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say i have one (1) million dollars in the bank
i take 500k out and burn it in a fire
will my networth go down 500k or would i still be a millionaire
would there be a way to reclaim my money since i essentially didnt use it
the ones and zeros in the computer still exist somewhere right

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Im selling everything right now

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You will never be a woman

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A-Anon... I...

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best FUD to date

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you could be on to something
reely make me think

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Sers took to many edibles

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Wait... hold on a second. What if I only pretend to burn it and then reclaim the money anyways?

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Why burn when you can smelt

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Based and infinite money pilled

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The ones and zeroes become less when that money leaves your account, and once it's out of the bank your money is no longer insured against the bank losing it even though only about 250k of it is insured to begin with. Burn it or lose it, it's gone forever.
>TL;DR underage or idiot. Maybe both.

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The big brain play is to steal from your own account, the difference will be federally insured so whatever you steal is pure profit.

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Cope the system still thinks that money is out in the wild being circulated not being destroyed

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Irrelevant to the OPs question, which is in regard to getting the money back if he withdrew and destroyed it. In regards to his networth, it would only be 500k regardless of whether or not anyone else THINKS he's still a millionaire.

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