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>work a year at Walmart to save 10k to finally get into crypto
>seems like peak bull cycle last weak, go all in on Algorand at $1.6
>so excited to begin my journey to escaping wagie hell
>the next day everything starts dumping and I don’t know what the fuck to do
>a year of cleaning up piss and shit from the bathrooms getting fucking sucked down the drain by the minute
>the pressure snaps me and I sell at 0.91
>it goes back up again and I fomo back in at 1.12
>the hell fucking starts again today and I just panic sold a second time at 0.92
>lost $6000 just a couple days that I took 8 months to earn

I’m so fucking exhausted, /biz/. Why was there no coaching on this? How am I suppose to watch red candles kill my fucking savings minute by minute and NOT react? Im fucking breaking down crying right now this is so unfair

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we tell everyone to not swing trade.

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Why do you work at Walmart?

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1. Don't invest lots into shitcoiuns
2. You only lose if you sell. Hodl on for dear life. Delete the app etc if it means you will stop looking at the price and getting anxious
3. Its not too late. 2020/21 bull cycle hasnt ended. likely peak in late Mar/Early Apr

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I lost 0.5 bitcoin over 3 years swing trading.
don't give up

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It’s ok algobro, we’ll pull out of this dip yet. Trust in Silvio and he’ll provide salvation. Bless your soul

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Because I dropped out of high school due to anxiety and my parents told me I couldn’t stay with them anymore so I moved to a fucking shithole in the middle of nowhere and have been plotting my exit from this hell through crypto ever since

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This. Also, go to college and earn a degree in computer science if you really want money.

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Bro just step away from the chart. That's why you shouldn't invest more than you can afford to lose, because it's volatile and so you don't get so emotionally invested. If you invested a quality long-term project with fundamentals, you can be a lot more comfortable with your hold during dumps.

In the long-term, your knowledge of finances and actually investing your money instead of just letting it rot away in a bank account (or wasting it on frivolous crap) like 99% of normies do is much more valuable than some small amount of money in the short-term.

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Stop being retarded, buy when it's red and you are most afraid, and always ladder in and ladder out. When it's green and you think you're going to make it and you start imagining your mansion and waifu harem, sell.

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>never invest what you can't afford to lose
>swingies get the rope
That's literally all the advice you need

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im sorry anon. unfortunate because algorand is a long term investment. you happened to pick a very good crypto at the top of a pump then papa bitcoin decided to take a dump for a while. you probably should have just held. crypto has insane pumps and dumps. if a project is good, even if it dumps, hold. you only are at a loss if you sell.

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>buy high sell low
>invest what you can't afford to lose
>Why was there no coaching on this?

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I know that feel anon. Invested all I had at the peak in 2017 ($8k at the time). Bled all the way down to $2k in December 2018. Hurt like fuck. Link saved my portfolio (though I sold 75% of my stack in December to "diversify" because I was scared to go to zero). My portfolio is worth about $200k now. Not enough to get me out of wageslaving, but it's a start. My honest advice right now is just hang out in BTC/ADA/USDC for now. Everything is overpriced as fuck, you won't make many gains unless you see a pump starting, which there aren't any right now. FTM literally just ended, wait for the next.

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I’m not an algobro anymore man I have PTSD from that coin I think I’m going to put it all in NuCypher it had a low market cap and it sounds like a good coin for dumbfucks likes me

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I’m sorry to hear shot that anon. I advise finishing high school somehow. A career is a much better plan than gambling shitcoins. We will probably have another long crypto winter after we peak in a few months, please consider a stable career path. We’re all gonna make it.

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Fuck off. You do not deserve money.

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Should have listened to the old boomers who gave you stock advice. Index funds, bonds, that sort of thing.

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Jesus bro you are going to be working at walmart until you die

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Did you understand the market cycles before investing? Did you have an exit strategy? Did you understand the volatility in this space?

I know the answer to all three is no. You fomo’d in and then panicked TWICE. No sympathy here investing is not for you buy boomer etfs and fuck off back to walmart

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i know how you feel. consider it a 6000 dollar, yes expensive, class in investing. think ni 10 years u will lost 6k in a day and not blink! you shouldve been reading while u were saving but now u can tkae time to learn and take u 4k, and make a profit. if u turn the 4k into 5k. u can turn the 5 to 10! u shuold set stop losses and learn to control ur emotions. the fact u saved 10k working at walmart for a whole year says a lot about you! i think you will make it. u can turn this ship around. slow at first but in time u will just say damn that was one expensive lesson.

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A fucking TRANNY coin. Are you trying to an hero anon? Just stop.

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>buy high sell low
>this was a mistake
>buy high and sell low again

Here's a protip:
1: buy bitcoin and chainlink
2: do not look at crypto for 3+ years at all
3: you are now rich

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You can report loss on your tax returns. Also, don't buy risky investments. You aren't ready.

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What do I buy then man? I need to make it with this last 4K or I actually fear i might kill myself

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Do I buy it now or wait? I fear it will take off any day and I’ll miss out so I feel like I need to buy something right now while it’s “low” because you all keep saying I missed the discounts

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Fuck you then, faggot. This coin isn’t meant for paper handed fomoing retards such as your self. This pure bred aryan coin will survive without you, bitch.

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>Why was there no coaching on this?
>hmm looks like peak of the bull run I should buy now

You're an idiot and a slave. Grow through struggle.

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>ladder in and ladder out
Presumably meaning withdrawing and depositing in segments rather than lump sum?

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Just buy btc every week with whatever u have to spare. Dont even look at the price just invest same dollar amount through the years to average it out

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Sounds like you are using Coinbase. CoinbasePro has much lower fees so you should be using that if you're not already.

Also, since fees are percentages based on a central exchange like CoinbasePro, there is no reason not to diversify. You can choose 4-5 good holds and divide between them.

stop trying to time the market and just get in, hold, and DCA in more if you can. DCA is dollar cost average and basically you invest money at a regular interval instead of trying to time the market and this helps average out fluctuations.

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You see the lead dev? Pink fucking hair, probably join the 42% before a working product comes out. Meamwhile HBAR partnered with google, IBM industry, used in UK hospital for covid tracking. That has a future, hasn't pumped yet. Coinbase listing soon.

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Jesus anon, have you done any research on crypto at all? Put your 6k in BTC,ETH, or ADA. Then, Don't fucking touch it for a few months.

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besides, losing money in crypto is a right of passage

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No one knows anon. No one knows if, in the next 72 hours, or the next week, or the next month, if it will go mostly up or down.

That's why I said you get in whenever, and then you don't look at it for 3 years.

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>Why was there no coaching on this
There is a huge amount of "coaching" especially if you do some research.

Maybe investing isn't for you

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>shilling your shitcoins to a desperate guy who's freaking out over how much money he lost
Fucking disgusting, truly. BTC may or may not recover, but ETH is about to be massacred by gas fees and competing chains, and ADA is pure vaporware hype that will soon dump just as hard as it pumped. Shame on you for trying to rope this poor man into that trash.

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I don't understand, if you believed in the product why did you pull out. If anything you could have doubled down on your decision you know?

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He literally did the opposite. He fomod and panicked.

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stop investing in altcoins if you don’t want to see big swing of prices retard
seeing your mentality you’re going to fomo back in some retarded shitcoin to make up for your loss, get burned (again), and kys
take some fucking benzos or step up

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You fucker ought to know, you only lose money if you cash out.......which you did.....twice.

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Because I thought it was all going to 0!!

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This is why don't put 10k into one single shitcoin. You shouldve put like 80%-90% of your 10k into good coins like BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA and the rest into shitcoins. Now you just hodl for a few months and try to sell when you feel we are close to the bull run top.

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just get some education and find a decent job

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I would be in almost the same spot with BTC, wouldn’t I? I would have bought at 56 and panic sold at 45 thinking we were going to 30k like all of you said

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just DCA my fren and then hodl for life. i lost $40k but i'm still here

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You know what I’m sick of you all telling me to get an education go FUCK your self niggers I’m going all in on NuCypher I’ll be back when my portfolio is 40k to tell you I was right then tell me to get an education you stupid gorilla nigger

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Sorry to break it to you but that didn't happen, next time you need to be more confident with your picks and try to diversify your coins. If you go all in chasing something you're just going to get burned out bro. You'll make it and get through this but you need to be smarter with your money next time.

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...is this just a really elaborate NU fud?

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Every rookie mistake.

Sorry you fucked up but lurk moar.

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a highschool dropout little paper handed bitch that just spent a year cleaning shit in wallmart calling me a nigger
think about me when you go back there to buy a rope champ

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I lost a bitcoin in the bear market and technically another. Get on my level. Only have 1 bitcoin instead of 3 now. Down 100k. When btc goes to a mil, I'll be down 2 mil

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What should I buy? I don’t want something that will pay off in 3 years I want something that will be good this cycle/year

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Just diversify bro. BTC, ETH, LINK, ALGO, GRT, NU, etc. are all decent picks that are on CoinbasePro, but do your own research and feel confident with your picks. Then you can DCA.

You gotta remove your emotions from investing, even the brightest minds can't predict or beat the market. Amount in the market > time in the market > timing the market.

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Ngmi, dumb shit bought high sold low instead of just hodling. What a fucking dumb shit. First, you picked a dump fucking project to go all in on, second, you're dumb as shit for selling then fomoing back in WHEN EVERYONE KNEW THIS WAS HELL WEEK.

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>work for a year to buy a literal shitcoin
This is why poor people will wagecuck forever. Thanks for your service.

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Okay I went all in on NuCypher. I’m just gonna uninstall the app now.

>> No.29824035

Yes exactly. Never go all in, that way if it keeps going down you can average down, if it keeps going up you've started adding to your position when it was lower.

>> No.29824082

I am going all in because I need out of this fucking HELL man if I diversify into shit like chainlink No way in hell I’m getting out , shits going to what, 2x max? At least with NuCypher the market cap is low enough for a 10x this year

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Anon. Your 6000 gave you a great lesson. Don't swing like that. And don't go all in one coin.

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>Didn't do his research and buy BNT
>literal money printer
>10k would have netted him 2k coins and staking that would have made him filthy rich
>bought Nucypher so he can crab forever in dollar coin hell

Yeh, learned his lesson

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I did my research on BNT and that shit has poor prospects for mooning this cycle man. I’m literally only interested in 10x’s. Bancor is not going to 10x this cycle sorry, I do like it as a stablecoin though but what do I know I’m a retard

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You need at least like 500k - 1m to make it bare minimum in order to quit wageslaving, and even then you would need consistent returns from index funds or some other investment in order to make that last. It's something that will take years to work towards and it's a volatile market so nothing is guaranteed.

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I plan to move to Thailand and get a 4’8 gf even 50k would hold me for a few years and I can live off passive income from crypto

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>Why was there no coaching on this?

This was your coaching, consider it a harsh lesson.

>> No.29824268

>Why was there no coaching on this?
Always the victim

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This is exactly why you're ngmi. You're clearly too emotional to trade, you want your money NOW, and you don't listen even when people give you good advice. Why would you put all your eggs in one basket? What happens if nucypher doesn't work out?

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Yeh see you on the 10x side of that stupid thought

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Honestly anon, I would just pick something solid with a working product, maybe look into defi for some passive income. And preferably don't put thousands into a $1 coin hoping it goes up. If you place your bets and chase some shitcoins, you'll burn out and you'll only just delay yourself in trying to get of the situation you're in. You can't even afford another loss like that and you'll just be more upset at yourself.

You still have your youth and have a lot of time to make it but not if you make emotional decisions like what you did with that coin.

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>bought high, sold low

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He gonna crab until he gives up, sells and fomos into the next ath then when he panics again and sells low he won't have enough money to afford the rope so he'll just use his charging cable to swing trade his soul right to hell one last time. Ngmi.

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OP is a emotional faggot who invests everything into one coin

>> No.29824541

I am not familiar with algo but I bet you bought ti after it did a 200% in 2 weeks or something

normies literally buy high and sell low you guys are literally insane

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Bro. I don't post much. Long time in crypto. Almost made it. I will share my personal opinion. Always browse biz. Invest in the coin which is most fudded here. Right now that coin is rubic. I feel same as Chainlink. I bought link at 1.20, still holding.
Just look out bigger time frame. Don't do the day and swing trade, as Market specially altcoin depend on btc dominance and direction. Get in project early or Atleast at retracement. U bought at the top. I am still sure that u can recover ur loses and learn as lession.
Good luck anon. Stay strong and focused. U will make it.

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You all fucking told me to buy it!

>> No.29824649

only people that got in way earlier told you to buy, as a form of gloat (the euphoria and dopamine kick is big when your pick does a 100% shortly) and as a form of making you FOMO and to pump their bags even more

>> No.29824674

>seems like peak bull cycle last weak, go all in
Why the fuck would you go all in at the fucking peak, mongoloid?
You should've gone all in 6 months ago. Now it's time to harvest, not to sow.

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>kys swinger
seen much of these?
just fucking hold until you are rich
or wait a while and stack up on JIGSTACK when released.

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Check out Katalyo, 10-20x

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Thanks for the advice anon but I only have a Coinbase account so I can’t get most coins

>> No.29824827


It was a good buy when you bought it, but if you know Algo you know they are artificially suppressing the price. You were doomed to crab until 2023 at the earliest. Why the fuck would you even listen to anyone here? 90% of biz is pxjeet scams and the other 10% is mocking people like you. How TF could you even sell? Post some Bobo's, wojacks and celebrate the ups and the downs. Instead you hit the sold button. Twice. Twice anon. Twice you showed your balls were made of cotton candy. Nucypher is a great long term hold as well. For a fucking 5x.

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Thats why you need to understand the fundamentals of the crypto market first. You don't panic sell when it dips. This is just the 2nd dip of this bull run. This bull run will go on for a few months.

In 2017 we had 6 major dips before the bull run top was in.

>> No.29824889

Im going to hold nu anon. Thank you. No more sell from me

But they said they’re releasing more tokens in April does that mean I should sell before then?

>> No.29825178

If you’re addicted to looking at price charts, I believe you should at least buy coins you can stake for return. Some coins are giving 12% returns for staking in the validator node, which you can then use to buy more coins or other alts, at least to grow your bag.

>> No.29825234

What are the best coins for this, BNT?

>> No.29825358

Anon, just learn basic simple task like how to use metamask and trade on uniswap. Buy from there. Watch YouTube videos. If u depending on coinbase, u will not make any gains. All the coins listed there are already well established and already mooned to the best. U will have better opportunities to make good gains when u enter in a fresh project. Don't buy all the crap from there. Make sure u buy after research. Don't take anyone words for it including people from here. And including me.

>> No.29825374

Low marketcap would be ONE (13%). Medium would be MATIC/Poly (18%). There are more, research the list of the top 200-300 coins. I’m only invested in these two though because their ecosystems are codependent.

>> No.29825468

You're associating work with money, you need to snap out of that. Money is nothing, stop caring and when you feel nothing, suddenly you'll be rewarded, and feel nothing.

>> No.29825585

Swing trader here. This is good advice, I got caught holding BTC at 57K and BNB at $245.
I'm not selling, I'm just going to wait for the market to pump again in the next few months.

>> No.29825668

God damn I actually feel bad for laughing at OP right now. He's actually legit special ed and trying to make it. You can do it little buddy, you can do whatever it takes to make it. I honestly can't believe you saved 10k just to lose 6k in a week. Like dude, you're your own worst enemy.

>> No.29825805

Swingies get the rope, OP. Algo is a legit project, which unfortunately, is still in its vesting period that prevents literal mooning and catastrophic dumps. In short, it’s price is suppressed until said vesting period is over. You did not do your research, you swung, you FOMOD, and sold at a loss. Now, you have the audacity to cry and point fingers here. You are literally not gonna make it.

>> No.29826067


Kata brother! We're getting bare minimum 100x.

>> No.29826149

Realistically speaking, you can still swing for more coins while waiting for price to increase, more coins you own the more profit potential on swings.

Buy 2800 coins at $1, sell for $0.80, $2240 now, rebuy at $0.75 cents, now you got 2986 coins. Price goes back to 80 cents > $2389 now.

Swinging is hella risky no matter the game because you have no idea when the market is going to take a fat dump and never recover from it, but you can get really good at guessing when the highs and lows are to minimize risk (even if that's not a 100% guarantee you'll be right)

>> No.29826286

Just hold it you'll be fine bro. You'll have to wait like 10 years on ALGO because of its shitty tokenomics - but its tech is the best out there and so it will succeed in time.

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The reason this happened to you is the same reason you ended up at Walmart. If you were born with a wagie brain then the only future for you is cleaning piss and shit. If you try anything else you will fail and lose money.

>> No.29827465

NEVER sell at a loss. Should have just HODL'd and collected interest untill it rises above 1.6

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>spent a year saving up cash instead of DCAing into a coin
>didn't learn a single thing about investing in a year
I'm sorry OP but wtf? Take a month off from crypto gambling and gather yourself.

>> No.29827587

Bought a bunch into CRO, Eats shit, realize it looks like Bitconnect 2.0, Pulled out we will see if they didn't steal my money.

>> No.29827668

starting to look like they did gd it

>> No.29827690

oh hey im gay

>> No.29827830

Stop selling you idiot. Ive told every newfag who comes to this board you only lose when you sell. When in doubt hold. Hold hold hold. Algorand is a great project. Put it in the wallet and only look once a month at the rewards. It's a long term hold. You don't sell until 2030 at the earliest.

>> No.29828146

Saved 10k in a year at Walmart? You don't know how lucky you are to have your expenses paid my mom and dad.

>> No.29828208

This shit give you 6-8% of tokens per year. If it dump, just keep it staking, Once value get back to your buying price you have ACTUALLY erned some money (just a bit, but those are gains)

This is why this shit is comfy as fuck. Real project holding over trading. Just buy this shit and forget of them for a while...

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Can some anons post their experiences and how they handle crypto?
I'm also a newfag, got 570 FTM last week at roughly 0.4~ and now it's crashing, potentially to below my entry point.
I do believe that the project will withstand and it could go back to .8 and potentially beyond, but I'm just too inexperienced to know if it can survive the mishap it had with the node shenanigans.
I want to see other anons' perspectives and their general modus operandi before I get my next paycheck and get into crypto for real. I know there are tons of guides online, and this might sound stupid since I'm asking anons on a basket weaving forum, but I don't know if I should trust those random online guides

>> No.29828927

this. though to be fair to anon, i made this same mistake when i jumped into the crypto market in Jan 2018. Fucked up big time, but made up for it by buying low in dec 2018 and throughout 2019. now im worth low 7 figures

>> No.29829007

how old are u anon?

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>> No.29829059

i fuqn love it.


>> No.29830151

>>I’m only invested in these two though because their ecosystems are codependent.

Why would you invest in two coins that are codependent of each other? Isn't that pointless?

>> No.29830302

Stop worrying about it. It's gambling with guarantee payout if you just relax. Stocks and crypto can be a lot like the game of craps. Great payout for players if you're not retarded.

>> No.29830479

>started with 200 EUR
>swing trading making small profits
>start to lose money cause of greed
>many lessons learned(whales/bots, cutting losses, etc.)
>mini crash happens
>do the sell/fomo thing you did, lost 25%
>another lesson learned
>latest crash happens
>up 10% from before crash
A lot of this is about experience and getting burned and taking valuable lessons from your fuckups
Think about it, you probably will never make that same mistake again

>> No.29830761

What's there to lose? Moreover, why not just gamble at a casino, you obviously have a problem? That money could have gone toward something useful. You shouldn't be investing. You don't have spare capital.

>> No.29830893


If you start do not invest everything at once OP. you should dollar cost average, which assures you do not buy the top.

>> No.29831633

Why are people so emotional or irrational about money? Just control yourself ffs, you‘re doing more harm than good with these rash decisions.
Always ask yourself questions all the time.

>can i afford to lose x amount? If so, invest
>is this a good project? Read about it
>do i understand the material even superficially? No? Read again
>short term or long term gains?
>am i being scammed? Why is this anon creating so much sense of urgency?
>what are implications if i do x? Am i comfortable about decision x? How long it took me to decide? Am i fomoing?
>etc etc

Don‘t be emotional and read. Read a lot. Know yourself.

>> No.29831705

Kek, you are an idiot. Probably why you are working at Walmart.

Here's a tip: save some more money, wait for the end of the bull market later this year. Put 1k into BTC every month. Hold for 2yrs + till next bull market.

>> No.29831787

Because people don't understand what they are invested in, invest more than they can afford to lose. When they see the price go down, they panic. May as well go to a fucking casino...

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fix your paper hands, moron. the last thing wagies can afford is to panic sell and then fomo back in, much less repeatedly. we need iron hands, and consistent investing, to make it. that's it. investing is a medium for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. you're impatient, that's why you're losing money. warren buffet is a faggot nigger boomer jew, but he's right on a lot of his niggerspeak bix nood.

>> No.29832416

Shit this is the best advice, this is always what passes in my head. Thanks anon

>> No.29833160

No one said getting rich was easy

>> No.29833219

Trading is a dangerous game

>> No.29833442

if this is how you react within a week of getting into crypto, you aren't made for this market - at all. You will never understand it and you will never win in it.
Go start a business

>> No.29833471

Should have dumped your money into ETF's in a TFSA. If you're going to swing trade, do it on stocks and go low risk. Use it as supplemental income, take the money you make and throw it into more tax free ETF's.

Crypto and swing trading don't go together. Better off to buy when a coin is low and hold, then sell when it peaks like everybody else - rinse repeat; and only on reliable coins like BTC and ETH.

You honestly would have been better day trading or swing trading stocks then attempting to swing trade shitcoins.

>> No.29833526

>Why was there no coaching on this?
theres this new invention called google. You should check it out

>> No.29833641

why do people on this board like to realize losses so much

expand your mind, think long term, invest in technologies you think are good in the long term and do material things to make that vision a reality

you can't expect to extract rent from the market

>> No.29833730

that's probably the worst thing about being poor

it prevents you from learning successful long-term strategies, forces your thinking down a short-term tunnel, and makes you intolerant to the short-term volatility inherent in risky investing

this is why the SEC regulates securities

>> No.29833778

I was having doubts and was about to sell. Bancorchad... I kneel

>> No.29834122

to op:

next time, invest in mostly low-cost ETFs in sectors you think will be successful in the long term. Buy them whenever, don't try to time the market.

Then, if you want, diversify your portfolio, do the same for cryptocurrencies. Take time to learn about blockchain tech, then pick some coins which you think will be successful in the long term and invest 15% of your net worth into them.

Wait 10 years.

One thing you have to realize is that there are massive asymmetries of information and power in all financial markets. Swing trading is an arms race between powerful firms that spend $xxx,xxx,xxx on engineering salaries alone and will gladly drop hundreds of millions of dollars to literally BORE THROUGH A MOUNTAIN to gain a 20ms latency advantage over their competitors. You can't compete with them. On their timescale, the information about your "swing trades" is known to them decades before your trades are executed.

>> No.29834291

Why should we make you rich?

Fucker, did you make me rich?

>> No.29835519

>I made my bed now I have to lie in it
>Why can't I get rich quick anyway

>> No.29835663

>got caught holding
wdym? caught by your wife? irs?

>> No.29835766

are there any other method to DCA if you delete the app? I want to delete my wallet app but I still want buy in per paycheck.

>> No.29836144

Dude, wth. I'm a HS dropout wagie too but you pulled all the way moves.
1. Cost average
2. Don't buy the peak, buy when shit is red
3. If you did buy the peak, buy more when it dumps
4. DO NOT PANIC SELL, just hold that bitch and keep accumulating. It's only a loss when you sell at a loss
5. Investing is a game of patience, not luck
6. Don't FOMO, most likely it's the peak.
7. Money comes and goes, don't panic when you're down, buy more to lower your average cost. This is how that game goes

I cost average Algo since it was .7 and made more from Algo than I have wageslaving the past month. You just need better investing strategy.

>> No.29836173

great way to look at it

>> No.29836175

stop reading there, I don't know what your entire post is about, but I bet it doesn't end well.

>> No.29836248

If you make your 6 grand back you have to pay taxes on it fuckin topkek

>> No.29836260

When you're swing trading, getting caught at a price means that you bought at the wrong time, and now you either have to hold until profit, trade your way back to profit, or take the loss. The intention was to simply sell it shortly for a profit.

>> No.29836316

Pretty sure the OP explains it. He's retarded.

>> No.29836378


This is exactly how I DCA. I wait for red candles and I buy. It's that simple. The past few days have been nice for getting my averages back down a bit.

Although I'm holding for 2-5 years so I'm less concerned with prices for the time being and just concerned with stacking as much as I can.

>> No.29836398

You shouldve lurked more lmao

>> No.29836420

Thanks for your losses, they are my gains

>> No.29836720

Buy shit that hasn't pumped yet. I'll give you a freebie: buy syscoin and don't get impatient.

>> No.29836843

You're either a troll or delusional, day dreaming about living in thailand from crypto passive income when you can't hold a single btc correction.

>> No.29836978
File: 149 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210227-095953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29837083

By the way that is just 2 weeks of gains. I can see this one going to 500m or 1b market cap.

>> No.29837135

Your parents instill crippling anxiety in you then kick you out because of it, shitty fucking parents, I’m sorry m8.

My favorite advice on here is to stay calm and make as few of moves as you can and don’t just look at the 1m candles. Look at the 1 month candles too. Study your play before you toss in your money. Never ever sell at a loss. There are cycles to these pumps too that are timed with the moon, stars, tides, geometry, and gematria at meaningful dates and times because freemasons, the vatican, jesuits, and jews run it as a religious ritual. Don’t chase the pumps as they’re pumping, analyze the candle behaviors then when you can start accurately predicting, put a little in. Remember you can turn $100 into a $100k with three well measured trades. Good luck lad, calm down and ygmi.

>> No.29837167

just dollar cost average and keep your job. you're not smart/lucky enough to day trade

>> No.29837280

How can you be such an insecure paper handed bitch? Every time there's a big swing on the price you have to ask yourself if this changes the reason you invested on the asset to start with. If it doesn't, then you hold that motherfucker, if it does then plan out your exit strategy and set your stop loses (idealy you should do this BEFORE you start trading, to avoid euphoria and emotional tradin). To sell at a loss just to buy in at later date has to be one of the most retarded shit you can do on trading. Let this be a lesson of what NOT to do, and better luck next time.

>> No.29837362

LARPing fag, not buying NU, fuck off

>> No.29837436

>fear it will take off any day and I’ll miss out
They always pump and then come down. Calm the fuck down and accept you most likely will never make it, then and only then will you make better choices.

>> No.29837528
File: 32 KB, 553x553, biz brain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we told you to buy low and sell high

we also told you to HODL

>> No.29837599

Built for EBT

>> No.29837681
File: 85 KB, 680x453, 1614010601833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


SO you dropped out of highschool, your parents kicked you out and you probably work minimum wage and managed to save 10k$ in 1 year AND ALL THE BEST Thing you can do is losing that money on fking cryptos?

If i were you i would be going etf and stonks all the way baby , especially to dividend shares...
lmao but there is still hope, at least you earn my dividend at walmart so keep up the good work buddy, you are one good work drone!

>> No.29837726

>go all in on Algorand at $1.6
and i stopped reading there

>> No.29837872

Stop selling you dumb faggot, the money you put in only disappears the moment you sell at a loss.

>> No.29837940

We more need guys like him to give us money.

>> No.29837978

I started with 10K and managed to turn it into 100K without even knowing the space or doing that much research. Never go all in on a shitcoin. Set up your foundations first. Establish your holy trinity (BTC/ETH/LINK)

Especially right now since everything is still on sale.

>> No.29838048
File: 192 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210227-102410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used my rubic gains to go into BEPRO, the next obvious moonshot for me. And I'll use gains from this on the next one. I'm going to retire before I'm 40. Working is for losers.

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