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Why aren’t you a software engineer?

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So a man?

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imagine the smell

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nice wordpress blog nigger

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I'm honestly curious what her work looks like

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Software "engineering" is not engineering

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I am but I've never seen a dindu at my office

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fucking disgusting niggers
fuck off to africa subhumans

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>if you were wondering
I wasn't
and you're fired

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Hello world

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that's a nigger

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Too easy outsourcable, too many people entering the market, not autistic enough to care about solving high level math.

Also I dont want to be a code monkey and dont want to start a startup because startup culture is cut throat, manipulative, and faggy (asides from being super fucking hard).

I also hate niggers.

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id fuck that man

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okay, but I don't understand why your appearance matters.
maybe you should show some examples of your work instead?

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I'd like to avoid being a codemonkey. This despite studying a subject where most employment opportunities are either code monkey or academia. I can stall for a few years more but I need my shitcoins to moon.

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Can bitches with nails like that even type on a keyboard?

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Explains it

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Clown world

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What flag is that?

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I took comp sci in college and the 90% of the chicks would drop out after the first semester. To them it was nothing more than a status symbol. They loved being able to tell everyone they met that they were a "computer programmer" despite failing every assignment and test and eventually dropping out. But you can bet even after they dropped out they would still tell people they were programmers.
Some of the chicks were legit, but usually immigrants who actually wanted to learn and get a job.

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i hate women

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Code monkey go to work!

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I literally and unironically am

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It’s alright, I can skim by just knowing the formulas or names of formulas to solve a problem and leave the rest to actual mathematicians.

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wheres the cock?

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The title “software engineer” is just an inflated title. She’s a web developer that probably only knows MERN from going to a 3 month bootcamp and was hired through diversity quota. Others on her team are probably seething at the fact that she works on one jira ticket per sprint and still gets higher raises than they do.

Fuck tech culture.

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>full-snack developer
Uncle Ted was right

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almost no software projects needs high level math.

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How do you even find this? Are you following her? What are you searching for that twitter shows you this?

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No I'm suckling on the teat of academic grants and stipends for a few years more.

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So glad I transitioned to data engineering and data science. Software engineering is full of pajeets and niggers now.
Code quality is out the window, so is reliability, but we gots diversity an shiet nigguh.

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She is basically desperate to be colonised.

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We had a black programmer, he was the only programmer fired at our office.

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Nobody cares about you or your fucking opinion man. Now go and suck a nigger cock

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Checked and true testament to the sad state of affairs that is the west.

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Mmm hmm, I be workin’ wit ress API’s an makin some mad stacks of paper, you jealous hun?

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call me a faggot, but i fucking hate it when cs majors use 'engineer' to make it sound better. nigger youre a code monkey.

t. power systems engineer

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Why you desperate cucks would even pass white genetics to niggers and bugwomen is a disgrace to the race

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kek ours too

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triggered nigger lover

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code monkey niggers don't know any math more advanced that first/second year undergrad discrete math and number theory (if in cryptography). TCS people learn the equivalent of a patchwork of undergrad math, some of them are just mathematicians working in CS. It's not a quantitatively demanding profession by any means, much more a logically intensive activity than anything else. You don't even need to know calculus to do most programming work.

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Seething engicuck mad that I make 250k at 24 with a BS

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i hate the fucking narcissism today

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Why was he fired?

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OP will never answer this.

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Fucking kekd

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>Almost no nigger tier software projects needs high level math.

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Being a code monkey is comfy as shit tho. Make lots of money not leaving your home

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I'm systems engineer
so fuck off

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Somebody I follow on crypto Twitter liked this post

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true : )

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I name my son Dev ‘Ops

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she's almost certainly not a cs major

coding bootcamps teach their grads to label themselves "software engineers" to try and blend in with the actually educated codemonkeys of the world. if you see someone that clearly has no idea how to do anything technical call themselves a "software engineer", they almost certainly just have a 3 month tard certificate

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If you like it, fine. I don't. The definition of wagecucking is wasting your life on something you hate because you can't afford not to. Academia is dogshit in every aspect except that it doesn't make me want to slit my wrists every day.

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deliver OP

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Kek sheboons are indeed manly, they are heads of households and give their surnames to their black children. Black women where the pants in their family, also sexually agressive af.

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I'm very bad at math things. It looks like chinese to me.

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Academia would make me literally suicidal. Being broke making 30k a year doing math all day surrounded by SJW’s. Fuuuuuuck that.

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>op asks for opinon

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this song goes very hard
love from kazakhstan
i hate women so much it's unreal.

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Because I need to get a job to buy a computer, FML, also EI saved my life. Wasn't raised that well desu

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I hired a group of 12 devs for a contract project with Microsoft years back. We had 1 black dev, and out of the 12, he was the only one that produced terrible work, and he had the easy javascript task too. I think we may be on to something here.

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I had the misfortune of working for a company that hired some of these niggers. It was pretty comfy before that happened.
The problem is niggers are literally incapable of fulfilling the simplest task you can think of, so, even though more people were on the payroll, "whitey" still had to pick up the slack.
They lost 7 senior developers, 5 data engineers and 2 data scientists (mainly statisticians) in a matter of months, I left too after I noticed they actually gave a nigger a pay raise for something so trivial it is akin to spelling your name correctly.
Found out they went out of business about 2 months ago, the problem is nobody would hire them, especially the managers and HR.

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Start from the base bro. Once your comfy with the base. You can move forward. Here is a book to help your base. I taught my cousin in one year how to do even precalculus after his base was perfected in only 3 months. He was 11 yrs old

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mmHhmmmm hunny I be readin some of that Old White Man Martin Fowler books and I'll tell you sister, he finna be writin that CLEAN code honey, that squeeky clean code gone give mommy a pair of new shoes sugar, if ya know what I be talkin about

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I don't even have the brainpower to be a codemonkey. I took a class on it once and hated it. I've tried and failed to learn basic Lua a few times.

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Ok mam, I'm going to need you write fizzbuzz.
Wtf mayne, dat shits raycis you cracka ass mufugga.

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you don't have to know boolean algebra to write a program with a boolean expression. they tricked ya brah!

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I am but I'm better. I'm a technology consultant. Some projects I'm coding shit, and others I'm just shooting the breeze and working on slides for interesting shit. Harder to outsource it too. Take the consulting pill.

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>cd code
>cd ..
>cd code

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But I am black?

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I am. I especially enjoy working in diverse offices where I have a lot of women and minority coworkers. The mix of cultures and ideas leads to better software.

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Nogs gonna nog lad. Sad to hear it took out a million dollar business. Happy to see more people understand nogs are trash

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teaching myself to code and making good progress. desu it seems like 90% of the work is just idiotic gluing frameworks and packages together. like most of the work, as with most work in the real world, is re-inventing the wheel e.g. making some variant of a CRUD app on the backend and wiring shit up on the frontend.

i'm not sure if i want to continue going down this path. if it's this easy (and i am definitely a midwit), it seems like the field is ripe for culling. i have a LOT more responsibility/domain specific knowledge as a wagie accountant and i'm paid like 40-50% less than these codemonkey retards.

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Niggers smell like shit, anon.

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>this is what a larping nigger looks like

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Arent you just destined for a career of being a code monkey if you don't know how to do real math?

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Never gonna happen, we've seen the result of lighyskins of white descent in the carribean
> Pic related is a barbados lightskin thot flaunting her lighter status while being a nigge whore

No amount of white blood fixes black stupdity

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bro I fell for the bootcamp thing. Make good money now after 5 years but fuck me it's literally exactly what you describe, glueing pipes together. The big problem is you're not versed enough to do any of the real interesting work. Only do This if you enjoy it, or really like cushiony well payed work.

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It's kind of funny because it's all doomed to fail. Admittedly, they hire people who are smart in those positions, it's impossible to be smart and reconciliate what you're being told, about niggers being your equals, with the reality you're seeing on a daily basis... a bunch of monkeys wondering around the office doing nothing but impeding progress and making everyone uncomfortable.
I love CompSci, I really really do, but if the only way of doing it is side by side with niggers and pajeets, I'd rather see it burn to the fucking ground.

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because software engineers are code monkeys

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what are you wanting to do?

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Why do you have so many of her photos readily available on your computer?

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Based. I'm almost in my last semester studying data science. There are so many jobs in this field, we're gonna make it :D

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I am. They only make us do suggestive poses in sprint planning meetings, though.

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Post chin

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>almost no software projects needs high level math.

you are a fucking retard dude

that is a shame. our sr here is black and quite competent. kind of weird but a cool guy. i get what you mean though.

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someone trying to use love2d

>> No.29867687

what kind of people are you following that like this kind of stuff?

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holy shit my sides

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lol no its not... links to github pls

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Lad I understand you completely. As an electrical engineer, i've seen what my "black" colleagues are capable of, less then a technicians role. Some can't do basic calculus, other cannot understand basic electrical principle, even worse they are given the easy design tasks, but still fail at autocad. Their fired in months bro. Meanwhile I'm out on the fieeld making sure things go according to plan risking my life

>> No.29867751

>Software "engineering" is not engineering
I'll allow it if some kind of formal spec and proof of correctness is employed. Otherwise, I agree with you.

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I'm a dentist so I don't really want to code but I'm just wondering.

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To enforce disgust on this board against the jogger thot hoard trying to get recolonized. Got a problem here is a big black booty for your troubles.

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No one is freaked out by the lack of knee joints.

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Lol, predators with milkers explains negresses so well

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well not really no, you can work in ML, quant fin, computational science, data science. you do need more advanced statistics, lin alg, understand of algorithms to do that. generally speaking code monkeys don't have the capacity to do that kind of work. but, even if you do know higher level math it wouldn't necessarily save you from code monkeying as the labor market is pretty bad for most mathfags and physicfags. i'm finishing up an applied math degree right now and my target is probably going to be bioinformatics which is a form of glorified code monkeying, but I certainly know more math than the average software developer making 6 figures. your knowledge of arcane technical subjects doesn't have to translate into wealth by any means.

>> No.29867934

lol think of how many real devs they have to hire to unfuck the diversity devs' code

>> No.29867957

>our sr here is black and quite competent
Same but I'm in embedded
Actually few based nigroz at my workplace if you ask me, but I can't compare the "fired" thing since no one has been fired yet

>> No.29867990

This is a tranny isn't it?

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You forget lad, most codemonkey's are incels who are blue pilled about women. Any attention from any woman is enough for them to blow their genetic heritage

>> No.29868029

This feels like a long winded of way of saying you coom to black girls and are trying to use reverse psychology to justify it.

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>> No.29868121

To be fair comp science teaches are fucking retarded and can’t teach for shit.

>> No.29868140

>Fake hair
>Fake lashes
>Fake ass
>still a <5
kek niggers weren’t meant to make it

>> No.29868152

post some code fellas.

public static void main (String[] args) {
ArrayList<String> Colors = new ArrayList<String>();
ArrayList<String> Descriptors = new ArrayList<String>();
Colors.add(["red", "blue", "green", "black"]);
Descriptors.add(["based", "cringe", "An-Prim", "despair"]);
for(int i = 0; i < Colors.size(); i++){
System.out.println(Descriptors.indexOf(i) + " and " + Colors.indexOf(i) + "pilled.");

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Yea that’s exactly what most people think software engineering is. It’s what I thought it was. The guy I intern for is a boot camp grad and admitted he doesn’t know what Java can be used for since it doesn’t translate into websites (there’s a framework for that).

Software engineering isn’t exactly engineering, more like software mathematics. Or software Solve-This-Integral. Software Efficient Math Solutions To Problems

Of course obviously engineering is all about math but ... ah fuck it ... I’m done explaining. Take computer science and practice Java/C++ mad you’ll see

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No your projecting your coomer ways on someone with a good message. Nonetheless I digress. Your here to fight over a meaningless topic such as this. Now take a pick of which butt pleases you coomer guy

>> No.29868158

I am. That's me.

>> No.29868200

well I was trying to get away from the whole, it depends shit, which it does, but hearing or reading that is like nails on a chalk board for me. most cases, you learn what you need to know to solve a problem. anybody that says differently is gatekeeping.

>> No.29868243

How do I know you guys are lying
>hint: you made it obvious

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Yeah her ranking is like a 1 at best. Probably in the negatives at that point. Codemoneky's are indeed ngmi in life

>> No.29868266

Haha this

>> No.29868271

Worked with a few black guys in my time most were certainly competent although I work in a very competitive meritocratic field. Not sure how some people on this board have literally never met a Black person that wasn’t an idiot in their entire lives.

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I couldn't keep a straight face watching 6'0 bearded men walk around in a skirt

>> No.29868309

What’s it like at the end of the night when this goblin has a shower and she’s got a skull cap on, loses the makeup and her real hair/blotchy skin is on full display. That ass looks like a bag of cement

>> No.29868312

i have a degree in applied math (from a decade ago) so i'm aware of how deep the math can go. it just seems that >90% of all jobs are gluing frameworks/packages together.

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File: 1.98 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got no math courses this semester (yet, waiting for semester B to start) so I got into the leetcode grind

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None of them. Those butts would appeal to a nigger perhaps

>> No.29868374

Most racists are autists who don't even talk to white people, much less black people.

>> No.29868378

Lmao at all the seething fgts here,
She'll prolly make PM while you cucks work for her

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>> No.29868422

>Not liking child bearing hips and a healthy looking buttocks
Are you even human?

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Then why the hostility towards my message?

>> No.29868449

Bullshit. Not even senior level cs boomers make that much

>> No.29868481

>Not sure how some people on this board have literally never met a Black person that wasn’t an idiot in their entire lives.
I don't know limited exposure? I don't hang around blacks but races tend to stick to to their own even in friendship circles, so it would make sense. I went in with that expectation too but now there isn't really a difference to me. You're either retarded or not, and we have seen an absolute medley of retards

>> No.29868505

Those nails aint developing shit, probably end user testing to make the gui retard proof.

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Probably like living with a person that has gangrene or someother flesh eating disease causing necrosis. Imagine the smell

>> No.29868542

i live and work in the real world, where niggers nig 24/7/365. try leaving your office and walking into a nigger-majority area after dark for more details.

>> No.29868547

Writing business software is 100% just gluing pipes together. Almost no one is doing cutting edge work. Even the guys at NASA and spacex are working with existing frameworks and just plugging in big spreadsheets that their real engineers give them. Probably the only cutting edge programming left is here in the crypto space, in quantum computing, and at the NSA.

>> No.29868556

98% of posters on this board don't work or do not have any sort of social skills ( and thus haven't interacted with any black people). Their world view is limited to what is posted on the shitholes of the internet (aka 4chan and other pointless image boards aka in celibate containment zones), and it really shows.

> calling others boomers but has an arsenal of soft-core porn readily available to upload to 4chan

>> No.29868599

someone explain to me how black girls arent a fantastic lay. You dont have to marry everyone you fuck

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>Work with black people
>Always slack off
>Have to do their job for them
>Their hours get cut
>Threaten you to slow down so they can get more hours
>Jewish boss says he can't do nothing because they're hired from programs

Many such cases

>> No.29868613

>electrical engineer
> "risking my life"
t. larping faggot

>> No.29868620

and here I thought I was mentally unhealthy

>> No.29868644

we work or we wouldn't be able to buy crypto in the first place, but I am autistic.

>> No.29868682

Have you ever looked at SIGGRAPH? Coding anything from those papers requires a heavy math background.

>> No.29868717

le epic upboats! have some gold, stranger!

>> No.29868727

nice larp fag.

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File: 35 KB, 404x435, DHOAH2FXYAAYi_Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Their world view is limited to what is posted on the shitholes of the internet (aka 4chan and other pointless image boards aka in celibate containment zones), and it really shows.

This in no way reflects reality because the people who hate niggers the most are spics who are generally outgoing

Exposure to blacks lead to racism, non exposure to blacks less to cuck faggots

>> No.29868761

Yeah, that anon clearly met the cream of the crop. The averwge nog is way worse then the outliers he met

>> No.29868784

I've worked with white people like this too
T. Brown man.

>> No.29868786

I don't see how his point doesn't still stand

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I called you a coomer, not a boomer.

>> No.29868853


Actually you can if you work at FAANG as a SWE II, which you can get after 2-3 years of exp depending on how good you are. Although 250k would prolly include bonuses and stock options, and not just salary

>> No.29868910

more like coping over your forever 40k/yr until you train a pajeet to do your position for 30k

>> No.29868947

Not true. I used to work at a quant firm as a senior level engineer (infosec). The developers who worked directly with the quants were a higher level or two than me (officer titles, so AVP, VP). They had to clear around 350-450k on a bad year after factoring in bonuses. There is so much money in the finance industry, its insane and hard to explain.
My base bonus was 50% of my salary but there is a saying that if you only get your base bonus you most likely are getting fired. The average mediocre worker would at least get 75-90% over target of their base bonus. Additionally every employee would get a company performance % added to their bonus, plus additional bonus point %s for department percentage. One year I went 175% over target. My base salary was 140k.

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Just realize they have exponentially more std infections makes it the exact oppositenof a good lay. Then there is the fact that they live in shitholes. So they are naturally unclean due to living in slums. Here is baltimore. You want to lay with someone living there

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>> No.29868969

I am really trying to give this person a fair shot but I can't find even a single reference to code or engineering whatsoever on their twitter. No github, no projects they've worked on, not even commentary on a framework or language or service. Anything.

>> No.29868998

My browser auto corrected -coomer- to boomer. It was designed by pajeets which auto corrects to paneer...figures huh

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>White people threatening others
>White people have programs
Larp and cringe

>> No.29869008

>6 figure a year job with perks
It has its own bathroom too doesn’t it?
Lol yeah Shaqanda with her waist trainer on and a bucket of fried chicken under her arm

>> No.29869031


>> No.29869034

Sounds like she twerked hee way to a degree in compsci

>> No.29869039

Coding jobs, in general, have 2 problems. First, you have CS grads with a lot of theoretical knowledge and no fucking clue how to apply it. Secondly, you have code monkeys who managed to slap together a couple of CRUD apps and think they are software engineers.

The code monkey route is easy, you learn a couple of frameworks, html, css, basic js, and how to deploy them. But you have no idea where to even begin optimizing the app.

Good programmers (and it goes for all engineering) know a lot of shit about things adjacent to their work. Like data structures and how they differ between languages, how shit is stored in memory, basics of communication protocols, common algos (you just need to be aware how certain tasks are done efficiently, no need to memorize this crap). Experts recognize nuance, amateurs can't do that.

Every job is full of morons and ego-tripping assholes. Coding and software dev is no exception

>> No.29869112
File: 945 KB, 730x1349, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found him https://www.reddit.com/user/SophiaAndRoxy/

>> No.29869115

I don't know about the programs part but everything else checks out. Don't wanna believe that? Fine whatever fag i don't care. I'm just putting it out there.

>> No.29869116

she's so fucking fine.

>> No.29869131

this only data science

>> No.29869136

>arguments constantly rely on extremes
learn a real language and not python

>> No.29869140

Indeed negresses don't get fit because of hardwork, its usually genetics or in this sheboons case plastic surgery

>> No.29869219
File: 12 KB, 427x400, 65B54297-F593-44B4-A22C-F3751B2AEA61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29869252
File: 207 KB, 1000x1366, 1613870397459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree shitskins right terrible code, do you agree negresses are the worst type of women?

>> No.29869270

whered the "electrical engineer" anon who risks his life designing shit in autocad go
kek 99% of everything on this board is a fucking larp

>> No.29869290

>when just saying 'im gay' doesn't get you enough attention
what an insufferable faggot, fuck this world.

>> No.29869294

Not true, video game engines use a lot of math and physics.
Machine learning lots of statistics.
Finance uses tons of math.
It's only if you're doing a boring, topical project that you don't need higher level maths of some sort, although it's usually very specific.

>> No.29869317

>I agree shitskins right terrible code
loving the irony

>> No.29869328

then why don't you just do it and quit whining?

>> No.29869333

Yep and fuck niggers especially

>> No.29869350

I actually was almost tempted to waste some time doing this myself but I knew already that what you found - nothing - would have been the result. Fucking hate people that pretend to be who they aren't and get away with it

>> No.29869383

>blacks have a statistically lower average IQ and commit crime at far higher than average rate than whites or east asians
>therefore every black is a retarded criminal
Do people actually believe others think this way? Why is it one you point a statical average that you must be saying every individual of that group must conform to that average?

>> No.29869384

like i said 99% of this board is larping

>> No.29869452

Aw the nigger is mad he was getting constructive criticism. Your name is toby, not kunta kinte. Get back to writing shitty code toby. And work on your cad skills. They are terrible

>> No.29869456

Dear sir,

I have an internship at a big bank this summer as a software engineer (python and C#) with a funny sounding technical title.

Will I be a candidate for software engineering roles in the finance industry?



>> No.29869461

Lmao this is true. One of my software engineering teachers at high school would let us play Halo Online for the full 3 hours because he clearly was too lazy/not knowledgeable to really put an effort. He was really chill tho, but now I wish I had a better teacher :(

>> No.29869492

yep jews hate beauty and are using niggers and media to destroy all that’s beautiful In the west unironically, half breeds are abominations

>> No.29869507

his mouth kind of look like ummmmm

>> No.29869510

thats a nigger.

>> No.29869527

Startups are elaborated pump and dumps. No different than the 10 different shitcoins shilled here on /biz/ on the daily. The only big difference is that you can dump after 2-3 years instead of 2-3 weeks if you want to make profit.

>> No.29869528
File: 322 KB, 210x131, DBF5BDD5-27B3-4286-A9AB-F94D0A575F09.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29869556

Tell me aboutbit look atvthis nigger buck make his case >>29869384 he isn't inferior. Point and laugh anon

>> No.29869565

fuck i want that big black booty on my face

>> No.29869602

>at this

>> No.29869619

Someone please tell this person that a three hours bootcamp on css does not make you a software engineer

>> No.29869645

>Your name is toby, not kunta kinte
i dont even think this would offend a black person these days
you couldn't even spell "write" correctly
continue larping and posting those sheboons you hate so much you weird raceplaying faggot

>> No.29869649


>> No.29869655
File: 18 KB, 236x400, 318699932122f313ac6bcce2d9442666--thick-hips-big-black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is another bigger and blacker booty anon.

>> No.29869716

Meds now.

>> No.29869749

like 50% of startups are created by retarded seniors in college or new grads who are trying to leverage clown world buzzwords and parlay it into a job.
just got out of a job fair where the recruiter was a guy only 2 years older than me, he was intelligent, but the entire reason he got into Venture capital was because his highest accomplishment was a failed startup that put him in the VC sphere

know multiple other people like this as well, who did startups for retarded shit got jobs after in finance, defense, etc.
just make a startup and use these words:
governance, environmental ,stakeholder, machine learning, AI, democratized, green energy, solar, recycling.
a green app for african transgenders to produce machine learning aglorithms for tinder

>> No.29869753

Not with those nails, qwaaayn.

>> No.29869764

>software engineer
>front end WYSIWYG click-and-dragger larping as a full-stack dev larping as an engineer
>get a million upvotes because of melanin
Forgive us God

>> No.29869770

nobody would genuinely be offended, but some would cash in on the current social hysteria with pretend outrage

>> No.29869799

unbelievably based trips

>> No.29869819
File: 116 KB, 807x1024, 1613853097608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are till a nigger tyrone. Resorting to spell check as final attack is deplorable. Especially because I spelled writing, not write. Nigger

>> No.29869825

this is true

>> No.29869834

because statistically speaking, everyone who parrots this datapoint without understanding the nuance or greater context behind it from a macroeconomic and societal perspective is ahead of the bell curve by 1 SD at minimum.
It depends.. Are you smart? The quant field (especially in engineering) from what I've seen is extremely meritocratic at the gates and nepotistic once you are inside. Expect to be bludgeoned with multiple technical tests before you are hired.

>> No.29869863

This >>29867340
I am halfway through my law degree, I don't want to be replaced by robots, like software engineers will

>> No.29869874

>learn a real language and not python
i want to get a job not write autistic command line apps in c++ for good goy points on /g/

>> No.29869882
File: 41 KB, 640x700, 1614085781897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very based dubs anon

>> No.29869922
File: 19 KB, 480x360, E3DD5716-2A3B-4F4E-9952-69FE71A5B9E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait till the waist trainer/spanx come off and her stomach, backfat and tits hit the floor

>> No.29869931
File: 88 KB, 1024x1016, 1613788149244m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You first nigger junkie

>> No.29869937

>. Especially because I spelled writing, not write. Nigger
kek so you were trying to type "shitskins writing terrible code" when you typed "shitskins right terrible code"?

>> No.29869964

>Are you smart?
Not especially, no.

>> No.29869973


>> No.29870015


>> No.29870023
File: 33 KB, 739x415, B0028C50-67B1-43D9-B624-78C29200DC28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29870026

yep, that's a vast majority of what makes up a postindustrial economy.

>> No.29870037

Non binary. Demostrates this by wearing womens clothes instead of mens clothes.

>> No.29870042


>> No.29870050


20 GOTO 10








>> No.29870052
File: 190 KB, 768x1024, 1612927855873m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the post I am referring to toby. >>29869937


What do you have to say now nigger

>> No.29870110

Turbo autists like yourself usually write dogshit code,work alone ,never communicate with your people in your team, and have bad hygiene. I honestly can't imagine how you faggots can even function in the real world it seems kinda crazy to me that someone such as yourself is even employed at all. Most of the people ITT have got to be larping.

>> No.29870127

as if 90% of python isn't cli shit
do you have any idea what c++ is even used for?

>> No.29870140

Nig women age so poorly within a few years she’ll be getting around in a fat buggy

>> No.29870143

Wait, this is a good idea.

>> No.29870161

those are definitely men

>> No.29870182

I am. Waiting for my company to 5x so I can retire

>> No.29870213

it's diamond and silk

>> No.29870230
File: 98 KB, 1024x1024, 1613552610098m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not a software engineer toby nigger. I never stated such. Meanwhile you are defending niggers like a nigger

>> No.29870236

it's used to make the candy bar come out of the vending machine

>> No.29870248

Tell that nigger to move out the way so I can see the software engineer.

>> No.29870314

Now you attack nigger finally. Join in on the nigger hate anon by all means

>> No.29870342

Knowing high level math and physics puts you 1000 steps ahead of the the normie CS majors. The best coders are getting minors in math or double majors in mathematics.

>> No.29870361

Imagine being so stupid to think that bots will be able to code themselves

>> No.29870374

because i'm a devops engineer

>> No.29870379

yeah it's not used in aero or defense or anything like that
my name a borat

>> No.29870386

All negresses are manly by nature. They come from a matriarchal society based off degeneracy

>> No.29870392

Like a whoreish nigger? Yuck cunt

>> No.29870408

I work at a startup and its literally nothing like what you said besides hard work.

>> No.29870424

embedded (not a computer engineer) and low level stuff (<10% of the software job market.) i've played around with microcontrollers for fun before you accuse me of not even knowing what C/C++ is.

>> No.29870439

>npm install isodd
You mad?

>> No.29870473

Software engineer is a broad ass term. But it's not broad enough to claim your black is one just because you know html, css3, and some shitty framework like php.

Maybe Shaniquwah is getting it mixed up with Full Stack Engineers ? You need good in-depth knowledge of Databases and Javascript for that

>> No.29870475
File: 7 KB, 214x236, puke_pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29870476

Digits confirm

>> No.29870525

He's smart: he knows the coding job market has become a bubble at this point. He did you and your class a favor.

>> No.29870528

so yes it's not just for cli /g/ points or whatever you said

>> No.29870535


>> No.29870538

ok im black and this made me lel fuck u

>> No.29870559

Good luck to anyone going into software engineering or CS in 2021...

>> No.29870567

>Imagine being so stupid to think that bots will be able to code themselves
>Implying an AI will not be able to writte computer programs
If a nigger can, surely an A.I. can do it, after all they can be trained to do so, sure it still may need some human correction, but at the end is not that big of a task

>> No.29870580

only very specific kinds of higher level math and some of the quantitative skills you learn during a phys undergrad are useful to someone going into CS. you don't need to know the vast majority of the material you're exposed to, it's practically useless. numerical analysis, discrete math, some probability and statistics, lin alg, maybe a tiny bit of diff geo if you're interested in comp geometry or computer graphics, and obviously tiny little bits of functional analysis will help quite a bit. But, that's really mostly for academic CS research. Honeslty, just knowing a lot of stats and lin alg is your best bet if you want to get into ML and things of that nature. Quantum computing is an academic pursuit for the most part, not sure how lucrative it really is at the moment.

>> No.29870584
File: 193 KB, 1200x960, 1613254887329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

decently based 82 you got there fren

>> No.29870592

Fucking kek

>> No.29870604

A bunch of fat obese pigs.

>> No.29870607

working at a startup is not the same thing as running a startup

>> No.29870614

N= "nigger"

>> No.29870627

that's a whole lot of cope you got there buddy. core biz are either wagies, self made, or trust fund babys. but you wouldn't know that because you're a fucking tourist

>> No.29870634

Probably creating shit using WYSIWYG software

>> No.29870640

You could have saved yourself the first two lines and just say you hate niggers.

>> No.29870681

I didn't know you wanted me to tell you everything that language is used for, so I just picked my favorite one. and soon, my favorite use of that language will go from vending machine, to sexbots

>> No.29870702

Why are code bros so butthurt when people say that software engineering is hard?!? I knew one wanabee codebro, he was a complete failure and a drug addict and tried to take the test. He FAILED. Because STEM is HARD. And it's supposed to be hard, otherwise, your aeroplane will crash into Milwaukee with all the passengers in it. Chaos. Fire. Y'know?

>> No.29870714

Thanks fren

>> No.29870715

His dick must be so small he can't even penetrate through these nigresses' asscheeks.

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