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>45k held three times
Forget it bobo, we're not breaking down. This is a giant waste of time
All we're honestly doing is waiting so no of the meme indicators overheat before 100k

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more like too many bulltards are delaying the inevitable

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how are bulls feeling any confidence at all?

this is going to bleed harder than i thought

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yeah i'd be worried if ANY chart said we're overheating but none of them are. it's just a dip. my only regret is wishing i had funds to buy more. once more charts start to indicate overheating then we know it's time

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Those are reasons for not selling, now why would anyone buy one?

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look at all these retard bulls talking about buying the dip
>wishing they had more $ to buy the dip

holy fuck we are going crash

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you know if support gets touched many times it doesn't make it stronger, right?

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that 45k support is not looking too solid...

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>id be worried if ANY chart said we're overheating

look at all the fucking alt charts
they're all overbought

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>45k held three times
how does this TA stuff even work ? So people are like "NO ! I will NOT let it go below 45k" and they just keep buying and getting dumped on ? Right now it's $44.5 too. I want it to go up though, that would be nice

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not following the alt charts they can vary in what they do but ultimately follow bitcoin. bitcoin isn't overheating.

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>And I've been through the desert on a coin with no gains it felt good to have my wallet drained

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Zoom out correcting the Elon Horde pump

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here's a picture

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It CCCRASSHED all the way down to 40% higher than it was a month ago, lol. Most everything is average. It would be average to top out higher than this, very statistically aberrant to stop at 2.7x ATH.

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It's not really TA, it's just "round numbers pretty".

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oh wow its not like the last time that happened it sold off or anything

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we should be happy if it goes to 40k. That green candle would be face melting
we're not newfags, that's why

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big COPE. the next bull run will be the one

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and now we're fucked again. see you boys when we hit 40k

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op btfo'd

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