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How are they allowed to just push this OCR thing without telling people it lowers the value?


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Yes..... we crunched the numbers earlier and things are NOT looking good bros.

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lol, this is good shit, keep going. x10 more use makes it x10 less valuable

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Fuck. Convince me not to sell bros.

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>cars become more fuel efficient by 10000%
>that means cars should cost $2000 brand new

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lmao god it feels good not being a stinky. they were too early.

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retard, this is a serious problem. links aren't cars, they're the fuel. supply and demand

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sergey runs out of link to dump... incredibly bullish...

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>someone replied to the tweet with this

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They’re collateral.

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Sell, it's unironically over. After it becomes clear that the link token is not needed anymore, Jason Parser will release the shadowfork. Then, it's completely over for stinky linkies.

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This is comical-tier FUD lul
You had three years

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Can you explain why they are collateral?

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Now that the OCR is live we r set for arbitrum release. Just imagine when arbi cuts gas costs even more. Lmao link is going straight to 3$

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They just are, dipshit

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in since 17 cents but this is just too much. goodbye linkbros

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Brainlet. Nodes hold collateral (link) so they can be punished for bad data. This collateral dosnt back anything nor does anything back it. Link might aswell be 1$ and the system wouldnt care.

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Cease your FUD immediately.

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> How are they allowed to just push this OCR thing without telling people it lowers the value?
How are you able to breath without accidentally jamming your penis in a blender?

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>Link might aswell be 1$ and the system wouldnt care.
what if the system needs more than 1billion dollars in collateral?

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As I said the "collateral" dont back anything so there will be no scenario where you need "1 billion in collateral". It dosnt work like that

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The entire derivates market could run on link pricefeeds without link providing any "collateral" to it.

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>It's all true.
Node operators spend less on gas so now they have less of an investment into the network. They no longer care about providing "quality" data.
Pic related.

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>It dosnt work like that
Says who?
>The entire derivates market could run on link pricefeeds without link providing any "collateral" to it.
Why would LINK supply price feeds for tradfi derivatives?
Nvm, I just read the rest of your posts >>29906236 >>29906596. 3/10 made me reply.

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Yeah all those node operators will do it out of the kindness of their heart

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The fud in this thread is beyond hilarious. Before you all says faggot you should be worried, just know I’ve been in link for 3 fucking years and nothing you can say at this point would convince me to sell kek. But this fud is unironically retarded, at least put some effort into it like the sibos dump or shadow fork if you are trying to drop the price further to buy more

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Will do what? Pricefeeds are alrdy live they are alrdy doing it for a price which just went down 10x

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is this image real?

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W/e dude u have untill arb and then link is done for. Id look some better alternatives like mobius and api3.

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this logic sucks. Why would it being more affordable and easier to use make it less popular? Something costing less doesnt mean it will be less valuable. Look at all modern industry. We use things in massive proportions once they become dirt cheap and ubiquitous. Do you think the first iPhone is what made apple the most money? Fuck no it was when they made it cheaply but everyone was using it because it was more accessible. I think this was iPhone 4 or 5 and now its certainly a billion dollar industry. Look at cars 100 years ago vs today. Look at Chainlink now versus 20 years from now. If you aren't still buying you are fucking retarded. Imagine trying to play an us-v-them game so hard you stayed broke. You can keep shitposting LINK fud but for god's sake anon just buy some

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RIP paul walker but sergey lied meme is the best

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>OCR is fud now
>20 dollar link is fud now
>cheaper gas is fud now
How time flies

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>bullish news

every time bros

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I’m just worried that there isn’t enough. Even with OCR and dev bags dumping non-stop, the full set of use cases for chainlink oracles is massive. As IoT increases and smart contracts become normalized, things could get out of hand.

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are you actually t his dumb?

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Thank god it's going back to $3. I will buy more.

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>price feeds are cheaper and faster
>now nobody is going to use them!

You’re a freakin genius ya idiot

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The memes are fractal, there's no "bottom" or "top". In 2024 Nicoposters will be smugposting about how LINK bounced off $8,400 like a rubber ball and it's going back to $0. Uncle Oldfag will still be posting his gay credit card, too.

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>price which just went down 10x
OCR cuts down on ETH gas fees -> Sergey doesn't need to dump 1 gorrillion LINK a week to keep the nodes running -> Less sell pressure -> Price appreciates
That's literally all there is to it. I bet the Discord is having a hoot with this new retarded newfag bait.

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>now nobody is going to use them!
Didint say that. I said that pricefeeds dont give collateral to for example aave or synthetix or any other user or customer for that matter. And we all know who the brainlet is in this thread, brainlet.

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They've already planned for that, but nobody wants to fucking listen.

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He's going to keep dumping every week for more runway. Mark my words.

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Probably. But the weekly dumps went from 500k to 1m to 1.5m in the same span that gas prices went absolutely bonkers.

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>cars become more fuel efficient by 10000%
>fuel companies sell 10000% less


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>LINK is the car company
>Ethereum is the gas company
>Bored fags are tricking newfags into thinking LINK is both companies in this analogy
/biz/ sucks when LINK isn't bull

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>governance token for a DAO that controls every end of the data layer of web 3.0

Intensely bullish, honestly.

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KEK, they really do their best, don't they? You have to hand it to them

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>no one will use chainlink. you should sell, anon
>everyone will use chainlink. you should sell, anon

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