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>Up so much can't lose
>Been through two BTC bear markets
>Hands made out of solid diamonds that have been coated with vibranium and cured with adamantium, hands so hard I have to wear garloid skin gloves just to finger my gf.
>See doomandgloomer newfags posting bobos and pink wojaks
>Know $58k isn't the top

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This is the final shakeout before muh altseason.

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>Hands made out of solid diamonds

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>Diamond hands to the moon!!!!
>Not selling !!!

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58K isn't the top rn? what the fuck is the basis for that argument anon?

t. 2017 fag

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this, altho I'm only in since 2019
getting my first paycheck this month, I'm glad BTC dipped again so I can buy in cheap
will buy BTC for 100-250€ each month now, never selling

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BTC is deflationary and long term it will go up much higher without a doubt

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3x previous ATH is not high enough, 2013/2014 peak was around $1200, 2017 crabbed in $3-5k range for months before "CHINA IS BANNING!!" fud to crash to $2800 and spark the run to $20k. At peak everyone was screaming about "$1 MILLION BITCOIN SOON!!" and everyone panic buying. We did not reach that level of FOMO this cycle yet

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The potential has already been demonstrated. If it can go to 58k it can go to any value.
>limited supply
>high demand
>global banks endlessly printing money


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