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>GameStop appoints Chief Technology Officer, 2 additional new Executives to push forward e-commerce and customer focused transformation

>Is the Squeeze Squoze?

>Real-Time Trades

>Trade Halts

>NYSE Short Restrictions

>Most Shorted Stocks

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first for frens

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for chooms!

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I for one, love GME. Don't care if it goes down every so often, it still takes me up

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i gotta give it to you fags. i've been edging my shit for seemingly hours at this point but going through the previous thread calmed down my raging boner and i actually learned many things. thank u, frens

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No problem, we just want this to end, one way or another, and it's just not.
Not yet.

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Fifth for Cunny

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Monday morning open price predictions??

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I will never give up

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AH and premarket threads at by far the best time for discussion now, market hours are pure frenzy.
glad to see you here, I'm probably going to sleep now though.

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I'm guessing uhh several brazillion dollars anon

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$100 might unironically be a steal fundamentally if cohen chewy's gamestop

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i said i'd post it again and i am so call me a fag but here it is
here's my best summary of what we know
1. we know that very big institutions are long on the stock. very long, to the point that they somehow own 200 percent of it. we also know that many of these have increased their positions after the original crazy spike.
2. we know that in the last two days 33 million and 22 million were shortsold respectively -- but we have no idea how much of that is swingies vs. actual doubling down.
3. we don't know what short interest is exactly because they seem to be hiding some in ETFs. ETFs like XRT are very very clearly overshorted too, and their overshorting seems to match with the date of GME suddenly reducing it short interest to 30 percent. Afterward GME's explicit short interest still went back up to 60.5 percent? correct me if i'm wrong. it seems weird that they'd hide it and reduce it to 30 percent for optics but then go back to 60.5 percent. this wasn't in my original post, but i wonder if that's because ETFs like xrt reduced gme.
4. the volume has been fucking insane the last few days, implying institutional dbz battles on both sides. i could be wrong but it seems to me there's no fucking way retards on /biz/ and wsb are fighting these gigantic red dildos being thrown down just by going HOLD THE LINE over and over. especially not after there was so much FUD in normies after yesterday's big drop from 180 to 100, with the last big drop being right before afterhours.
5. i'm less certain about this one, but it seems like for them to have actually covered their crazy positions the price should have spiked more than it did?
6. even if ikbr isn't a great resource because it doesn't seem to make sense numberswise, the fact that you're seeing available shares to borrow fall on their would seem to support a doubling down narrative.

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This really is a huge prisoners dilemma. The longer this continues the more I can tell a squeeze will happen. It may not happen for a while, but as long as the price remains above 40 GME will still be alive. It's just about who gives in first.

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>calmed down my raging boner
Not for long

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All this publicity is definitely helping them. They will be extra famous for years now. The store that's coming back and is very popular online now. And they are already transforming to offer more PC products. It's only a matter of time before they become an online gaming platform.

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Fucking furfags

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>short interest to 30 percent
I'd change this to say only that 60 number

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would be fucking hilarious if they incorporated a deer as part of their corporate branding

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yeah you're right i should've just had it be that without mentioning the 30. it just bugs me that it'd drop and then double like that when they're hiding shit already.
honestly, i'm trying to figure out how shorting etfs even works if the stocks aren't evenly distributed. if i have an etf with 10 of x stock and 1 of y stock, and it gets shorted, what does that even mean for both those stocks?

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There's nothing fag about fur

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prisoners dilemma between hedge funds and mm’s. retail instigated this prison riot by randomly yelling NIGGER in the cafeteria but now its a full on race war between various gangs in prison.

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I don't want to fuck a deer
I dont want to fuck a deer
I dont want to fuck a deer
I dont want to fuck a deer

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Or at least have more reindeer on display during Christmas sales

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ill buy more if it dips to 60-75 currently in at 48

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Get help

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i wanna add onto this just because i'm not sure about the mechanics. when you short an etf to short gme (and then presumably go long on the other positions just to balance out, which is what i've read but honestly i'm still not even sure on that) are you just hiding your risk or diversifying it? i mean, you're liable for delivering the etf right? is it that the etf is going to rise in price equivalent to the rise of the stock? i'm a brainlet and i need to walk through the mechanics

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What do you guys think about this?


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Checked and denialpilled

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Very uncertain, he seems like he has it figured out but then there's this:
It's always difficult to believe someone who wants you to wait and seemingly buy into their product. I really hope he comes through, which of course is what they always want

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Does Melvin Capital have an Underwriter?

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What do you anons think is worse? Incest with a first degree relative or pedophilia?

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Cunny because /ss/ is /ss/uperior

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Why not both?

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We've known about counterfeit shares for a while now
See https://wherearetheshares.com/
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0WXg5T3cBE

If you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour, you will be forgiven. Also see Proverbs 5:19

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I also don't know exactly the mechanics of shorting through the ETF, I haven't seen an explanation yet.
I think that simply calculating `stocks shorted = fraction of stock * ETF shares shorted` is wrong, because the ETF price isn't the average weighted prices of the underlying stocks. So you might have to calculate how much money those shorted shares represent and distribute shorts from there or something...
again, didn't read anything.
>are you just hiding your risk or diversifying it?
my understanding is they are just hiding it, by buying the other shares they would be into a neutral position on them and in a short position only in GME. if GME rises the ETF will rise but only proportionally to the fraction of in it GME (assuming other stocks stay unchanged, which they won't realistically).
technically they don't even need to waste money buying the other stocks to neutralize the position, if they don't mind shorting them.
But I didn't too too much research into this, go ahead and look into it.

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Checked as usual. Guys please direct your fetishes to incest, kids deserve a happy innocent childhood, go bang your cousin or something if you're horny

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pedophilia because at least the incest is consent, no matter how you spin it, a child cannot give consent.

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Its a just comparison between the worst fetishes. I'm totally not into one of them...

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I saw this and I too was weirded out, did he not want to lose the market hours hype or something? At least he says he is checking his data.

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Furfags get the rope

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It's a possibility and the Finra short number adds up.
It also helps our case when most brokers don't allow you to borrow GME to short anymore.
There's a high chance that there aren't many shares left on the market to buy organically.

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yeah i'm gonna look deeper into it so i can understand it. i'll post back when i do, if i do

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looking forward to it

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How do institutions own more than 200% of the shares anyway?

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I saw no explanation yet, I sent an email to finra asking 2 hours ago, maybe I'll receive an answer before the squeeze...

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Yiddish runes from the age of Isaac and Jacob

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I'm assuming they bought the naked shorts the hedgies printed. This is my first stock so I have no idea how any of this works.

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It's definitive proof they have not canceled their shorts position, honestly.
How can the shorts cover what the longs HAVE.
It explains the abject fear. They can't make the institutions sell.

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If anyone is invested enough there is this study about the VW squeeze
you can see the pdf by using https://sci-hub.se/ and pasting the url

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these attempts at making gme holders look childish and dumb are easily spotted. No nigger no one is gonna send a email to finra actually expecting a answer. They are gonna tell you some generic shit and ignore all requests afterwards. Now please go and fuck yourself in a corner.

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Give it. Unlike you I wouldn't use it to neck myself.

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kek I just did it to see what they reply, calm down fren.
I actually used https://tools.finra.org/cc_support/
do it too.

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If green and digits, Monday will be the start of the squeeze.

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It won't be Monday. You have to follow the call options.

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a real deer wouldn't care and would just poop on you

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This. Pedo hunting militias will be a thing soon. I’ll throw monero at those who do.

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Looks like deer is on the menu for ya

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as i understand it, all the options that finished ITM today are paid back monday aren't they? and there's supposed to be like 15 million?

>> No.29814710

Possibly. I don't know the full numbers of ITM calls. I do know a lot of the OTM calls expired worthless.

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* Does Melvin Capital have an undertaker?

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>1 post by this ID

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Still waiting to see earnings report March 21st and its effect on this totally rational market

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1K sell limits or higher boys?

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Much higher

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So what happens when gamestop inevitably prints new shares in March or whenever they're able? Will that put a damper on the squozening?

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Is there any basis to the claim that the HFs are backed up by the fed?

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someone with enough money bribe them

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>1 post by this ID
sneaky little FUD monkey

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I'm 7 shares @ $290, wishing I averaged down when it was at 40 :(

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who here comfy gme hodler

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OK. I looked into it. I'm not entirely sure about it because I'll have to finish watching the video but I think the answer is that they buy them in batches. Hence if an ETF had 1GME for 2 of other securities, I'd short the ETF and I'd buy two of the other securities to match. Seems pretty simple in retrospect?

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held when it was at 350, still holding kek

>> No.29816143

to follow up on this, it also makes sense of why shorting an ETF really is shorting something by proxy. I was always confused because it seemed to me that an ETF was an index and should be treated as its own currency. i might be wrong here, and i haven't done enough dd to know the exact mechanics, but the way the guy talks about baskets and unit creation, it seems to me that an ETF is almost like buying a fractional amount of the basket of stocks. How else would an ETF which contains multitudes of stocks only be worth a few hundred dollars? so it'd be like taking .01 microsoft +.01 gme, etc. etc. so if I buy a hundred of those, it's like i have 1 microsoft and 1 gme. it still seems weird to me, but they take it as relatively axiomatic in the video that you can "unbox the twinkies" so i guess it's fine

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Same, nothing moves me now.

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I'm gonna fuck a deer and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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The practice of ones fiscal philosophy ought to take the form of philanthropism.

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Here, in since $60, almost sold twice, should have sold at $200 AH but I was busy. Not a qtard or a redditor who thinks it will go above $1000. I personally think I'm already being greedy being 50% up

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step 1: enter gme thread
step 2: read >>29817616
step 3:

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Some one post that story. You know that /k/ one

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Shills, why did you choose /biz/? Go back if you don't like the based furry posters.

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Should I buy back in at $99

>> No.29818588

CEO of based
Step 4: buy (moar) GME

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>Shill doesn’t understand percentages
Good for u bro

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Ok here's an exemple: let's say that an ETF have 3 companies which make up this basket of stocks. Apple, Google and GameStop. The wight of each company is 33,33%. Now you want to short GameStop with this ETF. You short the ETF for $300k. Short 100k AAPL, short 100k GOOGL, short 100k GME. Then you buy stock of non-GME companies: buy $100k AAPL, buy $100k GOOGL. Now you only shorted $100k worth of GME and nobody can know looking at the GME short interest.
It doesn't matter that you only buy a fraction of the shares through an ETF, if you ever have to buy 100 fractions of an ETF to get 10 GME shares that's what hedge funds will do.

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can you build his algorithm, ie the 15 minute average stuff for each exchange?

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>Nigger doesnt know that 90 is 150% of 60
Jesus Christ I need to get out of this stock, imagine being a Qtard

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35-50 bucks

>> No.29820159

should of done it when it was 200 anon

>> No.29820438

Its on SSR. Gonna pump on Monday

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Absolutely and fundamentally based and redpilled

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Why are amerikkkans so obsessed with stocks?

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It NOT 90 bby. Though to be honest with you bby, I thought it closed on 110 and you were thinking 50 buck gain was 50%, that mistake is on me and I shall bear that burden until the day I die. You on the other hand, will inevitably have to bear the weight of having sold early and missed out on the riches to escape wagie life forever and that makes me feel very sorry for you. All the best, lots of love

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>Pekora visiting Miko's house and finding a dropped lava bucket.jpg

>> No.29821295

To be frank anon I probably would neck if it reached 10k a share. If it somehow manages to touch $500 and has a steady increase I'll get my original investment back + a little more and hold tight. How about that?

>> No.29821359

The little guy is just hopped up on adderall getting pumped on his own hype, let him have his fun. His posts are always good

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If you short an ETF, when you return, you still have to return all of the stocks in the basket right?

>> No.29821771

That sounds wonderful. You’ll be walking away with a profit you a special anon like you deserves. It’s also worth really considering the long term possibility of Game Stop, it may make you see that you’re in a great position regardless of a squeeze. I thought it was a load of shit but after looking into it a bit, it seems Ryan Cohen really does have the potential to turn the biz around

>> No.29821848

They can also issue FTDs for an ETF, increasing the amount of GME in that fund.

>> No.29821899

Checked and yes.

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I have a question for any filthy jannies reading this. Why delete these posts?
Since when were udders considered NSFW? Should every children's picture book featuring cows with udders be taken off the shelves? Are nude but featureless and non sexualised depictions of angels also NSFW?

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step 5: help deer anon pump

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Thank you

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you and i should play the lottery

>> No.29822881

>tfw too retarded to understand the meaning of context

>> No.29822974

literal only way out of poverty or a one way ticket to poverty besides crypto

>> No.29823437

isn't this the place where we start talking more about defi and less about stonks? I mean really. the best way to weed them out is to just ignore them. their money will be worthless.
this is why I trust AAVE more than BOA. fuck em

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Hey fren, super comfy hold. It's so simple, you hold, sip some coco and sell at the 4- or 5-digit number of your choice. Now that's what I'd call dumb money - dumb to miss out on.

>> No.29823959

benis squeeze starting right now
t. knower

>> No.29824065

I'm not actually a shill. I fell asleep shortly after this post and just woke up precisely at 3:00am. Again. But that's a thread for /x/.
During the first pump a bunch of Very Confident Posters were saying that one of the reasons the squeeze was a sure thing was that gamestop couldn't intervene to print more shares until March. But now I see more Very Confident Posters saying this could run into April. I just want to know what changed. Can gamestop blindside all of us some day in March with a bunch of new shares? Would those new shares allow shorters to cover, or would it just give them a longer lifeline and push the squeeze into June?

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Not selling till I see 6 digits in my portfolio

>> No.29824200

cool, I might just sell at the gamma if I can get out without losses. $330 here

>> No.29824791

No shills on weekends. How high can gamma go?

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averaged down from 310 to 70, wasn't holding much at the start cause it was just for fun before really. but i saw the hedgie's blood in the water and jumped in. very comfy to say the least

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Dumb shill, everyone except (you) will sell at $132k

>> No.29824927

No idea, I'm taking the last high as a benchmark, so I'm not selling below 400. I did buy the high but I averaged down a lot when it hit the 40s but I'm still shooting for the moon.

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>based anime poster
Yeah I think im selling at 132k

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I'm sitting at 46$. Kinda sad I didn't buy more on yesterdays 90$ dip, but I have an aversion for averaging up. Might go full retard on Monday.

>> No.29825214

Blue Board
Nudity and cropped porn is not allowed

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kill yourself kike

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>> No.29826018

Why would they issue shares to avoid bankrupting HFS which tried to run them out of business and screw their customers and retailers who have GME by artificially lowering the price?

Either you’re retArded or a shill

>> No.29826199

To raise capital. But they want to let it squeeze first so the hedgies are desperate and then they can offer whatever price they want. Then they’ll have enough money to buy Nintendo if they want

>> No.29826299

It would allow them to cover, which isn't something Gamestop's execs would do as it would basically be a deathblow to the company pissing off a huge amount of shareholders in their target demographic. Equally they can raise revenue by selling when the squeeze occurs so there is no benefit to them to not ride it out.

>> No.29826550

Thanks for the reply. I feel a little better. I hope you and others are right that gamestop would want to grind an axe rather than rising above the fight to just run their business and survive.

>> No.29826637

I am just pointing out if they cashed out now they would be doomed. They're migrating to a new business model and cannot afford to piss off their largest target demographic (young boys and men, even if they don't personally lose most enjoy seeing Hedgies get fucked).

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132K Soon

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