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Redpill me on NFTs. Is it as easy to make money on Rarible as it seems? Can I sell my wife’s nudes on Rarible?

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Bump I’m being serious

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No practically nobody buys nfts it's mostly just a large bidding room where no one actually bids

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NFTs sound retarded but so does crypto at all. so chances are it's going to be huge. Remember the idiots who buy paintings of literal shit for millions.

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Seems like a money laundering scheme like Pokemon cards. Sorry, guys. Nobody is actually going to buy your $200,000 Charizard.

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The guy who made this supposedly made 34 ETH today. Why? And how do I get in on this?

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Simply follow the price of the Dodgers bobblehead NFT released back in 2017 I believe. That valuation should hint you as to the state of the market.

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Post pics here first so we can verify the authenticity (no right-click/save allowed)

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I haven’t made anything to sell yet and I’m not dumb enough to post my shit here

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>money laundering
>transfers illegal money to ETH purchase art = sell art transfer ETH back to legal money
Im sorry that is retarded unless im missing something

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I minted one the other day

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How much did you make anon?
I don’t know how to make digital art but I’m a decent painter. Would people pay for scans of my paintings?

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nothing, its just a mediocre gif lol.

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