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I don't see a goddamn BATurday thread, what the fuck boys? We got a 2021 roadmap up and everything, get hype.

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We're 1100 sats now. We're chillin in this crab/bear market. The tension of that falling wedge is now gone. Holders didn't get to get their beloved discount, and doubters are deflated.
What's there to really discuss? Roadmap 2.0 looking solid as always. But you know... just... waiting... accumulating.

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Always found it weird we can get 200+ reply threads in a row then the next day we struggle to get 15

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Probably just a bit of your run-of-the-mill BAT fatigue. Can you blame the holders?

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I love BAT and i wish i had a fat stack i will not be making it with you bros due to my small stack. But i will be there until we moon!!!

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We're getting even major crypto youtubers talking about BAT lately, alongside ADA.

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Sell me on BAT.

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Tell them to talk off

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Imagine having a crypto based off people watching ads with a shit browser kek.

Can't you all just understand that tezos or algerand is the future? Just look at what it was like today! I won't warn y'all any more

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I've been putting it a lot of legwork in these threads lately, but screw it I have a little time:
>BAT has an actual product alongside it, a free chromium-type browser that has a reward system that pays users if they choose to opt-in to see notification-type ads in place of regular website ads
>Brave blocks all normal ads in-browser, just like a regular adblocker.
>Hundreds of companies advertise through the Brave browser
>BAT has a lot of room to run, but normies are not hyped about its price action yet, simply because it has not reached ATHs yet, and are so stoic about its abysmal price action since 2018 that they hardly bother to pay attention to BAT
>BAT price action on the BATBTC chart looks very good right now, there was recently a bullish momentum shift with divergence and support found at 600-800 sats
Only things holding BAT back right now:
>BTC dipping and dumping
>The in-browser crypto wallet by Uphold, which people are not too keen on due to it needing KYC
>users dumping their free BAT earned by watching ads back onto the Brave team in exchange for USD

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How's your Saturday going, lads? Glad to get in early on a thread for once.

I hope we do; I'll pick up another 50k.

Pro-Tip: Be able to spell the shitcoin you're shilling so you don't look like an even bigger goof for mentioning it in the first place

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When I use the fuckin phone browser I can't phonefag on 4chan. All my posts say they're posted and never show up in threads. Wtf? Is brave anti-4chan?

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Shit, i misspelled something!?!, despite the fact i am completely right and the market today fucking proves me right? Suck my pixie dick faggot

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I should add that there are a few reasons why BAT itself exists:
>It offers an incentive for advertisers to jump onto their platform because users always block their ads and there is no guarantee that anyone is TRULY watching their ads, or if their ads are simply being blocked.
>If BAT is held up in user wallets, and Brave browser continues to suck up more and more advertisers willing to buy BAT in order to advertise, then advertisers will have to pay more, and WANT to pay more in order to advertise on the Brave platform
>BAT is necessary as a separate token because it allows the Brave team to set up their preferred distribution and dilution methods/schemas
>savvy users can catch if Brave dumps too many tokens on users, such as their dev fund on etherscan

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You have no idea how badly people here want this dip to happen. Things are suddenly getting so heated-up for BAT that our massive accumulation phase feels like it's being cut short, out of nowhere. I could easily double my stack right now if price even touched 30 cents.

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Sometimes you have to hit refresh once or twice after posting. I notice this on my iPhones somewhat frequently.

>Suck my pixie dick faggot
At least you understand you'll never be a real woman, Gurdeep. Many sorry sirs.

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yep, id go all in if a dip happened

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>Many sorry sirs

First of all, who the fuck wants to be a woman kek

Secondly, I don't take shit from india, especially in knowing they can't even handle their own shit. LITERALLY

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Get out you fat rich fucks BAT is for the poor you sick fat pedo fucking fats GTFO

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thank you anon i appreciate the /basic gestalt/

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No probs man, I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on this project, but you know, I totally get it. Cucked price for 3 years will do that.
Bruh I am not rich. I'm just studying CS in college and living off of crypto and college aid at the moment.

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I'm just dirty bulking, brah.
One day, thanks to my BATbags.

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Im sorry fren my thread from last night died out at around 12 pm today. Had to take a nap to refresh before I posted again. Wagmi just have to be patient

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>oral cumshot?
Yes, on Jennie.

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I think BAT holders probably only get excited when they're drunk or high, so more likely in the evenings. Or when their kids are sleeping lol

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Yeah, that fits...

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Doomed to crab and lose money in real purchasing power ETERNALLY just like silver

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Yup sell sell sell

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its because i posted 30 fucking times in that thread bumping it before it was archived LMAO

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appreciate you brother,
keep up the good posts.
sell me ur cheap bags
you have plenty of time to increase that stack, project isnt meant to be finished until 12 months minimum.

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Regarding self-serve ads, here's what I found online
>Brave Rewards: Self Service Ads is under active development and an early trial version (onboarding select clients from our waitlist) will be available in Q1 2021. From there, we hope to gradually roll out to the general public throughout 2021

>If you like, you can also follow our development here! https://github.com/brave/ads-ui/issues/337

Seems like self-serve ads are coming out as soon as this quarter. That's actually quite surprising to me. The team again and again showing that they're constantly trying to better the product for the end user and potential smaller advertisers.
Thanks anon, I plan on it.

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Jenny said in the telegram q2 this year the final v3 version will roll out

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I am fine with that, got that tax money. We know bat is going to $40 I would like to get to 100k.

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i dont think so, we will get to 50c and go up from there right now, 45c lowest

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once selfserve ads come out to the public its game over boys, we'll probably see it sometime towards end of year (for the public) and within months for brave ad partners.

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I dont even know what self serve ads are.
do you get to chose an ad category or something ?

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it's basically just buying advertising, anyone can do it, small businesses, the works basically. Even you or me could buy an ad and advertise /biz/ eventually. Right now only brave ad partners can do it, mainly big business.

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oh shid, thats pretty neat.
opens the market like crazy, I dig it.

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that combined with people hoarding BAT and not selling will drive the price up, i foresee a bunch of people just staking their BAT once DEX is released, bullish as fuck imo

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>staking my bat for retirement and also the alternate case where I might want to use it to advertise on the platform
>all on an official Brave DEX
Sounds maximally comfy.

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It would be retarded for people not to use their bat to provide liquidity if they already have it in their wallet and it's connected to the dex

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I just want to buy a fat dip. A small recovery after a fall from peak, followed by a larger dip, has been the pattern for every boom and bust of BAT, so I hope this holds true again.

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that was before roadmap 2.0 though, i doubt we'll see any large dips anytime soon. 45c is what i'd get in at currently, although things could change you never know whats going to happen with the crypto space.
exactly man

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BAT charts are perpetually fucked so you might get your wish, but also realize that there are probably a bunch of people who want to do the same thing, and might even have higher price targets than you for those dips.

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Self serve V3 full public release end of Q2 is huge news. That and the DEX is massive.

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I'm scared man, that's pretty damn soon. I hope this doesn't become another
>Brendan Eich: yeah, I did not say q2...

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have $200 BAT on a mac that crashed. How fucked am I?

>> No.29872311

with Brave Browser on it

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It doesn't matter. It'll happen soon enough so just keep buying until then. Basically guaranteed riches

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people are gonna talk about early days BAT like they talk about early day bitcoin

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as far as im aware theyre stored on the browser, if you can't get access to it then i think you're fucked thats if you can't recover the hard drive. Shit will change in the near future though, we will get private wallets with keys for it.

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i can see it now, people will be posting old screencaps of brave users getting 5 BAT a month for free like they do now with old bitcoin purchases

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imagine how many people will neck once they realise their BAT they lost on a browser back in the day is now worth $1000 a coin

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