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I hate you, Bobo. Rot in hell you sack of shit.

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Imagine being a bobo in a mumu market and celebrating a minor correction.

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People want to buy at below 40k. After that, we're continuing upwards to 80k. After that, another dip. And many more such silly threads I am sure.

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>a mumu market
>''bullruns last forever''

fucking LMAO get fucked you dumb bull

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It just keeps going down
t. mr scadenfreude

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Muh gainz!!!!

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>Opened short position at the ATH

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fuck u

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so many people buying in during this bull trap. shit's going to get nasty

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bobros how far are we going?
are we gonna see 43k later?

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stfu you larp

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Wanted to buy BTC at $50k because of boomer stocks crabbing, but I was too stupid to do it lmao.

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Oh no we're now at the same level as one week ago, we're doomed

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>t. 0.0001BTC

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see you at 100k

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Btc could go to 10k and I’d still be richer than all the bobos in this thread LOL!!! Stay poor

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>We're going DOWN DOWN

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It’s going so far below 30k. You have no idea.

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It really is interesting how this board is always so bearish after multiple days of dumping and is always incredibly bearish bullish after multiple days of pumping. Emphasis is placed on the word after.

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We'll see. Also, no matter what happens, we'll see what the price is in 4-5 years. Selling is not an option for me. I could care less about the 100k invested 2 years ago. I don't need the money, and it did me better so far than other investments. So... if it should drop, see you in 5 years.

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>incredibly bearish after multiple days of pumping

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>see you at 100k

sure, in 2024
suck my dick faggot

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how does 39 sound?

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Well well well, what do we have here? Bulls are on full tilt and flinging insults and being edgy, cause they know in the back of their mind they will be rugged and aren't doing anything about it. Bears on the other hand are calm and cool sitting on realized gains, analyzing the situation logically and speaking from long term experience.

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Imagine having the audacity to expect a mainstream investment vehicle like BTC to do over 12x in a year. Especially with all the insane amounts of unrealized gains & long interest open.
Corporations are fucning buying for Christ sake, and you think you’re some early cryptographer that got BTC in 2011?
KYS bullfags
Take a fucking step back and tell me one(1) altcoin that hasn’t 10x’ed +
Even niggercoin and all sorts of horseshit like that.

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teach me your ways bobo

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