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So this week we've had lots of new integratios with other coins and gotten new launches on diferent exchanges.

AVAX looking better. At this rate, I belive in 1-2 years, being a validator will be basically better than a medium wage job. Id advice to take advantage of this dip to get your stacks up. In the meantime you can farm PNG (or Zero if you're a faggot) or stake if you'd like to keep it fresh and get some passive shekels while you wait.
This coin has great things for us and will only get better in the future

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comfy farming PNG with my AVAX-LINK pair
0.5% interest per day is a pretty good deal

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Ikr best deal around

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Will I get a decent yield farming pangies with a poorstack of 55 snax, or am I better off staking?

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you can't compound as much but the APY is still much better than staking, however you need another token to pair with AVAX

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Zero is a pajeet rug. Do not give them any attention.

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Thanks fren. So to contribute to the AVAX/LINK pool, I also need to hold LINK? I hold IOTA too so I wonder if that would be worthwhile.

As it stands Binance is still offering decent staking %APY

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