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What went wrong?

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Probably the 100 dollar fees

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so funny to see their BUYBUY spam
idiots want to fuck you with all this shit spam on 4ch

don’t trust if you don’t want to lose your portfolio
I get bonuses every day with YVS staking, 1.330 $YVS just from staking

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You dumbasses still don't see what's coming

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What's that? My cock in your mom's ass?

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25% gas fees on failed transactions, 50% on successful transactions?

Eth gas fees are worse than federal taxes rofl

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Who cares, just bought the dip

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ETC is the real Ethereum

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too many retards bought into crypto that haven't actually read the roadmap or understand EIP-1559 i guess, let alone ETH V2. so they bought into memes like ADA and BNB. that should have signaled the top of the bull.

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You are aware that there isn't a single decent coin in the entire ETH chain right? It's nothing but pajeet scam coins with gas fees so high that they would bankrupt Elon Musk

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Wake the fuck up

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holy fuck... most shitcoin slingers are poorfags trying to escape the rat race. I hope you guys all make it. I'm not selling shit all

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t bought the top on EGG

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its not my fault... i told them i have gas

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Hgnnn I'm gonna SHARD

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too many buzzwords bloated the chain

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People keep using the Fees excuse as if every Ethereum investors is buying off of DEFI exchanges... most people buy off centralized exchanges at spot. Truth is, Ethereum is being heavily heavily HEAVILY manipulated by ETH mining pools who got their pussy hurt when Old Money Skelly decided to go to EIP1559 and PoS so they are protesting by pushing down the price. Also, asian mining pool F2Pool are trying to short ETH to death as well. Most people don't realize that F2Pool own a shit ton of ETH as well as BTC. Not saying the fees arent a problem cuz they are, but in the grand scheme of things, its not whats causing ETH to under perform. Although ETH is getting scaling sometime in april and the berlin hardfork.

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The best crypto project is $MCM

> post quantum secure
> future of crypto
> no ico
> didn’t solicit any investment

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Exactly. When the bear market comes, people wont give a shit about most cryptos. ETH will prob stiull be of interest since a lot of the crypto circle is built on top of this fucking thing. Sure, ETH is going through a rough patch right now, but I recall hearing the same thing from EOS and TRON fanboys back in the day about ADA/DOT. Only time will tell who has a better, functioning, protocol. Can you honestly say with 100% that ADA's tech is 100% better then where ETH is right now? Honestly, Id take current Ethereum then I would current ADA

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You cant really base a cryptos success on its price action alone. DOGE coin did 1000% pump recently, is it better then ETH?

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I don't give a fuck, i trust skelly. Fuck the fee fud. There's a reason he's not shilling his coin 24/7 the same way as cz/charles does. The guy is working not acting like some fucking king on twitter

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i kinda want to bail now

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Most crypto holders do right now, especially ETH. Nobody is saying to marry your crypto. If you want to leave, then leave. You can buy and hold any crypto you want.

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>gas fees
get out while ahead and save up for JIGSTACK release. You'll be thanking me MUCH

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A stock is like a coin flip...

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Buy and hold ETH, dont drink the koolaid

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They should raise the miner reward which will increase the sell pressure and thus make gas fees cheaper again.

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Vitalik sat on his laurels instead of fixing the gas prices

he only has himself to blame when centralized corporate blockchains like HBAR take over

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