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Suicide stack is 10k you newfags. You missed out. Just give up and buy something else because you’re not going to make it off of link anyways.

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Make it stack really was 100k because all the make it stacks have made it by now. Meanwhile, 10k are suicide stacks because even though I haven't made it, I'm still not killing myself.

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yea I've been buying/using crypto since 2013 and I can't imagine buying a vaporware shitcoin like link just because of some shills on 4chan LOL at newbs who don't understand leverage trading btc

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>you’re not going to make it off of link anyways.
kek, neither are you

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You mad linklet?

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>bought in at 0.20 but only got 4K because poor as shit
>bitch cunt aunt stole my inheritance and I've had to work from rags
>slowly been grinding my way up to 8k just before we pass $10
It's not a lot, but it feels good bros. I'm happy I could strap in with what I got before we take off.

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This thread is FUD. OP is implying LINK is barely gonna go up this bullrun but we all know that chainlink will be $1000 EOY.

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>It's not a lot
It’s not even a suicide stack faggot. You will ngmi. Just sell and buy something else.
Have you seen the price action? We’re barely going to be 50 dollars this year

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most newfags on /biz don't hold link op... there buying things like grt and rbc.

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Got a newfag question; what does “suicide” mean in the context of a suicide stack? I’ve always taken it as meaning an amount you’d lull yourself over if it crashes (or an amount you’d kill yourself over if it moons and you sold early) but >>29841781 makes me think it means an amount that KEEPS you from killing yourself because, if it moons, you’re rich.

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I invest in real stocks. Like GME and AMC.

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sui stack means you'll literally off yourself if it pulls a LINK and don't have one.

make it stack is self explanatory

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yeah they've been outperforming us these past 6 months

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I take it as the amount that when it moons you won’t feel enough fomo to want to kys, so yea, 10k is enough to make you feel like you did a decent job but not enough to make it

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>You will ngmi. Just sell and buy something else.
You sound like a linklet lol

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It's to take care of your family in case of suicide.
It will be rough for a lot of holders when 10k LINK is only worth a used toyota in 2022.
Then when LINK starts making news in 2028 your family has a chance to remember their spergy son had some, get the funds, and secure their existence.

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ok retard I'll just buy QUICK and Rubic

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Actual suicide stack

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suicide stack is the stack were if it moons, you wont kill yourself. since its hitting 1000EOY, 1k is a suicidestack because you will inevitably become a millionaire

t. 444 linklet

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and you are STILL here?

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>Suicide stack is 10k
If you believe link will top at $100 never to go higher, yes.

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>If you believe link will top at $100 never to go higher, yes.
It's going to $50 top

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then 20k is the suicide stack for you

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