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Crazy. Bitcoin actually should be going up right now, but it's not because the market is spooked about Ethereum's impending demise and the rise of Cardano.
As of tomorrow (or the next day now, not sure which cuz I'm not even looking at a clock) it will officially no longer be "vaporware" as it's many detractors have always claimed. It's entirely possible that in a week it will be the #2 coin by marketcap.

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While crypto space will be spicy as fuck when ADA flips ETH. Vitalik might actually rope himself. Can't wait.

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The more i'm reading into the controversy with Tether I'm actually starting to worry a bit.
Bitcoin started crabbing once they stopped minting coins.
I got into crypto pretty late into this bull market, I don't have that much knowledge on the space. That being said this shit makes me worry everything is going to come crashing down...

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This defi shit is really something different. Do your fucking research on JIGSTACK

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Bye and good riddance ECR20
Easy to move over to cardono, can't wait for the token announcements.

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just don't be in at the top of anything and you are good anon. USDT is fine, at least for now. you can get out of tether if you like

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Hope he live streams it

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PnD of the week lmfao.

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Don't quote me I thought it was after epoch 250 finishes.
So 3 days

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>2 more weeks!
>3 more days!

like pottery

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This needs to go to $10 to offset my other losses
Rolling I guess

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Dubs and this shit goes to 10 bucks in 30 days

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I just looked up coinmarketcap, and ADA can flip ETH just by doing a 2x while ETH crabs

Assuming ETH doesn't tank. Interesting

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>ethereum market cap: 170 million
>cardano market cap: 46 million
>it just needs to 2x
??????????????????????? anon

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this has been resolved.

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When Cardano hits 2 dollars there will be fear in the street, ethereum holders will have to chose between commiting suicide or selling their eth for ada. Eth holders will rain from skyscrapers in big cities around the world, and massive amounts of eth money will flow into ada, skyrocketing adas market cap, and causing eths market cap to plummet, and thus a 2x will be enough

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I only like ada because biz fuking seeth at it haha

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