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Ethereum price the night of Feb 20 to Feb 21.

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I wrote this email February 21 1:21 am

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Lmao what a fag, first time in the markets lmao? Crypto is a wild west if you can't handle it you die

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Did you even read the email?

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Bro we keep telling u, drop a breadcrumb or no one is gonna buy ur larp. That's it.

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I'll believe anything at this point. Eth is actually what initially drug the price of btc down. It started to plummet hard and btc followed, which only made eth crater that much harder.

It sucks balls as an eth holder. I hope we're rewarded one day.

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so what's next insider?

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I dont get it

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send op 30k and let the rest of us know

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thanks just 100k

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ya but the info has been released and now all 3 million eth devs are trolling Binance crypto tanks is just the first move, they wont even list kleros 2 very rude...

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Im not a seer
I'm not qanon
I started as a member of binance's angels team.
Then hired by a subsidiary company in my country.
As for this crash ethereum s manipulation was a factor but it's not like it was the sole reason.
F2pool, futures expiring, red blood march self fulfilling prophecy and Elon's ahead of schedule pump All factored in
Whenever the market recovers everything should recover except ethereum
Expect further congestion downtimes on exchanges.

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I'm not going to read that.
can someone tell me what this says in less than 5 words?

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holy shit binance just flew over my house

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Drop a breadcrumb faggot.
Zoom call 3 second clip.
I will unironically buy it all.

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what are u invested in/bullish about rn

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if you post legit proof you'll get money
if you don't you'll be ignored
how it goes

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bumping for this
also post a breadcrumb faggot, otherwise weak larp

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I'll drop the whole thing in 4 parts encrypted and will release passwords on twitter
This is the real folder don't fall for dolphin porn impostors

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OP sells fake info leak

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when are u dropping?

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Faggot begging for crypto. Gay

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just drop here rn faggot
do it or kys

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This is absolutely retarted. Taking the time to screenshot a fucking folder instead of opening a video and screenshotting that.
Anyone doing this for money would have no problem providing undeniable proof in the form of never before seen zoom footage.
Also encrypted files and passwords? What the fuck is this shit?
You are looking for 30k faggot not taking down world governments. If your gonna do it for free just upload it to one of the million file drop services or dump it on IPFS https://www.filedrop.link/ . We can handle mirroring it for your dumb ass, you don't need to distro encrypted shit.

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thats from last thread

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Do you really think anyone is going to believe this? We're not going to feed your village this time.

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>raped by BNB
>raped by ADA
imagine shorting that at 2k with 100x leverage

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I can post proof my life is fucking awful, I don't because I try to respect the rules.

It kills my soul though when I see this scammy shit and people are considering helping.

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OP hasn’t posted anything which couldn’t be recreated in 2 minutes by anyone who owns a computer.
Sage goes in all fields.

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Either you're a scammer or a blatant retard. If you want to sell leaks you post something spicy which needs a follow up so that people actually get interested. Not just some email you wrote yourself and screenshots of directories.
No wonder your countries are so poor.

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bump for lawlz

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if eth drops to 1k will it kill mining?

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Yes you will see RTX 2080 cards selling for $200 on ebay

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Ethereum is a boomer trash coin
I just traded alll mine for ADA

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>complains about boomer coins
>buys ADA

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>33% upfront
>without showing proof
lmao ok Pajeet

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Natalie is pretty

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he is a scammer
last time people told him to post everything on twitter or at least partially
with an address so eth cucks can donate to a selfless leaker
just dump some files @ some eth fags with a lot of followers or dm them directly
what does he do...
please sirs give money and i drop very important secret information
on a fucking account with no followers or any reach at all
so i guess he is both a scammer and a retard

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Get fucked ETHkike

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I hope you're right, I hate ethereum.

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Hey thanks for the headsup,

So its probable that cz will pump bsc/bnb as an alternative to eth and be topdog ?

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No because I dont care plus i dont get it. Everyone's saying it (ETH) will skyrocket this year so im buying, and when it dips, you bet your arse I'm buying more—NOT selling.

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