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reminder that the real Eth killer was Link all along

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duh. Link will be #1 crypto soon enough. it actually does something useful

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? this is bullish for link and ETH. U need ETH still for this sir.

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already dropped the gas prices too lmfao. vitalik should kiss sergey's feet

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lol don't tell these tards let them have their fun
arbitrum is vaporware btw

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Fucking delete wtf

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Eth will remain as the base block chain that stores data however all the expensive computation like smart contracts will be done offchain using arbitrum to save $

Eth will remain, but it won't be used en masse for smart contract execution

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Bullish for bancor

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arbitrum is supposed to be a surprise dude, people on /biz/ will likely ignore it anyways (even tho its gonna slap them in their dumb faceholes in about a month so hard lol)

but seriously stop posting about arbitrum

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>confusing L2 and LINK
Looking forward to heaing Mat Beale's opinion seeing as he owns >10% of the public linkpool tokens

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Based, march is going to be good.
What do you mean already?

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You dumb af boi

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/biz/lets are my frens though

I want to see them make it

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you're right man...I just get jaded sometimes with how much people here talk shit about LINK and ETH while not even following the development

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OCR nigga

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people have been talking about it here for months kek

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Oh ya that's another big sleeper who is about to really wake up

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>vitalik should kiss sergey's feet
What? He's more likely to be pissed off. He's a complete mongoloid with a messiah complex. He can't accept outside help. Plus, he is making bank off of these fees and will not enjoy seeing them evaporate.

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WTH are you talking about, ADA will kill ETH.

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Chainlink will be moving to Hashgraph soon

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Yup, eth will essentially be reduced to a settlement layer

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Where does the Chainlink (LINK) token come into play here? How will this affect the price of said token?

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ETH and everything on it is on life support bro.

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fuck off dumb investor cuckcoin
>I will never visit your trash you try to shill
no one will believe in this dum[
smart investors chose juld, just check this stat for last year. ez +220%

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arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

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LINK is fucking shit and this nonsense wont do anything. What is arboritum a fucking blockchain for trees? Wow so cool. No wonder this shit is tanking

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Cant wait till every "eth killer" gets killed by L2 solutions soon. They are getting annoyingly cocky recently, pinkies will be satisfying to watch

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>ERC20 token is the ETH killer

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lmao that's pretty good man. but yeah it's all crap and you shouldn't pay attention to it haha

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link doesn't come into play, OP doesn't know what he's talking about, go to sleep, buy ADA

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they can migrate to another chain at any time

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Too many niggers and plebbitors here now though, need more jeet scams and slave finance projects

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cope harder

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Chainlink is performing services and collecting payments for the services. It costs more to use than it should be worth in all but a few very specific cases as everything is done on chain. Sergey has spent 50 million link tokens on subsidizing these nodes that have been costing more than they earn in order to build a large and robust network. With arbitrum fees are so small the nodes should be able to generate a profit on their own. Gas fees have been limiting how much chainlink is worth. The more gas problem is left unaddressed the greater the dilution from Sergey selling off his gibs stack. Once he's no longer dumping every week chainlink will grow in price based on network adoption and as a product of the underlying assets it secures. Don't have the pics with me but you can look at the charts showing network use, assets secured, and chainlink price in usd and they closely follow each other. King shitcoin will still have its effects on the space but I can see a day coming where link is it's own thing and not even considered crypto. It's more like an IT/data suite that companies just use. People will still trade meme food coins and run silly scams so crypto will still exist in the traditional sense we have now. Link will just be invisible for the most part.

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You won’t be able to purchase LINK tokens in the near future as an individual.

It will be for institutional use cases only, mostly because of price. If you’re holding 10k LINK you’ll be able to run a business just lending out LINK for network access most likely.

$ID will be similar for monetary purposes.

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So fucking comfy

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Arbitrum roll-up is done using chainlink nodes, and the roll-up is paid for using link

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this except parsiq

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Link is literally an ERC-20 token, it can't kill ETH because it's built on ETH's blockchain.

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>Link is literally an ERC-20 token, it can't kill ETH because it's built on ETH's blockchain.
Link is chain agnostic

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I don’t understand how it’s currently bringing down ETH prices? Arb main net isn’t out yet? OCR is only for price feeds? So essentially the price feeds that have now swapped to OCR are taxing the network far less?

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It’s not an ERC-20 and you have a low iq

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Delete this, we realized this in August. newfags can buy my bags at $1k.

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/biz/ figured this out in late 2019 you dumb newfag. Go back to twatter.

It won't kill ETH but instead cùck them into submission as a settlement layer.

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Seething stinkers.

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I want to understand what you're talking about, but it's confusing when lots of us are literally storing link right now by sending it to our ETH wallets.

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link is an ERC677 token actually
and they don't really need the ethereum network, they could work just as well on another public chain

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You're a fucking idiot. Everyone has been talking about it for a year when it was first imminent.

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So what happens to our linkies in our etherium wallets if/when the project moves on from ETH?

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it goes to zero, sergey takes his millions he made by dumping his bags, and moves on to dump more bags with a new token he makes on another chain lol.

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if that were to happen they would provide steps on how to do a swap, maybe using a wallet or sending it to an exchange that would do it for you

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tell that to Spergey who despite OCR is still pulling 1.5m LINK a week to subsidize fees and basically make the service free
wonder what happens when they start asking customers for payments kek
cucked by Eth and even with OCR, he's realizing he may as well cash out
don't worry though, he's spending the money wisely. you have to TRUST him ok?

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Link runs on ETH.

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there's a concept of "wrapped" tokens, look it up.
it effectively allows you to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another

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You are fucking dumb

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Where. have. you. heard. that.

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it sounds like a possibility though doesn't it? the Hedera Token Service just came up

honestly it would be a difficult decision for Sergey, Chainlink is too big now and the chain they moved into would get a huge pump from a news like this

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he's 100% right
Link is ETH
i know yall like to claim 'blockcahin agnotic' but all the feeds run on ETH. I've never seen anything relating to another chain EVER.
Arbitrum is just one flavor of roll up (roll ups are part of the ETH roadmap btw) and not one that really has traction with leading dapps

chainlink is part of the eth stack

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Sounds like someone put the lime in the coconut.

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Indeed! Sounds almost too good of a possibility
I'm a huge HBAR supporter, that wold indeed cause a mass media boom and push it into pride discovery range! May our wishes be granted

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That's not entirely true. hasn't it been used by BTC?

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Ari is a tech purists. If hashgraph really is the next evolution in crypto I could see him wanting to be involved.

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Yah probably. Their Twitter just said they're far from done and need to hire for 3 positions. So this months after their projected deployment date. Looking a bit vaporous.

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No they haven’t. The last tweet is the guy running their Twitter simping for some bug. Equally as bearish, mind you. I agree that Arbitrum is vapourware though. Really annoys the fuck out of me because when we first learned about it the whole thing sounded great. Turns out you really cannot trust anyone to deliver in this space, fuck you Ed Felten.

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Jannies banned my fucking ass, someone can take a look at this or post this in a new thread. This seems to be fucking HUGE remember when speculated that CL will run the as rhe http protocol of Web3 look at what this fucking company does bros.

Holy fucking shit

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I told 10k LINK and 10 ETH will I make it?

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I’ll do it.

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If something like uniswap used Arbitrum, would the end user need to do anything different, or would we continue to use metamask as per normal and just benefit from reduced fees?

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>the nodes run on ETH
>its an ERC token
Pic related is you.

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