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Notice any similarities, anon?

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Literally the same wtf

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Folk year counts!

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the truth is nobody knows

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fuck but i just sold all my eth for usdt like 10 mins ago... fuck im scared...should i buy back? what do you guys think?? im a neet so i need this money

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You're a dip early, there's still another correction after this recovery(if there is one)

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Buy high, sell low and kill yourself, faggot

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You guys didn't had a correction from oct - dec?

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Max dip right now on eth was 30%
We are still in a bull market guys.

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the past is no guarantee for the future

people made comparisons between gme and the vw squeeze of 2008, see how that worked out.

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Unfortunately there’s no one left to buy your shitcoins. Everyone who is gonna buy chain link has already done so. And buy activity from this point forward is just short squeezing.

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fuck you cunt everyone says eth is finished. who wouldnt i sell? unless everyones lying? but why would they? anyway should i rebuy or not for fucks sake just tell me because im new so idk

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300k EO August confirmed

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Tested 43k support 10 times imagine thinking It will broke down Holy shit

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you are cattle

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Yeah even hopier

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buy low cap shit for alt season and scale back to eth or sat after
i don't think they are done dumping yet

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lmao stop acting hard. you pricks have been saying eth is finished for weeks and i finally sold and now you're talking shit? makes no sense. just help a fellow anon out. is eth gonna recover or not? i dont have all day to look at shitcoins i have to look for real work

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You're checked anon so no worries. If you have anymorr ETH, please sell.

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Eth is finished just like btc

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>unless everyones lying? but why would they?
Ah geez, that's a tough one inspector, I really don't know.. I guess there had to be some sort of profit motive for them to lie, some gain to be made..

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>is eth gonna recover or not?
I've spoken with the CryptoCouncil, and we have all agreed to withhold this esoteric information from you.

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how would people on this forum benefit from me selling my eth? idiot its fucking massive it makes no diff to them if i sell or not.

yeah thanks i think so too

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The thing is that you can't compare the two, I'm comparing 2 scenarios of the same asset in bullruns, people compared GME to what other assets did 13 years ago

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sucks that i sold the bottom of this but yeah i think its going lower desu maybe eth back to $800 soon

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deluded imbecil

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Everything is coupled to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin and everything else recovers, ETH recovers as well, otherwise it will go to shit - like everything else.

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Listen anon, you are relying your moves on market sentiment of some other over-emotional goy and retards. In this market bulls and bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. Do your own research on ETH, find out what they're developing, when EIP-1559 will be released, what it is and what it'll change, consider what's going on and the economic situation in the US and how much they are going to print for the stimulus check. Good luck

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idk people say eth can't scale and yeah the infinite supply means infinite market cap i think so i wouldnt buy it back maybe just bitcoin for now

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>how would people on this forum benefit from me selling my eth? idiot its fucking massive it makes no diff to them if i sell or not.
>when the tactical FUD gets so tactical that you're only targeting a single guy on a single board

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Sure, but the surrounding circumstances of the two bullruns aren't exactly the same either
The fact that almost everyone is expecting a repeat of 2017-2018 is itself a major factor to take into account, there's little real 'mania' this time around, just people hoping to get a quick 2-5x

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You are cattle because you actually believe the shit you see on /biz/.
You are cattle because you think these people have your best interest in mind when in fact the only thing they want from you is to buy when they sell and to sell when they buy.
You are cattle because you don't understand that this market works in cycles and it doesn't matter what shitcoins you buy, yet you waste dozens of hours concerning yourself with "news" and "updates" and what is the "/biz/ consensus on X", when all of these things mean nothing.
You are cattle because you're still looking for answers from the people who's only goal is to fleece you.

The best thing you could do for yourself is to leave this place. Even niggers on the street are a better indicator of tops and bottoms than this place.

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mr larpingston calm down

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eth is too big to manipulate on forums

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>how would people on this forum benefit from me selling my eth? idiot its fucking massive it makes no diff to them if i sell or not.
because the people on this board are not actually people but bots, pajeets, chinks that are working for the whales who need liquidity from you and the rest of the retards like you. You learn something every day.

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Fundamentals don't mean shit in this cycle.
No underlying asset is has an actual use case "irl", at best they do within their own space. So far you could've picked almost any coin late 2020 and made 3-10x, this is all riding on sentiment. We also don't know what is and isn't going to see adoption in the future. 99% of the assets are going to disappear or be completely worthless.
If you're really tackling all this it from an investment perspective, move your shit to a cold wallet and stop looking at it, otherwise start thinking more short term. Looking at ADA vs. ETH might give you some insight on when they have relative strength and when they don't. And even then, Bitcoin truly shits the bed, everything is going to bleed the fuck out.

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Bless you anon

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You're right, the market never gives people what they expect so I guess most people on both sides will get rekt by retarded wicks

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>he sold before The Great Stimmie Check Pump of 2021

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My money is following these charts. Not out of hope, but more historical and state of the world. I even sold a few highs to take some losses during the larger dips for the absolute blast off of gains if I sleep for even a few hours.
Right now I think is the correct time for a blast off.
People are not holding houses as an investment but for stability. Home prices are through the roof at the moment and it is a sellers market. Savings accounts are completely worthless as they wont even cover inflation. Same with Bonds.
The money will go somewhere and with the stock market being shitty and heavily flooded they may go over to crypto as a long term investment. While not 100% stable, it does have a solid 10 year track record of gains.
Basically why Fidelity (just bitcoin futures), Sofi, RobinHood now allow you buy them as a investment. We stand on the edge of a medium dip correction or an absolute climb to insanity where even the crash back down is still going to be pure profit from the current pricing of the market.

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"Holding" is a mental illness

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Yeah, maybe even count the first retrace in 2017...

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based retard eth is finished buy trx

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>I guess there had to be some sort of profit motive for them to lie, some gain to be made..
i own btc and eth and i shill every pajeet coin there is on the market i honestly don't give a fuck

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The truth is that most people are better off holding because they'd otherwise blow their whole accounts if they tried swinging

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My real view. I think the true peak will come in March/April. $125,000 is entirely possible with a 1.9 trillion bill getting passed, a 6 trillion bill following and talks of a $10,000 stimulus checks still going.

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Layer 2 optimistic roll-up is coming next month which will lower Eth fees to a few cents and Ethereum will maintain ultra-dominance.
This was all over crypto news. Go to r/cryptocurrency r/Ethereum sometimes. Most people are retarded on here and can't have an intelligent conversation about crypto fundamentals.
So, yeah, find a good reentrance point and buy back in. Now is an awful time to sell Eth.

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This is true, and I speak from experience. I'm a 115 IQ midwit and I can't compete with high IQ autists who know the market inside out.

Just DCA and HODL and move and with your life.

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>$10,000 stimulus checks
holy shit make this happen please

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What's the 10k stim you're talking about? Any source or just rumour/fud at the moment?

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maybe, but Jigstack is likely the final oomph. we'll see.

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Unironically just HODL until October-November atleast

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if sold then dont fomo bakc in, dont be a retard

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Didn't Biden say no to 10k stimulus? Not sure tho because I'm not from the US, but I reckon watching a video and he said no

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Some Republicans want to eliminate much of the stimulus bill and make the relief checks 10k. Never going to happen, but a smart rebuffer to make Dems look like they don't want people to get 10k.

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We're entering May 2017 this week.

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Why would anybody lie
t. father to a miracle black kid

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Rookie numbers. We'll touch 200k

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I remember this bit in good time, what a movie.

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Im in coti. Meme pick Rubic and safe pick Atom. What are your picks?

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