, ill never invest in it but the browser itself is good, adblock being preinstalled is a great bonus.

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so privacy doesn't matter because you're paid a few pennies for it?
how long have you held BAT just to be at a loss vs every other alt?
hope you never make it

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Imagine being such a Boomer faggot in public view.
This redditfag and the twitterboomer both.

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This faggot didn't load up under .10

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Currently sitting on a stack of only 500+ BAT. how much more you think to make it bros?
trips confirm.
this DEX is just what the doctor ordered

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I don't think this is a huge long-term deal for Brave.
1) Any bugs can be fixed.
2) Anybody who needs perfect OPSEC doesn't use naked brave, but probably browses in public behind a VPN with actual TOR as recommended. This is merely a user-friendly, good-enough privacy solution for normal people.

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Imagine being such a Boomer faggot in public view.
This redditfag and the twitterboomer both.

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hope this is a joke
just in case it isn't i'll remind you: you could have bought almost any other alt at the bottom and be up x10 (even fucking bitcorn)
>good enough
fucking hell bat holders are deluded, i give up

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you already know every argument against a crypto makes 80% of biz actually want it.
I think you bring up solid arguments, i also think that the potential here is going under the radar

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The amount I'm up on BAT is more than your net worth, faggots like you always think your clever but if your going out of your way to fud anything on biz you have nothing and always will, kys. People in the green don't act like cum rags on biz.

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I don't like Ads being spammed and shoved down my throat. However I dont't mind directly getting paid to view minimally invasive ads

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I don't think you understand how non-autistic people work.
Tor is better for privacy, absolutely.
But normal people aren't going to use Tor to do average browsing.
Brave is about the best you're going to convince your non-technical aunt and brother to ever use while still being user-friendly enough for them to accept.

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>The pay is so low only poor people use it

Lmao do you think rich people also say no to free money? Guaranteed a multimillionaire will still pick up and pocket $5 on the sidewalk.

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Dunno man. Feels like if it was actually that good Google would have been on it years ago. Its on normiebase so will naturally raise valur over time but not by much. its a miss for me.

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I wouldn't straight up buy a stack of BAT but free BAT just for using a browser that's actually superior to all others? Yes please.

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alright you convinced me, just converted all my bat into eth

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I use the browser for adblock and free internet money, but otherwise I can't see any purpose to BAT. Im happy to get it out of someone else's pocket, but it is not a token I would ever purchase expecting to increase in price.

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Lol why did Tom Scott blame Brave like that? I'm pretty sure it's a 3rd party simply impersonating him, no? And then taking the money and running.

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You do have privacy in the browser. User data never leaves the browser. Heh, except for the Tor leak.

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Google makes money from tracking you and Adsense. They would lose money by blocking ads and tracking you. Brave makes money by having a small notification pop up at the bottom of your screen. Brave is going to moon shot very soon. Take a look at it’s ability to maintain price versus btc.

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You can also tip your crumbs and its on by default.
So all it takes is some big faggot to push his drones on BAT making him a ton of money and causing the price to soar.

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>people in the green don't act like cum rags on biz
That's the thing too. You kinda gotta question the motives behind somebody ANGRILY FUDing a project. No project is perfect, but Brave/BAT have really sound fundamentals and the charts are finally starting to back that up.

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This. Don't see it ever really taking off but I'll gladly take the free BAT just for using the browser.

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Ask yourself this, who uses Brave? What amount of people use it, how big do you see it becoming? Are the odds likely that Brave will eventually have enough users to actually do anything with, and do you see a company like Brave inventing a new way for ads that will ever be actually used by Google, Apple or Microsoft in any real capacity? For me the answer was no, so I moved everything I had in BAT to ALGO. You do you.

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>Google would have been on it already
Google has already built and "perfected" infrastructure to do the exact opposite. They are fucking users up the ass woth their adsense, cookies, trackers, and the like, giving this information to many advertisers, and some of this information leaves from those reputable advertisers into the hands of less reputable advertisers, who simply pose as advertisers in order to gain access to information.
Meanwhile, with Brave, which is an open source browser to boot, users get to keep all such tracking information within the browser, and it is never sent to questionable 3rd or even 2nd parties. Users no longer have to worry about any such collusion behind closed doors. In addition to this, they are rewarded the BAT token, which amounts to 70% of the revenue that advertisers/Brave themselves would usually get by showing ads. In the traditional ad system, users get nothing but an ad in their face. If you don't like it, then you can disable ads completely. Users win, additionally, brave wins and so does their token, BAT. There's a reason they have 25 million active monthly users.
I think we can blame the terrible, abysmal price action on the fact that a lot of people simply repeatedly sell their free BAT. But the people who are willing to sell their BAT are running out. That's my theory.

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Boomers are beginning to use Brave. In March the user count will be 30 million, big name advertisers are jumping on brave. You surely have to be a retard to not think this is about to blow up.

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>Like you're 5 to
Lions are cool, roar!

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Giving it out for free ensures universal adoption, rasing the value in the long run. Like the UNI airdrop, everyone here said it was dumb to buy, being free, but it took off regardless

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It's fucking spiking, time to make money.

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Because you're retarded and haven't looked into the project. Advertisers need to buy BAT (either directly or indirectly, if indirectly Brave buys it from exchanges on their behalf) in order to run ads on Brave. Brave already has almost 30 million monthly users that are unreachable for advertisers except for buying BAT and using that for advertisements. It's surprising how many people there are that think it's just a token that's given away for free. Where do you think the BAT they give you comes from?

Brave has run case studies that show that their ads are more profitable and have a higher CTR than Google/Facebook ads so the advertisers will come once self-serve opens up. Now that they've announced that there will be incentives to holding BAT the supply will be restricted even more while demand will skyrocket. Even in a crypto bear market the price will still increase because advertiser demand doesn't slow down during a crypto bear market. I'm actually glad the majority of /biz/ will miss out on this because you honestly don't deserve it.

BAT is one of the few tokens that's actually being used yet it's under $1 billion market cap.

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BAT is 2nd best performing crypto of today, i was bullish on cardano at 50c and now BAT a week ago, don't miss out faggots i got special word from god its going 100x next year

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10k at the minimum, this will net you a few hundred thousand in a year

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Also if you want me to shill BAT. Here you go:

Yes, Brave/BAT can restructure the entire internet if they succeed at what they're attempting to do. It's a feedback loop where the more people use Brave the faster the entire ecosystem will grow. People who use Brave can't be targeted by regular ads - meaning websites lose out on ad revenue. Websites want to make money so if enough people use Brave they will have to become a publisher on Brave ads to monetize their audience. If a large amount of websites use Brave advertisements on their website more advertisers will come because they want to advertise on these websites. More advertisers will result in higher BAT payouts, which will result in more users, which will result in more websites becoming Brave publishers, which will lead to more advertisers joining the network and so forth.

And that's only the token how it is right now. Soon you'll be able to use the token for small transactions such as paywalls for articles that you want to read, subscriptions, VPNs, their newly announced DEX, etc.

There are reasons to believe that they will succeed in doing this. Their daily/monthly active users are growing fast, and browser growth is exponential - many people learn about a new, better browser through word of mouth so the more people that already use the browser the faster the userbase will grow.

On top of that, the CEO has literally done this before. Remember when Internet Explorer was the dominant browser and Firefox took over? That was Brendan Eich, the same guy who founded Brave.

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In a sea of red stood two green behemoths...

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Hey when I accrue the BAT rewards does it sync across my other devices? Or do I have to wait until one of them gets enough to make the wallet account and then they'll sync? I don't get how it works. I get different ad statistics on my synced devices

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I have no fucking idea what I’m doing regarding crypto currency’s, this is my stack, can anyone tell me what the fuck I’m doing?

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My 2 wallets are logged in to the same account but the BAT values are separate.

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>can anyone tell me what the fuck I’m doing?
You're about to make it.
In all seriousness, though, what exactly is troubling you? Just let your coins grow, bro.

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>More advertisers will result in higher BAT payouts
you mean higher $ but lower BAT amounts?

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The problem with that is that Brave would need to overtake every other browser for it to truly moon. It won't. Look at how many people are happy enough with Chrome and Safari.

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Aww man. What a pain in the ass

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Having 10k BAT and making a 10x gives you one BTC, so 10k is a great number if you can afford it. Otherwise, 1k is a great starting place.

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I really like Brave's model of paying you for your attention and letting you tip people you like, but I have problems with it:
1) the amount of BAT they pay out isn't worth my time
2) Absolutely nobody signs up for BAT rewards. I haven't found one person I follow who actually signed up for BAT rewards.
That said, I use Brave browser and hold BAT token, but don't bother with their baked in ads or the wallet baked into the browser.

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not hard, chrome is stealing data from its users, safari is for cucks who own apple products.
10k bat will get you 3x bitcoins at 100k each in a year IMO, people don't realise how much potential it has to explode, 600+bill ad industry is about to get on its knees

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I like paying people, I like, while blocking all ads. I actually buy BAT and give it out. I am a weirdo with no netflix, amazon or disney account. BAT made it easy for me to donate, no paypal, gofundme or google in the middle.

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Yeah it's whatever. It's no problem if you're just holding but it is kind of not cool due to the 5 bat minimum and how that will make new users feel.

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brave is worth it without BAT anyways, faster and more privacy, the added bonus is the BAT token which gives normies a dopamine hit when they see it increase over the week

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I just don’t really know what I am doing! I downloaded Coinbase originally because I saw all these posts about RUBIC, but when I found out Coinbase didn’t trade RUBIC I pretty much never opened the app again. Then I got an alert saying they gave me $5 worth of Bitcoin since I linked to my bank account. $5 worth of Bitcoin was like 0.0000005 Bitcoin or something stupid so I literally picked two random coins and traded my Bitcoin for them.
Anyway I guess I just am interested if anyone knows anything about those two cryptos I have, and if they are worth holding or should I switch to another?
Lol this is all play money to me I absolutely hate Coinbase, and US crypto markets in general.

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A lot of people acecpt BAT. Install Brave and purple check box pops up. Works in YT, FB and Twitter. Some of the edgy bois I followed lost their social media accounts and haven't registered their websites. But otherwise it seems to work.

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No it doesn't. If it does overtake Chrome you're looking at a browser with 3 billion active users. If that were to happen BAT would mega moon because it would absorb almost the entire digital advertising industry worth $400 billion a year. Even with only 25 million monthly active users it already has Amazon, PayPal, eToro and many other large companies advertising on it. The only reason smaller companies/individuals are not using the browser to advertise yet is because they literally can't. At the moment you have to spend at least $10k/month to advertise on Brave, that changes when self-serve opens up.

Brave is growing fast, and will keep growing fast. Most people, especially young people, only use their phone to browse the internet. You can't download extension on mobile Chrome so no adblocker. Tell them that they can browse the internet on their mobile without ads and they'll easily switch, I have first hand experience with this. Even people who have 0 interest in crypto (my gf and boomer parents) have switched to Brave when I told them they can browse ad-free on their phone and get some money in the process if they do want to see unintrusive notification ads.

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You didn't understand my point. Most people will simply use whatever software come preinstalled on their phone or PC. Brave is not an option unless you care enough to through the extra effort. Do you even know any normans?

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BAT is literally top tier hold, you want to install brave browser because the amount of bat you have you could get in about a week or less just by getting ad popups. There's no point holding less than $100 in crypto desu, you want to put a good chunk of your savings into it if you want to see any real gains. I know there's coins that do 1000x but its unrealistic to get those. Always do your research on market cap and supply, news and real world use.
For example, BAT has 1.5bill max supply, it bridges the gap between ad companies and users i.e adblockers and anti-adblocker battles. Its literally one of a few cryptos that has a real world use and value

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No one knows exactly how big Brave is except maybe Brave. They disclose their browser as Chrome.

>> No.29788417

instagram doesn't come preinstalled, steam doesn't come preinstalled, yada yada yada
>muh normies won't adopt brave because they have to download!!!!!!!!!
i dont even think chrome comes preinstalled in most tech

>> No.29788427

They publish the stats every month dude.


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Based, you make me smile anon. BAT is very strong right now, but I have no idea about district. Definitely bother to look this stuff up bro, it will serve you well. Since you're dealing with such a small amount of money, I recommend not really trading it back and forth, as coinbase fees will cuck you hard.
Welcome to crypto bro, there's a lot of money to be made, but do your best to pick strong tokens with fundamentals rather than whatever happens to be pumping, and be careful about trusting biz, even BATbros. Good luck, anon.

>> No.29788664

This makes sense to me, and again, is one of the main reasons I use it (phone gagging, sorry for the short replies, I appreciate how fleshed out your responses are). But if normies use Brave, earn BAT, and it just sits there because they don't know or care, what use does it have in the long term? I get that a situation like that would lower overall supply, and I like the idea of personally paying content creators through dealing with less ads than usual, but I don't see BAT as a coin ever getting huge.

>> No.29788714

I wasn't going to go in to the weeds on this but their estimates come from themselves. It's not a impartial entity. Still like Brave and I am hopeful.

>> No.29788776

FB and Insta came installed on my newest phone, along with a bunch of other bloatware. Chrome comes installed on every single Android device.

>> No.29788806

Android and Chrome OS...

>> No.29788889

Brave used to let you donate to any website, Youtube channel or Twitter account, and it would be held by them until the creator went through verification. They changed it so the donation will keep retrying and will only go through after they are verified, so no funds are ever held by Brave.

>> No.29788919

Checked. I tip all of my earned Bat. Spread the word and grow my stack. 50k hoping tax refund will hurry up and I will go to 75k.

>> No.29789003

30 million is nothing. Like it or not Apple can reach billions. Why would an advertiser bother with such a reduced audience? The boomer boom? So, all the ads are gonna be for catheters and dialysis, or what? I foresee the traditional advertising market simply reacting and shifting to be better vs Brave and BAT "blowing up". Any real company can do what Brave is doing, and they'll likely do it better. Just my two cents, or would you rather have .5 BAT?

>> No.29789007

my point is, normies still download shit even if it isnt on by default, tik tok doesnt come preinstalled yet its fucking normie central there
as another anon has said recently, all you need to do is let the normies know you can browse adfree on your mobile for them to install brave

>> No.29789108

but can they do it in 1/4 of the time brave has spent perfecting it? No. Brave will always be ahead because they were first and thats why google will adopt them and not just clone them. By the time they clone it, brave could exponentially grow to hundreds of millions

>> No.29789406

only thing that sucks is apple quit letting them do ad rewards on the mobile app. apple t&c doesn't let you tip content creators through apps unless apple gets a cut, and they consider clicking the ads "tasks for cash"

>> No.29789412

Tiktok came on my phone too. Not even making a point, I guess. Just think that Brave itself would have to be huge for BAT to be worth investing in.

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They can sell it or use it in the ecosystem. That can be tipping content creators, unlocking paywalls, paying for subscriptions, paying for a VPN, or whatever else they decide to implement. They're working on an SDK so that people can create their own applications where people can pay with BAT.

Of course it comes from themselves, but I trust them on it. If you don't believe it, they have over 10 million+ installs on Android alone (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brave.browser&hl=en_US&gl=US) most likely much more than 10 million because Google Play reports it as 10m+ and the next bracket is 100m+ so it's between 10 and 100 million downloads on Android alone, that doesn't include iOS and desktops.

Boomers are not Brave's main demographic. Their main demographic is people 25-49 and 35% of them earn over $100k a year (https://brave.com/brave-ads/assets/Brave_Buyers_Guide.pdf).

They have to start somewhere, maybe 30m active users is "nothing" to you, but apparently it's worth advertising on for Amazon, PayPal, eToro, Canada Dry, Verizon and many other huge companies. They're also growing very quickly so they won't stay at "low" user numbers for a long time. It's insane to me btw that you consider 30m active users "low", especially in crypto. There are projects in crypto that have 0 users that have much higher market caps than Brave.

>> No.29789521

I think most normies would rather horde BAT and spend it on VG raffles and Amazon cards or something like that. That's what MS was doing to get people on Bing, it kinda worked. I knew several old people that were excited about that...

>> No.29789562

you must have a piece of shit phone then, the top phones do not come preinstalled with tiktok.

>> No.29789611

The whole reason I started using brave was so I could transfer all the BAT I accrued into an interest account :(((

>> No.29789616

That doesn't answer my question. If people download Brave for the other features and not the tipping, and they don't care/know about the feature, then why would BAT appreciate?

>> No.29789701

just imagine if you could pay off your phone plan with your monthly supply of BAT, its bullish as fuck

>> No.29789748

Yeah, it is. LG K8x. I just buy shitty phones and replace them after 4 or so months when I've dropped them enough, cheaper than getting a nice phone in the long term.

>> No.29789835

I made like $17 since the 5th of Feb. I could pay for my netflix and more with it, and the month isn't even over yet.

>> No.29789844

If they don't care about the feature then it won't of course. I don't get your point. If they don't care about the feature then they don't enable it. It's only 1 click away if they change their mind though.

>> No.29789985

brave will become a top browser this year, https://brave.com/25m-mau/
>Over the past year, we have more than doubled the number of our users, going from 11.6 to 25.4 million monthly active users, and from 3.8 to 8.6 million daily active users. We passed 20 million MAU just this past November
you know exponential growth right? just through word of mouth and creators this can explode

>> No.29790093

>Pseudo money
Spoken as a true pseudo intellectual. I really hate that rat-faced spaz.

>> No.29790102

A fair chunk of the ads are BAT centric. Play this game with BAT or buy raffles with BAT. Normies are def into that shit.

>> No.29790133

damn dude, nice. Though hasn't the price of it climbed a bit since then?

>> No.29790169

Because eventually they will find out about it. It is only a click away. Brave is the best browser/Bat is undervalued, is a working project and has multiple uses that are growing still. There is zero reason to not have a bag of it.

>> No.29790171

i'm on track to earn $10 this month lmao, we need to figure out what targeted ads are out there, its mostly crypto and stocks right now, been seeing some big names popping up in my ads lately though like Motley Fool and Etoro

>> No.29790296


So you're just saying it's another available option in the browser? I feel like you're shilling me more on the browser than BAT, and I already use it and have personally recommend it to people I like.


I do think it's going to be a top 3 browser, but it's hard to knock off shit like Safari that you need to download it in the first place. It just needs more name recognition.

>> No.29790730

The bug was fixed, you retard. Take a look at the open issues for Firefox. Maintaining a widely used, modern web browser, is hard work. Brave offers the best privacy and security defaults OOTB of any mainstream web browser, including Firefox (which includes loads of on-by-default telemetry.

>> No.29790732

BAT ambassadors are being located right now, it will only take a few big names to shill it and normies will continue the job through word of mouth, i've converted all my friends to brave just through telling them it's faster and has more privacy, didn't even bother mentioning that you get rewarded for ads, when they find out that after using it then theyre even more compelled to shill it to friends and family

>> No.29790755

Looking at this thread I'm still so early. I thought I was early 3 years ago.

>> No.29790806

Thing is, I don't need to shill you on BAT because as I've said, advertisers NEED to buy it to run their ads. Unlike many other tokens/coins where you just buy them in the hopes of selling them to someone for more than you paid who hopes to do the same to someone else BAT actually has demand from advertisers. This demand will grow once self-serve comes out and more people use the browser. The two are interconnected so you can't shill BAT without shilling Brave.

>> No.29791042

Alright guys, thanks for the talking points, I think I'll stick with my other shitcoins for now but I'll think about BAT. Appreciate the genuine conversation, but I have no more points to make and plans to do drugs.

>> No.29791208

yw anon, im expecting BAT to come back down to 40c so lookout for a time to buy in before it goes parabolic

>> No.29792003

use brave faggots

>> No.29792157

$40 by EOY is not a meme. BAT is the safest bet at moonshot.

>> No.29792354

what a fucking boomer holy shit

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Eich created JS
Eich created Brave
25M monthly users
First private platform with ads, rewards and privacy built in.
First real challenger to Chrome and Google.

Anything under $40 BAT is FUD.

>> No.29793650


Overrated botnet.

>> No.29793905

my ID is ur skin colour so it figures nigger

>> No.29794231

Self Serve 3.0 (public release) end of Q2. Jennie just confirmed in TG. its happening bro's.

>> No.29794310

Oh what the fuuuuckjk

>> No.29794450

If we were in the pre Google days sure restructure the internet plausible but we're not.
Best brave can hope for is mass adoption of BAT by content creators and partnerships with social media sites. If they can do this maybe BAT will be bought by Google or Facebook.

>> No.29794515
File: 1.28 MB, 6032x4376, beBased.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

turboBased and eichBrain aocShivaPilled

>> No.29794638

Interesting. I will look into Brave browser as soon as I get to my computer, I’m currently phonefagging while taking a dump :)
Alright man thanks! When you say DD that’s what I struggle with cuz when I am researching these things I am not too sure what a lot of it means. I am a simple, kind dude. I work as a carpenter (post you responded to had picrel) and I just want to diversify myself financially. I really love this board and the people on it, and whenever I see posts of someone cashing out a huge payday I get a secondary rush from it

>> No.29794663
File: 27 KB, 270x359, hohokim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

web3 is restructuring the internet.

brave has had a native utility token in the browser since 2017.

it's not a question of "if"; brave as millions of people utilizing crypto, most of whom have no idea wtf the blockchain is.

this is how you get normies on with crypto.

>> No.29794789

>Blames brave and not the person impersonating him
What a fucking Boomer.

>> No.29794938

Brave has native IPFS and TOR.


Self Serve
Publisher Ads
DEX (this is huge)
Brave YouTube client
Brave Mail
Brave Capcha
Brave QR Codes
Brave Together

Brendan also alluded to a social media aggregator.

If you aren't bullish on BAT and Brave now, I can't help you. You will have nights rolling in tears drunk thinking about how you saw threads on here and dismissed them trying to chase DeFi scam coin rugpulls when some zoomer sits on the bus next to you and you see them scrolling through the web on Brave when you were to egotistical to get in on it early.

>> No.29794954

Oh wow, I actually had no idea it used to be like that. Probably just an oversight by the team. I'm guessing they hadn't realized people would be cunning enough to use their little browser to do such things

>> No.29795108

It literally wasn't a problem at all - just that guy sperged out about it.

>> No.29795276
File: 67 KB, 1119x737, poahpy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brave changed it after YT'er Tom Scott got his labia in knots and threw a fit about it on Twitter.

I think it was a year or two ago.

>> No.29795366

FOMOing registering piewdiepie website in Brave.

>> No.29795659
File: 90 KB, 1098x784, twangbat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine if you had a clitoris so huge, that you passed yourself off as a man.

That is Tom Scott.

What a fucking cuck. Brave generated more income for him and he got his vagina in a bloody sock over it.

>> No.29795752

I don’t think Brendan would allow google to be bought. He is pretty serious about how scummy the tech giants are.

>> No.29795881

the cunt wears jeans and sneakers, he's an absolute nerd faggot that is stuck in the past

>> No.29796047

you can get it on your phone too anon,its one of the best browsers for mobile because of its inbuilt ad-blocking. Aim to have at least 1000 BAT soon because things will be getting interesting over the next 12 months.

>> No.29796174

It's pumping against BTC, so buy it

>> No.29796927
File: 90 KB, 1118x826, aocbatness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy fuck BATBros, did you all see this?


Turns out, Grayscale buzz in January wasn't just a photoshop rumor.


>> No.29796949

Yeah what does this mean?
When BTC eventually pumps again will we be going down or will we be shot into orbit?

>> No.29797226

It means regardless of btc Bat is able to pump/ not drop with the market. It is safe because it has actual use.

>> No.29797399

Wow really narrows it down...

The digital assets currently under consideration include:

Aave (AAVE)
Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Cardano (ADA)
Chainlink (LINK)
Compound (COMP)
Cosmos (ATOM)
Decentraland (MANA)
Filecoin (FIL)
Flow (Dapper Labs) (FLOW)
Livepeer (LPT)
MakerDao (MKR)
Monero (XMR)
Numeraire (NMR)
Polkadot (DOT)
Reserve Rights (RSR)
Stacks (STX)
Sushiswap (SUSHI)
Synthetix (SNX)
Tezos (XTZ)
The Graph (GRT)
Uniswap (UNI)

>> No.29797499

Bingo. Pumps with and without BTC. 15k stacker here. my biggest holding

>> No.29797593

here you go monogoloid

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