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Don't worry bulls, just 1164 days until the next halvening! See you then!

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Crypto meme is done. Invest in HoloBrides.

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plenty of time. will be back on it's moon mission in no time

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Unironically would love this, please please please give me 3 more years to build, I never have enough time...

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this. I would suck 10 dicks if it meant bitcoin crashed and/or crabbed for the next two+ years

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>2 years of knife catching to zero

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What is bitcoin and where can I buy it ?

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I believe after halving the price will go up and the demand will increase as well.

By the way have you seen Mochimo.org someone suggsted it to me.

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You mean you'd cut back to only 10 dicks, you shill fag?

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fuck bitcoin and spot trading. NFT markets are separating from them. waiting for chainguardians sale and bought lots of superhero cards for long term

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I'll be ready.

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It's over hahahahaha

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